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Guys welcome back to my channel today. Im gonna be eating foods that i im craving so today. I have cheese pizza rolls.
Which these are my childhood. I like the bagel bites too but i prefer pizza rolls and i have a big thing of macaroni and cheese that i got from central market. They have the best macaroni and cheese that ive tried so far oh.
I love these so much and im going through a chip craving right now. And shell fries are it and then i have a side of mustard and ketchup because i like to dip my pizza rolls and mustard. But also ketchup sounds good too because it always sounds good and then pickles.
Because why not it so yeah. Let me dig in mm hmm. Look at that this is like the best macaroni and cheese of course.
Its not gonna focus. Im using a wooden spoon. Because some people complain about metal.
So i switched back to a wooden. I dont remember where i got this i know a couple people asked. Me my kfc video a while back and im not sure.
But im sure you can find something similar on amazon mmm hmm. I dont know what they do to smack ronia cheese. But its so good i brought this to thanksgiving for my family and they all loved it i i think pizza rolls are everywhere right.
I think theyre in every country. If not they should be hmm. Its basically a pizza in a roll hmm they make pepperoni they make combination.
But i just like the cheese ones. I think i very rarely adapt these in ranch hmm. Im using these ears to keep my bangs back because ive noticed a lot lately in my past couple videos that i keep trying to like push my bangs away and about it annoys me as much as it probably annoys you so i put ears on so i dont have to do that today youre welcome.
I brought napkins this time soloff you might be wondering why i didnt upload for a week. I update you guys on my community to have the fear for one update so. Ill update you there so just make sure to check that you can also check my twitter.
I just made a twitter. Ill link it below i linked it wrong the last time im so sorry i dont know what i did. But i linked someone elses twitter and a lot of people couldnt find me so ill link the right link this time in the description.
But basically i got rear ended so my brand new car that ive only had for about two months is destroyed the bumper is not there anymore and im okay. But my car isnt and im really sad about this because its literally just got it so theres that so instead of being a fake ass bitch and coming back and being like oh my god everything is great how are you guys i took a couple days off to it um just sort that issue out a so hot coat will not cook. Its like died dr.
Pepper. Thats my favorite soda.

mac and cheese pizza rolls-0
mac and cheese pizza rolls-0

So yeah all right i took care of that and then someones like its just an excuse. When i put some in the community tab. I was like oh how did you know like i have a hat full of excuses.
And this is the one that i happened to pick out its not the excuse. It actually really sucks that someone would say that because i didnt want another car crash to happen trust me. I almost feel like 2018 is trickling into 2019.
With like my bad. Mmm hold on cheetos check my teeth with my bad luck. But it happened its over without to do with it still.
But i had to figure out like first of all the officer decided to tow my car because ive normally have insurance on my phone um. But my internet like the website for my insurance wasnt coming up and i tried everything and the officers like so you dont have insurance so im not to write you a ticket and tow your car and i said no i promise its on my phone and hes like im sorry. I cant really believe you and thats understandable.
Its not his fault. Its mine. I should have gotten the cards to put in my car.
But i never got around to it because normally everythings on the internet. So normally i would just pull it up on my father anyway he ends up tweye my car. He drove me home and then i had to go pick it up the next day.
So i went to impound in the morning. I ended up finding like i ended up pulling up my insurance on my phone. I brought it down to the impound and the lady thank god for this lady shes such a gem she printed out with my insurance for me.
She said. Keep these in your car. And i said thank you so much so i ended up picking up my car and now you have to go to the courthouse and prove that i had insurance which i can do and then i get the ticket removed.
Which is awesome just like a regular pickle. These are like smaller ones. Though i think theyre called gherkins so you have to go back to the courthouse.
Well guy ive never been to the dallas courthouse. So thats all thats happening so if i didnt post thats why im sorry i didnt post you now so so all the matters. Do you ever got it dude.
Do you ever got it. So. Yeah does that make sense um by the.
Way its like 3 30 am. Im a night owl of fusion. If you didnt know i do well at night.
I thrive at night. Im much more upbeat at night.

mac and cheese pizza rolls-1
mac and cheese pizza rolls-1

But do you guys ever just have one chip in your other sleep not satisfied. So you just grab a handful and you shove it in your mouth. Thats what i do its way more satisfying.
Im like you cant just have wine. It just doesnt feel the same is anyone watching drag queen the all stars. I think its season four right now.
But im super super super excited to see like the finale. Im goning for manila because i like her i dont know about latrice like i like her. But i dont feel like spoiler alert.
If you if you dont like spoilers and then dont watch this im kind of fast forward a little bit. But i dont know why latrice came back. I dont really like her that much i think all the queens that are in the top right now before they did the comeback.
I thought they were all good but i dont know whos gonna win to be honest you know who i want to see come back which i know will never do all stars again or drag race. I want to see laganja estranja my favorite its queen i forgive love her i was loved as she came back. Im gonna put this right here anyway.
You know whats funny. My mom. We may have my mom were talking earlier mm hmm and she was telling me how one of her exes like found her on a website.
Where she had to list herself for work or something. And he randomly found her and messaged her and im like no he doesnt randomly find he was searching you i was telling my mom. Im like he didnt just randomly pop up like oh look its my ex girlfriend no he was looking.
I told my mom that she was like yeah. He probably was anyway she was saying that he was like bragging about his new job or whatever. And im like he was looking for you to tell you that hes still doing well.
And my moms like whatever i dont miss him im like good for you like dont even mess with him anymore like who cares what your new job is is that what you did like you messaged her just to tell her how good youre doing. Thats so petty. My moms like thats why hes my accent like yeah isnt it funny though how exes always try to find you especially like guys no offense to the guys.
But they will always come back it might be a year. It might be a couple months. It might be a couple of days hell.
It might even be five years but theyll come back they want to see how good youre doing or if theyre doing good they want to tell you hope that theyre doing and honestly sometimes its just best to ignore. It hmm sometimes i forget to chew my food and you guys definitely call me out for you like you just swallow your food. I mean sometimes.
The food is just so good you dont even have time to chew. This is just literally this is satisfying my craving so much i love this food. If youve never tried pizza rolls with mustard try it this is not what i wanted to make i want to do a crockpot thing.
But i just if i wanted to get a video out it had to be this like something easy. But im helping me get a crock pot video out next week.

