Urban Decay Naked Palette Tutorial

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Guys so im starting off with my foundation eye primer and eyebrows and all all of that jazz and then im going into the shade of virgins going underneath my eyebrow. Its a very bright shimmery shade. But its not overly shimmery.
So you can totally use it underneath the eyebrow and then im using naked. And this is going to be my transition and blending shade more so my blending color. Its very light it barely shows up on my skin tone.
But its going to help the blending process a little bit later and im using the sigma e. 40. Brush for this so now.
Im going into the shade buck with my morphe. G24 brush. This shade is a little bit darker and a little bit more warm than naked.
So this is definitely going to be my transition color. Its going to help with that gradient and im just going in windshield wiper motions back and forth and then i go into little tiny circles back and forth as well okay so now im using the maybelline color tattoo concentrated crayon in bronze truffle. Its a really pretty bronzy brown on the colors.
Im putting on top of this base are a little bit more gold than bronze.

urban decay naked palette looks-0
urban decay naked palette looks-0

But i feel like it all came out looking just fine in the end. I probably would have used a gold base. If i had one but i really wanted to use this stick i wanted to try it out and i have to say i think i like it better than the pots.
Its just so much easier to use same amount of pigmentation. So overall. Its a really good product on top im using smog and as you can see its a little bit more gold than that base.
But like i said it all works out at the end. Im putting this from the outer portion of the lid into the inner portion with this really small morphe brush. So now im going into naked and to just start the blending process.
Im going to pick up that shade and then just blend out the edges of that base and also smog. Its okay if its not perfectly blended right now. I just wanted to start the process.
A little bit and get things looking little bit more like smoked out a little bit more smooth and then im picking up dark horse. And this is going in the outer portion of my lids and also im dragging it into the crease. This is a very simple tutorial.
Its kind of meant to be very like easy and almost like everyday it can be a little dark for everyday for me.

urban decay naked palette looks-1
urban decay naked palette looks-1

But i mean im sure people will do this tutorial every single day. But super simple so im just putting that in the outer v. And also in the crease and then of course.
Im blending it out just to make sure everything looks nice and well blended with a small ecotools smudge brush. Im picking up half baked. Which is one of my favorite favorite colors.
Its a really bright gold. This is going in the inner portions of my lid just to brighten things up a little bit and then of course. Im going in with a g24 brush and blending everything out im so happy i bought this brush.
I got it off of whoo look when morphe was on hautelook. Its an amazing blending brush. So now im going into the sephora.
Bright future concealer you know for some reason not a lot of product gets picked up on the brush so it takes me forever to apply this concealer. But im cleaning up the edges and i dont know if you guys can tell. But i decided to kind of clean it up a little bit lower than i usually do like i usually bring it up a little bit higher.
But i decided to go a little bit lower because im not going to be using eyeliner today.

urban decay naked palette looks-2
urban decay naked palette looks-2

And i really like the way it came out and ive been doing it a lot lately so im just touching up the inner portions of my lids and then were moving on to the next step. Im picking up the shade naked again with the sigma e. 40.
And i just want to blend out those edges. So they arent as harsh in the end theyre still going to be harsh. But i wanted to blend it out just a little bit and then we are moving on to virgin again and im putting that right underneath my eyebrow.
Im just pretty much touching up this color so to set my concealer. Im using maybellines master fix loose powder. I love this powder so much it really makes my under eyes flawless.
The only thing that i dont like about it is that it does leave a white cast. If youre too pictures with flash. But if youre not going to be taking any pictures.
Then this is a great little powder to use. But i feel like it does really really brighten so now were working on the lower lash line. Im taking a black note dark horse.
Im so sorry and this is one of the outer edges of my lower lash line and then im putting half baked from the inner portion of my lower lash line right to the middle.

urban decay naked palette looks-3
urban decay naked palette looks-3

Where dark horse ends. Im blending out the lower lash line with buck and im sorry my eyes on a little bit crazy. But im using that small smudge brush by ecotools and just blending all of that out doing that on both eyes and then im going to go ahead and line.
My waterline with l.or. Als matte.
Matic liner. I love this liner. So much its my favorite and its super affordable.
So im just doing that to my waterline and then im going to move along and just blend out one last time before i apply mascara. This is my favorite drugstore mascara ever its l.oreal.
Telescopic. And im just applying a couple coats to my lashes and then after that this tutorial is complete. I love the way this came out whats great about this eyeshadow is that you could literally pair.
It with any lip that you want so thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what video you want to see next and ill see you next time bye. .

urban decay naked palette looks-4
urban decay naked palette looks-4

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