Xonix digital watch unboxing and review

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Again in the one to this video today. I have my first digital watch. And and this is a chinese company watch.
I found online donor and i found some space for like going to cheap price tony something dollars so load for the do lets open the box. So as you can see after maybe one half month or six weeks of shipping. I got the box in this shape.
Which is not money. Its not protectable people. This is my fish so again heres the box.
The watch. I believe this is pronounced at sonics or something like that it is mostly chinese and inside the box. What do we get here music.
Only the wash yeah. Only the watch by the way need to mention this video in my first video.

extra large display digital watch-0
extra large display digital watch-0

I change my new iconic 7 plus. So i hopefully cut all this venue will be better than previous eight years so again nothing special here pieces of papers and then this watch doesnt feel heavy again this is our strap. Ill go over the specs in just a minute.
But ill go first and habit so back again after unwrapping this word and as you can see from the tag. Its only the name the company name is only the only word in english other than dress. Everything is in chinese.
So now here is the watch and the main reason. I bought this watch before the of this make screen. But first lets do i just watch check.
I have my barber swatch which ill do a view of very soon with the german watch. And this is 1000 meter of water resistance and ive already changed in this giraffe so you dont buy it like up on this gym spoons nato strap so again back to my watch today zone its all or i saw this is how its pronounced it and excuse me for at this time. There is a lot of like construction work going outside so.
We have a mirror glass. Here.

extra large display digital watch-1
extra large display digital watch-1

This is of course a a digital watch we have a buckle. Which is sign now. It is not signed just a simple we have arisen a rubber strap.
Which has a very unique pattern and interesting one it is boy its not solid its flexible enough and i dont think this is quality strap in a way doesnt feel like so we have 44 millimeters in diameter. You also have 12 and half millimeters of thickness so it means this 14 and the side is perfect the bond length is 22 millimeters and im not sure if it is closed or open. Because if you close it it may be this was fed up to 18 inch wrist.
And the wort is moment here is a japanese and water is rated for up to 100 meters of water resistance the body of the war shes made of stainless steel. My diversion. I have he is comes in this black color.
But you can find it also in silver on the bezel. So again we have a backlight. I havent tried these specs of the wash.
Yet i havent set it even though my time here now maybe eight hours difference and so we have our minutes seconds and. Date we have a current of alarm function am and as you can see i believe right here.

extra large display digital watch-2
extra large display digital watch-2

We have a countdown timer your time zone. This watch is supposedly shockproof anti static. And it has one year water resistance.
So if i give you this picture to give you a better idea of the specs of this watch again. If you want to like no more just pause this video right now so as i was saying you can find many different colors of the same walsh. Which each model has a different bezel color.
And maybe a strap. And thats about it for this watch. So i believe this image also will give you a better idea.
So youll have the logo right here. Just here for comparison you can also find it in this black screen. But i prefer this one you have four function keys a two at each side and theyre working yeah.
This is the alarm. I dont know where the backlight is so for the new backlight.

extra large display digital watch-3
extra large display digital watch-3

I switch. All the lights and give you a better shot at this this is the backlight and now im switching of the light completely and as it as it is very visible. Yeah and finally ill try it on my six and a half inch wrist.
So if you know me from my previous videos and very comfortable with this size afford. 44. Is like the perfect spot for me because i have quite small wrists.
But as you can see my first impression is just perfect it wraps perfectly around my wrist. And theres plenty of adjustment. As well has always very nice patterns that i like a lot and here is how it looks in my hand absolutely beautiful so one last thing for the end this video of the case back is not a scroll down.
It has four screws here and i dont know if i shall be comfortable. If i go to water this one because of the mechanism of clothing. The back case here it is more than like the most reliable in the world.
But it can work anyway. Thats it for today and thank you very much for this for watching bye for now you .

extra large display digital watch-4
extra large display digital watch-4

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