Using an Indoor TV Outdoors

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Youtube today im gonna show you my indoor tv that i have mounted outside outside and im gonna go over why i am going to be using an tv and things that you can do to prolong the life of an indoor tv. That is found on outside now. Im in florida and the panhandle of florida and there is a pretty wild weather here generally.
Its extremely extremely high humidity and high temperatures in the summertime in fact. Im about a thousand feet or so maybe a little less probably really closer to 750 feet from the gulf of mexico. Its just fried that way and its my patio right here.
And its pretty well shaded and i also have a fan just above that im not gonna show right now but i can generally keep the temperatures down pretty well during the summer times here on the patio. But the biggest problem with indoor tvs mounted outside our humidity. Being one and rapid temperature.
Changes and also heat. Dissipation is a big one. So.

can i use an indoor tv outside-0
can i use an indoor tv outside-0

Im going to try to give you an idea here. So. What i did is i did wall mount this and i even used spacers you can see it see the spacers on the back of the tv.
And i did that in order to hopefully get a little bit more heat to dissipate out and because the tvs melted pretty high. I wanted to be able to angle. It downward just a little bit more so there it is and thats a quick release mount which most are nowadays.
But i apologize for the dog walking in the background. But besides this youre really only other option is an outdoor tv. Im sure there are some that are maybe a little bit more weatherproof than others.
But an outdoor tv costs. Thousands perdona and compared to a regular tv. This particular.

can i use an indoor tv outside-1
can i use an indoor tv outside-1

One is just some black friday tv. One here that probably costs 300 and it cost the tvs. That was just gone down you know over the past 10 years as technology has increased and i dont personally find it necessary to spend thousands on an outdoor tv to get more life out of it in fact.
10 of these tvs or more than likely still not cost more than one out for tv would so basically if you want to mount and indoor tv outside youre left with a few options you can mount it just like i did and have it sort of lifespan. But you can take precautions to increase a little bit you can cover it which wont have a lot. But it will help if you have a whole windy wet you can use it in shaded areas.
You dont want it playing on the hottest day at the hottest point of the day. And because the tv will have a hard time dissipating heat. Unless you have a fan or something light.
An area keep these things cool and youll notice that if you run it on those really hot days or if its exposed more weather. And it has direct sunlight on under the main point a youre gonna see a short lifespan. I personally expect to get about two years out of this tv sit on this patio had others in the past that have gotten that amount of time or if not longer.

can i use an indoor tv outside-2
can i use an indoor tv outside-2

I do however keep the remote inside. I do not leave the remote outside thats your biggest wearing item. Honestly.
But you can also build a weather tight box and basically. Its just an enclosure for the tv. However.
Unless you have some sort of speaker or something like that outside the tv you are gonna notice that youre gonna have some lacking sound once you do that but personally i would not buy an outdoor tv. I would stick to your cheaper tvs tvs. That you can those of and just go get another one just any casual day or if youre upgrading the one inside your house anytime soon put the one hanging on your wall and your living room out on the side start there you know people will upgrade tvs.
Fairly often nowadays you know every one or two years and at that rate. If you have to size same size outside as you do inside you can very easily just swap them as you upgrade. Because you dont need the technology outside that you do inside.

can i use an indoor tv outside-3
can i use an indoor tv outside-3

But overall give this the try guys think of it consider building a box or just hanging on the wall as opposed to buying an outdoor tv. The box is gonna give you a little bit more lifespan but like i said. It is gonna reduce sound quality and it could potentially get hot depending on what type of hate that your tv puts off.
But overall. Im very pleased with mine out here. Its been out here for quite a while its a great working tv.
And i havent had the first issue with it yet outside but different places are gonna have different variables and hopefully this video helps you out and making your decision. And yeah. Thanks give it a like comment.
Ask about this in the future. Ill give you an honest answer on how the tv is performing yes. This video is still going a couple years from now but uh thanks.

can i use an indoor tv outside-4
can i use an indoor tv outside-4

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