The Honda HRX217 from Home Depot. Is this the best Lawn Mower around?

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Everybody today is june. The 14th here in memphis. Tennessee.
And its probably about about 82 degrees in the afternoon around 5 30. Its really a beautiful day last few days have been nice here. But anyway.
I wanted to show the new lawnmower. This is a two week review of this honda h. Rx 217.
As you can see there. And it has a 200 cc motor. Which is plenty of power for it just kind of show quick a couple minutes long here.
But it catches really nice. Its a twin blade system and the body is plastic light material. They call it a first of something i dont i dont now.
But theres a special name for the body. But pros about it is that uh grass does not stick underneath it so far. I used to thats ten times oops sorry.
I havent head of washington or neath. It and as you can tell on top theres no wash port like there is on a lot of mowers now because i guess they expect no grass to stick to the bottom since it is plastic. I guess it wont stick and theres no everything smooth edges.
So thats nice thats great and so another cool feature is the the mulch and bags selection here you just right now i use it most the time in mulch. But when i do put it in bag you can move the handle to uh the bag selection or you can go half way or whatever you choose you just flip up this and then put your bag right there you can leave it on all the time if you choose thats what it looks like right there when its in the full bag mode. Theres a door right there that closes to put in mulch.
When you see the door is closed first time i opened up the factors and every time. I am. Leaving a mulch.
Theres area is for grass and the book says. Thats okay cuz. I guess a little grass comes through here and gets stuck in the store.

best lawn mower home depot-0
best lawn mower home depot-0

So thats not a problem the good thing about the plastic is hopefully it wont fade like the metal. Does dont look brand new just bring it home and wash it wash. It when you get that mowing no play doh stay looking brand new for a long time where are some of the other ones you bring you wash them they start to fade.
So well see hopefully it look new and the adjustments are really easy as you can see right here. They remember one is one inch and then two inches three and four so every increment is a half an inch. So im one to four and the same thing back here.
The only thing is they could have painted these white also i dont know why they didnt they painted the front white. They just kind of cheeks out. There so it is kind of harder to see the numbers.
But uh. Its not too hard the wheels are nice rubber gets really smooth. The handle is adjusted three different spots really easy easy to start it has this on the select drive as you can see right theres mags wee wee keepers are right around this minimum to this first dyed anymore itll does it wheelie mostly yards.
We mow so right around theres good and its a good speed to keep up with and its variable speed. So out here would be the max and you cant keep up with it youd be running late. I we are and theres the handle so overall we love it we live the lawnmower the mose nice easy to clean starts easy the bag system is nice the variable speed is nice they could have like i said painted the numbers back here white like they did in the front for the adjustment height adjustment.
They did it here in the front. They put us to here. I hear they kid.
I might get some white paint. And just plenty of power on this mower. I so i really do love it so far.
This is a like a two week review. And its really nice and thank you very much miss. The name of it i guess the first time.
Oh. It says four and one im not sure what the four things are theres mulch bag mochan bag. Oh another thing is nice that it doesnt really wonder you know with it it doesnt put a lot of brass and things up on the sidewalks.
The way. Its has such a good vacuum to it some of them when you go along the sidewalk. With this one doesnt all right.
Thank you very much and have a good day .

best lawn mower home depot-1
best lawn mower home depot-1

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