The Best Highlighters of 2019!! Yearly Beauty Favorites!!

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Guys whats up and welcome back to my channel and welcome to another episode episode of our 2019 beauty favorites series. Today were doing the best highlighter. So buttery is the most pigmented.
The most belonging the most amazing highlighters that i discovered in the last year. These are the ones that i have reached for the most often and the ones that i have enjoyed the most and also the ones that last on my skin the longest. Because obviously it can be difficult.
When your makeup. Just disappear. Where does it go can somebody please tell me where my highlighter goes during the day because i did not sign up for only wearing at the two hours.
What goes on if you havent yet seen the other episodes in issues. A favorite series. I will obviously link the playlist down below we break everything down and we go through everything in a separate category.
So that you guys can pick and choose which videos suit you which ones you want to watch and which ones you might want to refer back to later on if youre looking for i dont know few looking to make a purchase sir highlighters. Lets do this lets jump into the videos now first up obviously have to mention my brand new care dry cosmetics. We did launched our very first highlighting palette this year the illuminate luxury highlighting palette.
This is what it looks like and this is a six pan palette. Thats got sticks really really rich super super buttery highlights in it so here are all of these shades in this one now. I designed this one specifically with the intention of creating an actual highlighting palette that everybody could use i dont know about you.
But ive got so many highlighting palette ooh that i literally only use a one shade out of and its like a total waste of money and i dont know what people or what the teens or whoever is behind the scenes making the decisions. I dont know what theyre thinking like when they design a lot of a highlighting palettes because im like anyway. Lets not get into that so youve got six shades in this one it works for all skin tones.
And all skin depths. Whether you are super super fair or super super deep and the colors in these are really really really like their hang up let me show you just like insanely buttery. Im quite finicky with highlighter formulas.
As you guys know oh look at them. Yeah. Im quite picky with highlighter formulas.
I want it really really rich really buttery really metallic. But i also dont want it to emphasize texture on my skin look at that one there obviously you guys know ive got really really textured skin. Ive got quite enlarged pore its difficult to find highlighters that just look let make my skin look wet and super glisteny.
And like just give you a nice amazing blinding glow. But without also making you look textured af. So yeah.
Ive worked really really hard on this formula obviously super rich super metallic super buttery a lot of payoff a lot a lot of pigmentation in this palette. Its just a palette that im really really proud of i worked on it for a long time and obviously being that i actually designed it based on what i like and what i need its obviously one of my most used and loved highlighters for 2019 so there are the rest of the swatches hopefully you can see them weve got a nice deep sort of bronzy kind of a color. We have gleam.
Which is like a beautiful pinky shimmer with kind of like a champagne reflect. Im moving up. We have gilded which is kind of like a rose gold.
But its not like a super like pink kind of a rose gold. So its very very flattering on all skin tones glisten. Which is honestly the worst swatch ever let me fix.
It okay you can kind of see it a little bit better. Now.

best highlighter for oily skin-0
best highlighter for oily skin-0

Glisten is a very very true and like super pale kind of silvery champagne kind of a highlight its amazing on paler skin type this one here glared. This is a beautiful peachy apricot with a gold reflect and then lastly glimmer glimmer is so amazing gleam is probably the one that i probably use the absolute. Most this has got a really beautiful gold and reflect through it yeah.
Theyre all really really pretty and im really really proud of it all right next up. I have another highlighting palette and this one is by bh cosmetics. This is a bh cosmetics spotlight highlight stix color palette oh and i do have a coupon code with bh cosmetics thats something that i only got this year and im actually really really excited it is an affiliate card.
So it is up to you whether you want to use it or not but i will link it on the screen. Because i cant for the life of me remember what it is im pretty sure. Its a nakia maybe.
Its niki. A joker 15 off maybe. Its only 10 off ah.
I dont remember ill link it on the screen. But this palette here is another really really really nice highlighting palette. Obviously bh cosmetics is super super affordable so its also not going to cost you an arm and a leg and these if i can sort myself well dont oh i just jabbed my nail in it do you always do that with palettes like so banged up like this is what the colors in this one looks like obviously this one is way more towards fair skin tones.
But i really really do like the form in there in this i do find its super long lasting on my skin. Really gives your skin like a super super blinding highlighted glow and it really does last all day. Ill grab swatches of these ones as well this one is a little bit chunkier and a little bit more textured than mine.
Its not quite its just let us finally blended and finely milled. But the colors are really really pretty so ill swatch these ones. I guess underneath so first oh no way is that ethereal.
You said ethereal so cereal is like this one. Here. Its like a white with like a gold next.
Up is dream. Which is like a really pretty gold color as well oh. I do love love love love that one radiance.
More of like a bronzy pinky kind of a color this one here is glory this ones like a duo crown hopefully guys can you say this im gonna be covered my entire arms are gonna be covered by this video. This is like a white with kind of like a gold sort of a reflected through it its really pretty and then ulua. Which is like a deep kind of purply kind of a pink and vivid.
Which is a pink as well. But it looks like a lighter sort of a pink. So yeah.
Theres other sports shows oh my gosh look at all these swatches wow. Weve got a lot going on yeah. That is what the swatches of those look like really pretty again really buttery really really full on pay off like you absolutely do not have to worry about your highlight not showing up on your skin and obviously super super affordable so really really good option if you are looking for a highlighting palette all right moving into individual highlighters.
Now and honestly my all time most loved most used most adored single highlighter this year is easily this one by maybelline. This is the maybelline master chrome either color and they do come in different colors as well. But the color of this one is molten gold.
Oh. Now this one unfortunately is only for sort of more medium skin tones probably light to medium and then definitely deep as well. But its not going to work on super fair skin tones.
Unfortunately because it does have such a gold undertone. But i honestly this looks so amazing on the skin.

