Toll House Edible Cookie Dough: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Monster \u0026 Chocolate Chip Review

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This is a review. Im very very excited about this is toll house edible edible cookie dough what does the world come to this is a chocolate chip peanut chocolate chip monster this was there were 449 each admire and admire i dont know about other source. But admire they were back where they have the yolk yeah so yes they have other refrigerator cookie dough as well but around the yogurt area if youre looking at meyer thats where we found them because they have different areas where you know where they have like a refrigerated cookie dough and stuff.
It wasnt in that area so just so you know where its at okay so were gonna try the chocolate chip. First it says its made with 100 real chocolate and i like theres a spoon on the side yeah. Clear spoon.
So when you start getting down towards the bottom. It says time for a refill. Im so calories oh good their sale.
We didnt know inspired by the original nestle toll house recipe our edible cookie dough is made with the same ingredients you use in your mixing bowl at home. But its safe to eat right from the tub. Go ahead dig in it has no preservatives no artificial colors or flavors responsibly sourced cocoa through the nestle cocoa plan nestle cocoa plan calm real butter two tablespoons mm.
Hmm. Not much. No.
So like two of these is 140 cal. And thats not even really a mystery. No no if i were to measure it im sure it would be shocking okay so when you open it up its down in there just a little bit trying to show ya.
So thats how it looks its a short apple our eggs of work of cookie dough. I was wondering how soft its gonna be from the way you were digging in there overplaying spree.

nestle toll house edible cookie dough-0
nestle toll house edible cookie dough-0

Damn so it doesnt have a wool granules a fever wow tastes like the dybbuk ooh yeah. This is for all those people who have always eaten the raw cookie dough. Despite the warnings now you can do it.
And you really dont have to worry ark children. Andrew and ashley would eat it anyway a way to choose you know we never cared we did we i mean i guess some parents scold their children or discourage them from doing that we never did we just cuz. We dont exactly grew up with parents who moms who would make the cake and the cookies in the kitchen.
And then she would look like you lick the spoon or lick. The beaters you know we always got to her lick. The ball.
You take your finger in and and lick the ball. And so we grew up with parents that always did that so we didnt think anything about letting our kids eat raw dough. And you know weve been blessed that no one has ever gotten sick you know so it tastes just like the tube.
So do you ever have yes. Wait till. Andrew finds out that they have this.
Oh yeah. Hell be hell be getting christina. Yes.
Hes good. What and the the good thing for christina is that its at meijer.

nestle toll house edible cookie dough-1
nestle toll house edible cookie dough-1

Which is in the next town over so okay so this one is the peanut butter chocolate chip and monster. Whats good has given in pieces is like that its 140 calories as well. It says the same thing mine.
Just says no artificial flavors okay with real chocolate and real butter. It doesnt have all the no preservative okay so well im sure it doesnt say the colors because of the the m m. This one works fine.
So it wouldnt have artificial colors. Because the imitation. Oh okay.
No in there. Im very excited for this though because its peanut butter. Peanut butter peanut butter and eminem.
Ill make sure i get me an m m. In been in a minute. You almost good in this one.
Theres tons of me there wow. My god clunk double and better while i go on do you i love that dont have a really it does it does have an o dienes to that i love the peanut butter. Today.
What that was hardy her death of oats. And i can feel the mighty mm hmm.

nestle toll house edible cookie dough-2
nestle toll house edible cookie dough-2

Now that one feel the hardy or like itd be more filling mm hmm. So youre two tablespoons if you go about the serving. It seemed to last you a lot longer for make you feel more fool.
There are twelve servings in this in each of the theres only 11 servings in the chocolate chip. There are twelve servings in the peanut butter chocolate chip so youre basically eating if youre one of these people that you go to the store and you buy ive been in jerrys tub and you eat the whole tub anyway this is part but same time you dont you think yeah. I miss are you 12.
So 1400 is tens are ring. So its actually gonna be a little more its gonna be about 1500. If you eat the whole time.
I dont oh my god about halfway through. I think id be done i wouldnt because i would feel so utterly guilty i know how i would punish myself. Afterward i would beat myself up so i went and do it but trust me it cant be i think once you got done about halfway through.
I think youd be ready to put it up. And yeah wait for the next day you could you could these are both delicious double chocolate chip. Its just plainer than that monster um yes it is but for me being a peanut butter lover anyway and i like the peanut butter cookies i love that and i love the addition of the the m ms.
And the oh dont like the hard shell on those emanations. The monster on our minds. A little bit of the note back peanutbutter cookies a little bit.
Because it doesnt that make you better place. If you had talking to the team.

nestle toll house edible cookie dough-3
nestle toll house edible cookie dough-3

So thats what that kind of makes. Its still very very good. Yes iam no no both delicious.
How wouldnt turn down anyone. No no very very good if you see them i would get them its a good size container. This is a 15 ounce container.
So if you do come out answer. Besides you can measure them out and scoop them out until like a little ball and eat them right. Oh yeah.
And i dont know how many ounces are in it like a tub of frosting. But thats what it feels like in my size. It thats what it feels like is a tub of kapton.
Heavier wouldnt we all like to eat a tub of cake frosting like goldie hawn. Did and death becomes her yeah. That was when she was heavy.
She was eight met frost new us. If you have not seen that movie. It was a disgusting thing.
Its terrific yes because er so anyway. I will have a picture for you at the end and thanks for watching music. .

nestle toll house edible cookie dough-4
nestle toll house edible cookie dough-4

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