The Hunger Games ★ Then And Now

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Did you i was in the hunger games. Did you mean those films changed my my life and the best way possible and i was like okay. There will come where you regret this but you love this character you love this movie.
Though and i and i have to say ive never ive never regretted one day of it youll film dis memories of those movies so relationships that i made you know josh liam would eat and francis and i we were like the family a hell of a party on like the first week. I think of filming in my apartment. And there were two weapons.
There was a nerf disc and woodys gross vegan socks. Which he chased me around my apartment. I flipped over the couch trying to get away from him he pinned me down and forced the sock so far down my throat.
That when he ripped it out. I like almost her up genius genius. It was a great party applause music.
Shes the face of the revolution. No this ones better. Thank you very consideration.
And now bow. The boy wheres peter peter peter. What does that feel like its its its a its a cool feeling.
Its like to be recognized for something that you really care about and that youre proud of and there was a great experience. But im like fifty its gonna be it just guys we try to get a couple questions for peter here. Im sorry to say this.
But im a wrench. I really dont like christmas. I was a kid.
I was like i want this i want this i want this and i think. Its been made into like a massive corporate holiday. Where the machine is trying to control all of us you know you want to go dance with me music peter music applause music applause music applause music and ive been standing this whole time you know reading the book and having all these images in my head of whats gonna happen and how its gonna look its i cant wait to say it all my brother had texted me about a month before we started shooting.
And he said. Its called hunger games. Not eating games.
That was a harsh one my dad applause music music damn you gail. Its not funny scooby doo. Hears that be good morning charlie music music josh put it in jennifers bathroom.
One day he put a dead dummy on my toilet holding toilet paper that scared me and i keep my pants. I heard her scream all the way in the makeup room with my door closed. I just odd to keep a set of fun sources telling me that she actually peed her pants.

who is the protagonist in the hunger games-0
who is the protagonist in the hunger games-0

I didnt see it for fact. Ive always heard of this myth of peeing music. I really kind of relate to hey matt.
You abernathy probably a little bit more than i should and sometimes that chastise myself. And i think i got to get a little more focused on the work that was focused too much on the left really hard to remember that were there to work they should call it that fungal game because everyone is having so much fun one of the best experiences of my career music for me. Its lifecam amore.
I mean im im kind of the guy who goes past cemeteries and looks at tombstones like im window shopping music. Shes an unsubstantial music. How many marshmallows gonna fit in your mouth 806.
So can you eddie do the boffins a whistle. Nine ten ten youre up to height. I wouldnt of course youre insane not my friends we drank hes so right im hoping to see little kids at halloween are the same okay music applause primrose everdeen when i got here everyone was freaking out because i was so much taller and so ive definitely grown up with the character face it youre the devil no no music applause music this years tributes.
Exciting our visitor. It just gives you goosebumps music copy. Im so hungry.
Im emily cope yank. It today its just the scene where everybody gets killed. Yeah so its really funny.
Im ready to do this thing the hunger games is my all time favorite book series and i was the biggest book buff that you would ever possibly me now. Im crazy music. Set.
It down mike sighs. Im extremely excited music music hi gorgeous for the audition. Id actually dressed up for my dirt.
And my leaves in my hair. And i mean and when i got to garys house. He has a really nice house and i do want to sit on anything.
Didnt want to get anything dirty. So i found like a little stool to sit on and i was really nervous but im super excited oh my gosh sounds crazy oh yeah playboy whiskey and i have father saturday thats not real spanish she just made that up hey. I just wanted to send a message to everyone.
And say happy international womens day. It kind of scares me how much i like playing a bad guy shake mine. Yeah music sup.
I got to learn a lot of cool skills so if somebody swung a bludger at me. I could dive roll under it right now that would be totally fine music music. Those two.

who is the protagonist in the hunger games-1
who is the protagonist in the hunger games-1

I like the dynamic duo you show up to your trailer. And your clothes were gone clothes were in the fridge. And my shoes were in the microwave and there was once you just post.
It notes everywhere. That said jay a jackie and a man left so i can note on my mirror. Thats like where are your pants.
Jack youll never find them a man left youre out there you just wait. Im gonna get you amandla when they see what you do to this little girl people will be spitting on you in the streets and so when i met her i was like oh no you know not you that horrible the most fun. Ive had all day music that was good like a big brother to some and like a little brother to others.
Im 21 and they were 12 and 14 and 16. And i just felt like a big sister they taught me. I taught them so it was really fun music music.
So yeah a lot of dance praise that started on the first day at the cornucopia where we would just be standing up on these pedestals for ages. And then we would all start singing. We would all go into a manless trailer.
And she would just crank up the music and we would all just dance in the trailer. The whole thing would be shaking. Even more craziness was camp leader.
Davis basically my mom and i hosted potlucks every week. When we were in nashville because we all really got close and we all wanted to see each other all i remember is just a lot of fun moments. It didnt feel like work instant camaraderie.
Ive never experienced anything like that diode and i became really close it was just like hey im gonna kill you good to meet you too im isabelle it really was its like you make friends that you like i still keep in touch with now. Its so hard to say goodbye at the end you know the different ears. Is so sad.
I always told. My mom that i wanted a big brother and i got like 10 on the set. So its been really awesome best summer in my life.
Oh. My god i had this dream that i was in this ridiculous dress in front of hundreds of people. I dont know i had to stand around like an idiot katniss everdeen.
Because thats why i feel like as an actress like my job. It just depends on what outfit. Im wearing because thats how i feel i got an actress like my job just depends on what outfit up because thats why i feel like as an actress like my job music.
Because thats how i feel like i just love that thats the finale. Wheres peeta. Im not very hungry.
Im done too after all the hunger games is just a movie and a book. Awkward music applause nice acting hey too .

who is the protagonist in the hunger games-2
who is the protagonist in the hunger games-2

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