The Easiest Way to Style White Jeans | Men’s Fashion | Getting Dressed Step by Step #26

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Applause music. Whats going on guys. My name is marcel flores.
Welcome back to to my youtube channel. One dapper street today. Were gonna talk about a topic is an issue for a lot of guys.
But spring is around the corner. So we cant avoid it how to rock white pants. Now styling white pants can be a little bit tricky.
But honestly if you follow a few simple guidelines. Its not that menacing so i want to show you guys today in our getting dressed format how i put an outfit together. What my thoughts are and hopefully you take away a little something and can tackle that in the future.
Much more easily the pants that were gonna do that with are from zara. They have two slits across the knees.

white jeans pants for men-0
white jeans pants for men-0

Theyre skinny fit and they are actually somewhat short so theyre cropped they hit my legs just around like mid ankle. I have fairly long legs so even if you if theyre longer on you you can cut them up a little bit if you want to then i have a denim shirt on my mango man. So that to me is a very simple way of rocking white pants basically.
Its just inverting a light washed pair of denim jeans with a white t shirt or a shirt. But the pants all the way and then identify to make it a little bit more interesting. I added some color for one and some pattern a bordeaux bomber jacket with a floral pattern that is reversible this is brand new in my closet.
Im actually really excited especially this spring. Its from thalia oranges new sportswear collection. I was at one of their events recently but for the purposes of this video.
Were gonna leave it with the floral print up top and i chose to paired with a pair of bordeaux high top canvas converse sneakers. Theyre just a couple shades off. But it works well for me.
And it has a nice sporty yet clean vibe and then i added what you see right here a little wife beater. I have ripped white tank top from uniqlo underneath because white pants.

white jeans pants for men-1
white jeans pants for men-1

Its kind of like a miami vibe. So buttoning a shirt down and showing that off is actually a really cool look in my opinion last but not least. Were adding a few accessories youre gonna see at first the shapes that i recently picked up from warby parker.
They have a silver frame and they have dark blue lenses. Which plays off that denim shirt. Just a little bit then we have four rings five rings actually three of them from serge denim buddy of mine and from a vintage store then we have my piaget watch and as you can see i kept all of its silver including the necklace that im also wearing right now.
Which is from me on site. Once again picking up the blue a little bit. And that is already the look so before i move on and show you what this look looks like outside in motion.
I want to talk a little bit more about how to rock white pants. Because its not that difficult like its really just dont go for an all white look that can often be a little bit too much. But what i did here is like i said before i just started off with a simple combo of denim and white.
Its a really safe way to look great honestly even just a denim shirt is a really easy way to look well put. Together and look a little bit more stylish and then introducing a little bit of color makes it a lot more interesting.

white jeans pants for men-2
white jeans pants for men-2

And its also really easy. Because you have a denim base and a white base. So really any color goes just try and keep it not too crazy dont use colors that dont really work together like not you know like green green shoes and and a bright red or bright orange blazer.
Whatever like it doesnt matter. Like just have a little bit of fun introduce a little bit of color and i think its really easy to get away with white pants in that way so as announced. We have a little clip for you guys outside so i want you to check that out right music.
Thats it a video filled with sunshine. Because spring is finally here. I hope you enjoyed todays video.
Let me know your thoughts questions comments down below. In the comment section. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up and if youre not subscribed to dove sounding.
It make sure to change that because the seasons are changing. I literally cant like im still not really over the fact that they are which means. Were gonna have a bunch more content for spring wardrobes and outfit ideas leading into the summer.
So i hope you guys are on board for that i will see you very soon with the next video until then stay africas .

white jeans pants for men-3
white jeans pants for men-3

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