mac and cheese pizza rolls-2
mac and cheese pizza rolls-2

I want to do like a white chicken. Chili crock pot video with like some sort of side dish. So be on the lookout for that the only thing with crock pot videos is that it takes forever to cook in a crock pot.
Unless you put it on high. But i might do like these ears are hurting. Theyre made of metal on the side that was a bad idea that she like patted this this hurts they should or wait.
What was i saying oh her peter. Im probably gonna make it the night before because it says on the thing that it takes six to eight hours six or eight hours to cook. So i can always do it overnight and then wake up and itll be ready or i can make it right when i wake up and ill let it cook while i get ready i think that might work better this is good my mom got me a new memory card.
I think i told you guys this but its like a hundred and twenty something gigabytes oh. Its huge like thank you mom you know what i really want to get is like a frigerator. Worried they have an ice machine.
Where you can put your cup up to it and then pours out my ice machine is on the inside. I would love one thats on the outside you dont expel. It usually you cant talk to me you dont really so expensive like appliances are until you go out and buy them like i never realized how expensive a washer and dryer were until i went to go buy one for my first apartment and i was like youre paying for the brand first of all and if youre not paying for the brand.
Its like a cheapy once you dont want to get like a cheap one cause you want it to last a bit really long time. But at the same time like damn theyre expensive. I think mine were like a thousand five hundred each which is like its a lot.
But if you got like the neighbor. Everyone you get like the fancy stuff. I dont know i just didnt know what kind of person you are i am not that fancy.
But i would like to have one that lost me a long time. Anyway fridges are the same exact thing theyre. Expensive i think you can spend like 5000.
On a fridge alone. Im just happy you have a stainless steel one because ive never had stainless steel appliances. But honestly getting the fingerprints off is hard i remember when i was a maid.
Id read in stainless steel. People are picky like ive had a couple people when i clean their fridge like they went back and they said. Oh no theyre still fingerprints on.
I mean no there wasnt i think a lot of people dont realize that fingerprints are hard to get off of stainless steel. Not only that belief water stains it or anything that runs down with a stainless steel. If you dont get it up right away itll stain.
It and people dont get that anyway. Nobody cares im like telling you this stories. Im like literally nobody cares i know i got this shirt from walmart for like 5.
Just cant go wrong with water. If youve made it this far write down in the comment section.

mac and cheese pizza rolls-3
mac and cheese pizza rolls-3

If your team pickle. Im team pickle a lot of people are technical so right team pickle or anti pickle music until you cut back on soda. So i havent had it in like a week and i missed it you know my favorite thing about cheetos is that it gets stuck in your teeth and that you can pick it out so weird literally my favorite thing same with some candy sometimes it gets stuck in your teeth and i like it because i can pick it out anyway would you guys like me to tell you stories about working on amazon now you serve at amazon before key became.
I dont know why i feel like theres something i used to work at it was on porky became. Which is little robots that made it easier. And there are b long.
Long aisles. Where you would walk down. And like sort like put the items that you have and a bin.
I know should go a football field. And there would be a lot of workers and you get like this little box thing. And it had all these items that youve just had to put in random boxes what it wherever it fit.
But you couldnt stop them on top. It was like kind of complicated but you could get lost and you could literally not even do your job. Why do i feel like after burb.
Shes this this soda and it was honestly so good for people that dont like human interaction. Because you could get lost in the very back and nobody would be back there and you can just like do your own thing obviously how to do your job. You havent make a quota for it the sometimes people would literally not do their job.
They would like to sit down in the back because you cant have cameras in every aisle. But anyway. It was a great job for me because i never got to talk to anyone.
But they eventually got rid of it and they put kiva in which is like a robot that literally brings the bins to you it made it less fun. I look for walking like at least four to five miles a day at amazon to standing in place like its terrible at least. She wont have like you get to walk around you can stay away it good like its a good job.
But once they got kia and everything changed. I mean obviously they were able to do more packaging or getting stuff into bends. Which is butter for amazon.
But its works for the people because imagine standing in place for like 10 to 12 hours. Its terrible and mind you amazon works you they freaking work you when you when i worked in the warehouse. I went from working like 10 hours a normal day 12 hours overtime sometimes you would have to work holidays.
I worked holidays which i didnt mind. But yeah it was like terrible im getting full. Im gonna have one more pickle and then im done whoa.
Thank you guys so much for watching dont forget to subscribe because when you subscribe account gets its wings and i want all the kiddies to get their wings. So you should subscribe dont forget to like this video or dislike it i dont care do what you want and i love you guys so much thank you for always supporting me thank you for understanding that i cant always post and thank you guys for sticking around. I really appreciate you youre the real ones.
And i will see you in another video bye. .

mac and cheese pizza rolls-4
mac and cheese pizza rolls-4

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