best highlighter for oily skin-1
best highlighter for oily skin-1

Its so buttery. Its so finely milled. It is so reflective.
Theres so much pigmentation in it like a look at that on the skin. Its absolutely amazing they just killed it with this formulation. I have full logged the absolute crap out of this highlighter.
Its beautiful a very very tiny amount goes a really long way doesnt emphasize texture doesnt fade and disappear. During the day looks beautiful on the skin like it honestly makes your skin look wet could not recommend it any more and obviously. Its chuckster so its affordable.
Its not youre not gonna have to sell your house sell your children sell your husband sell your organs for this its super affordable all right next up ive got another affordable product and i just randomly stumbled across this product because i was testing i mean i i have done a lot of testing of this brand in the last so 12 months maybe. Its even longer maybe like the last year and a half and this is from the brand folk ulua focal areas are really affordable like online brand. I guess theyre similar to like mmm makeup revolution actually is a really really good example of what this brand is similar to im so excited that i discovered them i actually discovered them because so many of you were like uk.
Yeah. You have to test focal. Who will let us know what you think and its just chatting to us doing like so many videos like testing their products.
But im obsessed with the highlighter in this little palette. So this is the focal lewis sculpt glow palette. This is what it looks like and this is the shade.
3. Which is a panama sun and champagne glow. The highlighter in this be still my beating heart.
Oh. It is just absolutely beautiful. Its a very buttery kind of a formula.
Its probably not as pigmented as these other ones that i have shown you here. But its nearly like a cream kind of a formula that translates to like a powder on the skin. And its so beautiful okay.
Now its not showing up in a swatch. See im the worst bloody swatch. Ah.
I feel like from memory this one never really showed up in a swatch. But then when it was actually used on the skin. It was like pow shall.
I actually show you on the skin lets do that i mean. Its kind of hard because i already have highlight on but looks kind of like dull that down it just gives your skin. The matte look look at that okay so you cant even see the swatch not really and it looks kind of like deep.
But then on the skin. It is such a beautiful product like i said its so so incredibly finely milled. I dont find that it really emphasizes texture a lot i dont find that it fades during the day.
Its just beautiful and if you what are you like a really really affordable product again. Its a really really good one to try obviously it comes with the bronzer shade as well. I dont really find i use these too much its more of like a traditional contour color as opposed to like a bronzer.
Its very very cool turn. But the highlighting its like mmm absolutely love it and then lastly.

