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The annual athenian drama festival in 426 bc. A comic play called the babylonians written written by a young poet named aristophanes was awarded first prize. But the plays of athens conduct during the peloponnesian war was so controversial that afterwards.
A politician named kleon. Took aristophanes to court for slandering. The people of athens in the presence of foreigners aristophanes struck back two years later with a play called the knights in it he openly mocked kleon ending with kleons character working as a lowly sausage seller outside the city gates this style of satire was a consequence of the unrestricted democracy of 5th century.
Athens and is now called old comedy aristophanes plays the worlds earliest. Surviving comic dramas are stuffed full of parodies songs sexual jokes and surreal fantasy. They often use wild situations.
Like a hero flying to heaven on a dung beetle or a net cast over a house to keep the owners father trapped inside in order to subvert audience expectations and theyve shaped how comedys been written and performed ever since the word comedy comes from the ancient greek komos revel and oide singing and it differed from its companion art form tragedy in many ways where ancient athenian tragedies dealt with the downfall of the high and mighty their comedies usually ended happily. And where tragedy. Almost always borrowed stories from legend comedy.
Addressed current events. Aristophanes comedies celebrated ordinary people and attacked the powerful. His targets were arrogant politicians war mongering generals and self important intellectuals.
Exactly the people who sat in the front row of the theatre. Where everyone could see their reactions as a result.

who is known as the father of ffa-0
who is known as the father of ffa-0

They were referred to as komoidoumenoi. Those made fun of in comedy. Aristophanes vicious.
And often obscene mockery held these leaders to account testing their commitment to the city. One issue in particular inspired much of aristophanes work the peloponnesian war between athens and sparta in peace written in 421 bc. A middle aged athenian frees.
The embodiment of peace from a cave. Where shed been exiled by profiteering politicians then in the aftermath of a crushing naval defeat for athens in 411 bc aristophanes wrote lysistrata in this play the women of athens grow sick of war and go on a sex strike until their husbands make peace other plays use similarly fantastic scenarios to skewer topical situations such as in clouds where aristophanes mocked fashionable philosophical thinking the hero strepsiades enrolls in socratess new philosophical school. Where he learns how to prove that wrong is right and that a debt is not a debt no matter how outlandish these plays get the heroes always prevail in the end aristophanes also became the master of the parabasis.
A comic technique. Where actors address the audience directly. Often praising the playwright or making topical comments and jokes for example in birds.
The chorus takes the role of different birds and threatens. The athenian judges that if their play doesnt win first prize. Theyll defecate on them as they walk around the city.
Perhaps. The judges.

who is known as the father of ffa-1
who is known as the father of ffa-1

Didnt appreciate the joke as the play came in second by exploring new ideas and encouraging self criticism in athenian society aristophanes not only mocked his fellow citizens. But he shaped the nature of comedy itself hailed by some scholars as the father of comedy. His fingerprints are visible upon comic techniques everywhere from slapstick to double acts to impersonations to political satire through the praise of free speech and the celebration of ordinary heroes.
His plays made his audience think while they laughed and his retort to kleon in 425 bc. Still resonates today. Im a comedian.
So ill speak about justice. No matter how hard it sounds to your ears. evidenced by the riot at xavier storyline.
When he turns the whole school on its head. Its several thousands brilliant thoughts. A second that initially boosted by the mutant drug kick.
But even after he managed to quit that bad habit. Quentin has retained his omega level abilities and then some adding some crazy telekinetic skills. Which would let him bust out of containment heal all wounds on his body.
And even exist. That doesnt need for a corporeal form number six legion.

who is known as the father of ffa-2
who is known as the father of ffa-2

The only thing that has kept david charles hauler from tapping into his full range of mind boggling powers is that he suffers from multiple personality disorder and each of his abilities has split to each of his distinct self that sucks especially considering he should by all rights be the preeminent mutant in the x men universe. What was being professor xavier son. And that before starting to cope with his mental health problems david was something of a wild card.
He threw off the whole marvel timeline by traveling back to kill magneto before he had a chance to do well all the bad stuff magneto would later do apparently the multiple personalities thing is down to his ability to absorb peoples minds either by being next to the person when they die or by using his incredible telepathic powers in fact legion is taking in or otherwise created. Thousands of personalities each with their own mutant abilities. Super speed flight x.
Ray vision heat absorption super strength mater animation and sonic screams to name. Just a few number. 5.
Magneto. Even though technically his powers simply grant him mastery over magnetism magnetos abilities have been interpreted and extrapolated by creative teams over the years to the point that hes near omnipotence. Able not only to control the stuff made of metal.
But to affect the magnetic fields of the earth and rip adamantium from wolverines bones. There seems to be no limit to magnetos powers allowing him to levitate everything from a submarine through a fluffing asteroid. He can create force fields that render him all but invulnerable to any sort of conventional attack.
And its a leopardy blocking helmet deals with all the unconventional assaults. He might suffer one time the fields.

who is known as the father of ffa-3
who is known as the father of ffa-3

Even blocked multiple nuclear warheads from even touching him. So yeah. Step quite powerful as if all that wasnt enough erik lehnsherr is a bona fide genius in the fields of engineering particle physics and genetic manipulation which in tandem with his magnetic powers means he can do well almost anything he wants to do really number 4 professor x.
The de facto leader of the x men is also amongst their most powerful members with a control over his telepathic and telekinetic abilities that has in ranked amongst. The most influential and important members of the marvel universe as a whole when he hasnt got his diplomatic hat on xavier can be seen boosting his mental abilities. Even further with the from cerebro a bucket.
He sticks on his own which let him track down and physically speak to mutants anywhere in the world and possibly the cosmos not that hes a weakling without his magic helmet. Though since he can read thoughts or project. His own after 250 miles by himself.
He can pick up languages within seconds of tapping into a foreign person cerebral cortex control your perception of time white peoples memories. And even suppress other mutants powers. Entirely like magneto his natural mutant abilities are boosted with a genius level.
Intellect. Its just not fair having earned his doctorate in genetics biophysics psychology and anthropology and psychiatry. Okay thats all of them i think im probably more number three.
Jean grey jean grey psychic powers are so great that they manifested themselves. When she was still a child and its only with the help of xavier blocking them. But she didnt turn herself and possibly the rest of existence inside out when she got hold of her full powers again jean could do anything xiv occurred and more to boot.
She can read minds control minds. Boost others abilities has a perfect memory can talk to animals and project herself through the astral plane that would have been enough to get her on board with the omega level mutant anyway. But it was coming into contact with the celestial phoenix force that pushed her to the top of the .

who is known as the father of ffa-4
who is known as the father of ffa-4

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