Sweet. It feels like soap? Speck Presidio CLEAR Review for the iPhone 7

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Guys its aaron from mobile reviews ac and today im going to do do a review the spec presidio clear now i just put the spec presidio clear this iphone just like immediately. I just finished. One review and i am always reminded of just how solid this thing feels and then i try to use it and it feels like a wet bar.
So this case is drop rated to 8 feet. Which is 2 feet shorter than the failed phrase first drop of the spec presidio grip. This is a clear iphone case that will allow you to showcase the color of your chosen device.
But it like i said handles like a wet bar soap despite the below average handling. There are a couple of design features that i really like about the presidio clear for this. Review ive given this case a score 36.
A 0 to 5 from my perspective. This is a below average case because of the handling and out of all the clear cases. I reviewed this one currently sits at number 15.
If youre looking for other clear cases check out the ballistic jewel and the tech 21. Impact.

presidio clear iphone 7 cases-0
presidio clear iphone 7 cases-0

Clear and evil meshes links are in the eye or the descriptions section below real usage. Real reviews. Mobile reviews a dot ca.
And mobile reviews. A dot. Stanley bass.
Everything you want actually usage. And so. When we start reviewing lots of products from the same manufacturer the story kind of gets boring the spec presidio grip drop face first drop did not protect my iphone 7 plus so theres a good chance that this will not survive the 8 foot faced first drop and why would i risk my thousand dollar iphone for a case that ive wrecked number 15.
It doesnt make any sense to me for design. The spec presidio clear is thinner than most cases. But is average in terms of weight and height the polycarbonate shell fused with impact iam clear feels very very solid unlike the presidio grip the impact team doesnt actually use out of the back.
So. The case will slide around on its back easily and unlike.

presidio clear iphone 7 cases-1
presidio clear iphone 7 cases-1

Other cases. The back of the case isnt ray so the clear back. Well scratch very easily the scratching actually reminds us a lot about this glossy speck candyshell is from the previous iphone generations.
But expect to do something need to hide the scratching by adding a frosted layer on the inside of the case. So the scratches arent as pronounced and this is actually a really neat feature. I like this because the frosting doesnt actually take away from the color.
Ive got a silver iphone and because the new iphone. 7 is kind of have like a more youre back to it you cant really tell that the back is that kind of colored. Which is kind of neat.
I thought now the entire case is quite slick the edges are especially slick and it really doesnt help with the handling of the iphone inside the case. I was hoping that a little bit of impacting in the corners would help the device in your hand. But they really dont.
There isnt enough of it one of the marketing fluff pieces. That makes this case stand out is that parent lack of uv yellowing.

presidio clear iphone 7 cases-2
presidio clear iphone 7 cases-2

Which is something ill keep an eye on when i leave this case in my car for months at a time for protection. The spec presidio clear is apparently drop rated to eight feet. Im not going to drop it from eight feet.
Because well my drop from the presidio grip cost me about 300. This makes me very hesitant to waste another iphone on a spec product. But i will know that this case will do fine for normal drops from three to four feet.
One of the things that actually makes me chuckle was the marketing fluff that they use on this site. They show the corner of the case with different layers. But the actual case corner is missing a piece of polycarbonate.
It shouldnt there marketing fluff should look more like this i love marketing fluff. The edges of the case are high enough to keep your iphones face off a flat surface and can accommodate to larger than average or thicker glass. Screen.
Protectors will see the buttons on the spec. Proceed.

presidio clear iphone 7 cases-3
presidio clear iphone 7 cases-3

Oh. Gripper are actually quite nice. The response of the buttons.
Doesnt actually get muted like other cases will again the only issue. I have with this case is really the handling. It is just really really slick and i guess it kind of mimics more the glossy jet black phone and swell again.
I would probably say this is probably the best case you can get for the glossy back iphone if youre looking to maintain the glossy sleek slipperiness of that device so thats kind of all i got if you have any questions leave them down in the comment section below or you can ask them through facebook or twitter. Or find me on my website first time youre watching one of my videos. I do encourage you to click subscribe produce content two to three times a week and thats kind of all i got so what did she say about this case.
Its okay. Its clean. Its a clear case thats the female perspective quanta speck presidio.
Clear it really didnt sound excited about it okay. Thats kind of all i got thanks for watching. .

presidio clear iphone 7 cases-4
presidio clear iphone 7 cases-4

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