best highlighter for oily skin-2
best highlighter for oily skin-2

I have to high end highlighters and one that i feel like im im not sure if ive used it too many times actually on camera. But its so versatile and multi use and i use it all the time and im like have i no i mean maybe i havent i just cant remember i dont know um firstly oprah oprah has if youve never tried an oprah highlighter. Like youve been living under a rock you are missing out.
There highlighters are absolutely sensational like next level blinding buttery. It is like liquid metal. Theyre amazing and i was looking at all of the shades in my jaw and i was like oh theyre all so pretty.
But probably this one here is my most used and most loved throughout the last year. This is the shade blissful and its actually i need to use my other finger this is a shade wistful and its like a really really pretty champagne with like a gold undertone to it its so so pretty. Its a lot lighter and then that maybelline one the nice that i showed you earlier just really sucking on this side.
So buttery. Though so metallic. So much pigmentation.
So this is a highlighter where you have to be like actually quite careful with how much you go in with because very very quickly you can end up like bang. Like full on. But theyre really really long lasting.
Super buttery like i said so much pigmentation beautiful beautiful shade range and they did do some amazing collaborations with nikkietutorials. I totally recommend you checking them out as well. But as far as like a specific highlight shade from then that just completely rocks my jocks.
And i use all the time this one here blissful. Absolutely obsessed and then lastly. I have this little one from fantine.
I was going to include trophy wife because i love i mean you guys know how much i love trophy wife highlighter. Look you know what singers were talking about it ive got it right here. Ill just quickly show.
It its like a full on gold. Its amazing. But then i was like well yeah i adore that highlighter.
But its not something that i use every single day and its not something that i dont know is like super super super versatile in there for like best value for you guys. And this one. However.
I dont know what findi have pudding news a whole bunch of magic. Its absolutely amazing now this is the fenty. It is called theyre all over diamond veil and using the shade.
How many carats now bear in mind mine looks a little bit disgusting see all this darkness in here. Yeah. Its not meant to look like that its meant to be like straight up wide.
Now this is a very very very different formula to all of the other highlighters that im showing me here. Today. Its sort of like a gel kind of a consistency.
And its more of like a highlighter topper. Its not like a straight up highlight that you know you would probably use this more as a top up. But i adore this because i use this over so many other products.
So i have actually used it on my eyes. Today.

best highlighter for oily skin-3
best highlighter for oily skin-3

And you know what lets put a little bit more on for fun i tap it gently over any eyeshadow look. And it just adds the most beautiful see how it acts like that really really soft. Its like a silvery white kind of a glitter.
But its not like glitter texture its very very fine it adds like this glitter. But without adding any color. So i use it on top of eyes shadows.
You know what and ill show you here on my lips. I use it over top of lipsticks to add like the tiniest a little bit of sparkle. It is just the most amazing like it transforms absolutely everything and not only that it is beautiful on the cheeks so again i feel like to be unexplainably.
Ill put it on so you pick it up with your brush. How you would any other highlight huh and then you dust it you know what lets do it on the other side because were gonna let go it on there and you dust it on the skin and it just adds. The prettiest.
Its so its like very very hard to explain it makes the skin look glittery. But without adding texture and without adding any color. I absolutely love this ive used it so so so so much and i find that unlike a lot of other glitter topper kind of products.
Which usually are quite like theyve got a lot of texture to them like if you were to say you know pop it over top of a lipstick you would feel greediness on your lips. Doesnt do that but also unlike a lot of other glitter type of products. It actually lasts.
All day long so you know ive got this glitter on my lips. I would still have this on my lips tonight like it just i dont know its so lightweight and these little glitters are so finely milled. They just stick to the skin.
Its nearly kind of like hard to get off. But i truly find this product. Amazing used it so so so so much even when i do like a like a shimmery.
I look you pack this over the top and it just takes it to the next level. Its like another level of shimmer. But again without that awful scratchy texture of an actual glitter.
I dont know what fenty have done with this theyve done something amazing there i adore this and truly is one of my most used and loved highlighters of 2019. I really really recommend checking it out go into a sephora and actually swatch it and play with the form in there on your hands. Its like its kind of hard to explain and its really hard to believe without actually playing with it yourself.
Its its amazing and unlike anything else on the market. I love it im like 10 out of 10 obsessed with glittery loot. Now it looks so cute.
But there you go guys those were all of my most used and most loved highlighters of 2019 covered in the swatches. Which is totally okay. This is how i live my life anyway.
Im like the swatch girl. This is me. But i hope todays video was helpful obviously and i feel like a broken record.
Because i say this at the end of every video any questions honestly please please pop them down below im more than happy to answer any of your questions. Let me know if youve tried any of these what you think of them and also let me know what your favorite highlighter is because if its something that i havent tested or that i dont have i obviously need to try it because you guys have amazing tasting products. I feel like sometimes like you should be running their channel.
Honestly. But give the video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it i hope youre having an amazing day. I love you guys heaps and i will catch you in my next video.

best highlighter for oily skin-4
best highlighter for oily skin-4

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