One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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Fish two fish red fish blue fish by dr. Seuss from there to here from from here to there funny. Things are everywhere.
One fish. Two fish red fish blue black fish blue fish old fish new fish. This one has a little star.
This one has a little car say what a lot of fish. There are yes. Some are red and some are blue.
Some are old and some are new some are sad and some are glad and some are very very bad why are they sad and glad and bad i do not know go ask your dad. Some are thin. And some are fat the fat one has a yellow hat from there to here from here to there funny things are everywhere here are some who like to run.
They run for fun. In the hot. Hot.
Sun. Oh. Me.
Oh. My oh. Me.
Oh. My what a lot of funny. Things.
Go. By some have two feet. And some have four some have six feet and some have more where do they come from i cant say.
But i bet they have come a long long way we see them come we see them go some are fast. And some are slow. Some are high and some are low not one of them is like another dont ask us why go ask your mother say look at his fingers.
One two three how many fingers do i see one two three four five six seven eight nine ten he has eleven eleven this is something new i wish i had eleven to bump bump bump did you ever ride a womp. We had a womp with just one hump. But we know a man called.
Mr. Gump. Mr.

dr seuss books for babies-0
dr seuss books for babies-0

Gump has a seven hump womp. So if you like to go bump bump just jump on the hump of the wump of gump. Who am.
I my name is ned. I do not like my little bed. This is no good.
This is not right my feet stick out of bed. All night and when i pull them in oh dear. My head sticks out of bed up here we like our bike.
It is made for three our mike sits up in back you see we like our mike. And this is why mike does all the work when the hills get high hello. There ned.
How do you do tell me tell me. What is new how are things in your little bed. What is new please tell me ned.
I do not like this bed. At all a lot of things have come to call a cow. A dog a cat.
A mouse. Oh. What a bed.
Oh. What a house. Oh dear oh.
Dear. I cannot hear will you please come over near. Will you please look in my ear.
There must be something there i fear say look a bird was in your ear. But he is out so have no fear. Again your ear can hear my dear my hat is old my teeth are gold.
I have a bird. I like to hold my shoe is off my foot is cold my shoe is off my foot is cold. I have a bird.
I like to hold my hat is hold my teeth are gold and now my story is all told. We took a look we saw a look on his head. He had a hook on his hook.

dr seuss books for babies-1
dr seuss books for babies-1

He had a book on his book was how to cook we saw him sit and try to cook. He took a look at the book on the hook. But a note cant read so a note cant cook.
So what good to a nook is a hook cookbook. The moon was out and we saw some sheep. We saw some sheep take a walk in their sleep by the light of the moon by the light of a star.
They walked all night from near to far. I would never walk i would take a car. I do not like this one so well all he does is yell yo yo.
I will not have this one about when he comes in i put him out this one is quiet as a mouse. I like to have him in the house at our house. We open cans.
We have to open. Many cans. And that is why we have a xans haiyans for cans is very good have you as an x for cans.
You should i like to box. How i like to box every day. I box a box in yellow socks.
I box my gox i box in yellow box box socks. It is fun to sing if you sing with a yin. My yin can sing like anything i sing high in my yin sings low and we are not too bad you know this one.
I think is called a yin he likes to think he likes to drink. He likes to drink and drink and drink the thing he likes to drink is ink the ink. He likes to drink is pink.
He likes to wink and drink pink ink. So if you have a lot of ink then you should get a link. I think hop hop hop.
I am a yob all i like to do is hop from finger top to finger top. I hop from left to right and then hop hop. I hop right back again.
I like to hop all day and night from right to left and left to right why do i like to hop hop hop. I do not know go ask your pop brush brush brush brush comb comb. Comb.
Comb blue hair is fun to brush. And comb. All girls who like to brush.

dr seuss books for babies-2
dr seuss books for babies-2

And comb should have a pet like this at home. Who is this pet say he is what you never yet met a pet. I bet as wet as they let this wet pet get did you ever fly a kite in bed.
Did you ever walk with ten cats on your head. Did you ever milk this kind of cow well we can do it we know how if you never. Did.
You should these things are fun. And fun is good. Hello hello.
Are you there hello. I called you up to say. Hello.
I said. Hello can you hear me. Joe oh.
No i cannot hear your call. I cannot hear your call at all this is not good. And i know why a mouse has cut the wider goodbye from near to far from here to there funny things are everywhere.
These yellow pets are called the zeds they have one hair up on their heads their hair grows fast so fast. They say they need a haircut. Every day who am i my name is ish on my hand.
I have a dish. I have this dish to help me wish when i wish to make a wish i wave. My hand with a big swish swish.
Then i say i wish for fish and i get fish right on my dish. So if you wish to wish a wish you may swish for fish with my ish wish dish at our house. We play outback.
We play a game called wring. The gak would you like to play this game come down. We have the only dac in town look what we found in the park in the dark.
We will take him home. We will call him clark. He will live at our house.
He will grow and grow will our mother like this we dont know and now good night. Its time to sleep. So we will sleep with our pet sheep.
Today is gone. Today was fun tomorrow is another one every day from here to there funny things are everywhere. .

dr seuss books for babies-3
dr seuss books for babies-3

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