Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe | 3 Ingredients

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Back lovely boys and girls yesterday. I saw an advertisement about this dish. But i i cant buy it anywhere so i decided to make it myself its.
Trust me it.s. Refreshing like me creamy like me.
fragrant like. Me and. Delicious like.
Me suitable for a hot summer day like me get yrself. 2 small packs of oreos chocolate ones are the best vanilla is also very guddd first of all split the oreos like how you are separated from your crush. Or you just dont do it.

oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-0
oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-0

Its ok after you have done it whip. The fillings. So that it is easier to mix later when its well blended add 40g of condensed milk or you can adjust the amount of it not too sweet like me or youll get diabetes mix them up and then abandon.
It lets move on add 200g of whipping cream into this beautiful bowl. An ugly. One is ok whisk until it is fluffy remember to whisk until the cream reached soft peak only using a egg mixer is ok.
But i am totally not a weakling hah so i am whipping by hand remember to whip it until it is just little bit fluffy like in my video. We need to add what we had abandoned if it is over whipped it will be runny and will die. So remember just little bit fluffly then we add what we had abandoned 1min ago into this bowl p.
And then bully. 5 10. Oreos depending on your sweetness.

oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-1
oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-1

Preference add them to the mixture just beat. Them enough to break not to powder okayy go on mixing try not to do mix too much or it will also die awggg. The color is so dirty gray like your dirty mind.
I see u. Add. The mixture into silicone mold silicone is easier to take out the ice cream.
Later u. Can use sth else as a container then use scooper to scoop the ice cream im fancy so i use the mold. But tbh later ill be in dish washing hell arggg.
Then put em in the freezer for 5 to 7 hours depending on the size of the mold. While im pretending to play games with p. Cat.

oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-2
oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-2

Summer day air. Con movies ice cream heaven. Lets take em out.
Then add them between the split oreos like u. And yr crush look at the chubby really thicc. Im not shading.
Any of you you dont have to go there sexxyyyyy ice cream sandwiches are refreshing rich soft and not at all icy goes well with crunchy cookies yesterday i messed around with p cat too much and he beat me up so hard. He gave me one deep bloody scratch. Too.
Ill show you my battle wound on fb dont. Forget to share and subscribe and tell me which recipe you want me to try thanks for stopping by guys. .

oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-3
oreo cookie ice cream sandwich-3

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