Old Marine Reunited with his M1 Garand after 71 years

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Me what was it like for you to discharge. What was it like werere so glad to get out on the other hand. What.
If. By some chance were to come across music music. Music music.
Music research. Yes. How heavy music music spring.
This is your this is your m1. The gentleman and new jersey owned it and i researched the serial number right here in the siri remote here are there are websites that actually show where these guns were issued when they were issued when they were manufactured and through months of research. We found this gun well this gun has a long history that we excuse me this rifle.
This was a long history. The internals where were all rebuilt in 1965. This gun was probably in such good condition when you were discharged that it probably saw action in korea.
Then it was rebuilt in 1965. And the only reason they would rebuild them would be possibly to go to vietnam music it had a life after you i bought this from a gentleman in new jersey. Thats a pretty penny.
But some things are worth more than money right now it doesnt matter it doesnt matter. Ill tell you incredible an agent fired each time the cartridge may come out when the 80 your last shot the cartridge you come out when you take out your belt. A new late and it had that distinctive ring.
When it came out right. Yeah.

who is the grand old man of the marine corps-0
who is the grand old man of the marine corps-0

Yeah. Yeah. And then you show your new way.
Yeah. And youre ready to go again or no tricks. But its not its not a repeating rifle in other words.
It doesnt go automatically right had a fire each time yeah. But it did win the world war bacon baked garlic. One of the best.
Yeah patton said. It was the great assembly. Its very accurate man.
I had not fired this weapon. We just got you know when we first when i first fired this weapon. I tell you there was something else she go out to a rifle range and i think it was 200 yards maybe.
Its more yeah and theyre in a trench and they have this great sort of big white table with a black bulls eye and they blow it up out of the trench and the sergeant was in the middle would say i already on the right already on the left watch the targets. This is 16 rounds. Suspending dinelli like that and then we fire.
16. Yeah wait every time you shot the target would go download. The neath.
The trench and the target would then come up with a white circle. Where they marked where the bullet was right all main target and if it was in the black.

who is the grand old man of the marine corps-1
who is the grand old man of the marine corps-1

It was a boom. So they would announce they announce bulls eyes yeah yeah so you could hear it right. But we had to learn to do it blindfolded.
I know my brother did blindfolded. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. You gave leila your marksman metal your metal. Yeah.
Yes. She has it on her nightstand. Yeah.
Thats right yep. Wow. Amazing.
How the circle connects they made a big deal out of it. Because the only thing is any good and for long before the fine graduation parade. They went and bring up those marvelous marksmen and sharpshooters and give them so its a big deal just big see already big deal yes.
It is its the only thing in so weve never gotten yeah. Yeah. If they if they got got a good.
Crowd yeah. No its hard.

who is the grand old man of the marine corps-2
who is the grand old man of the marine corps-2

Its hard. Very hard little black. Yeah.
Yeah wait with this thing. Because it a lot of kids how many years later. Thank you jackie yeah keep it in your a while feeling want you got plenty of time.
Weve done it for a few weeks. Now and we cant take our eyes off it. But it is youre proud to have it at your place back to its owners hand to came back to how many years later seventy three years later.
How did you find it did a lot of research detective. Work one day. Ill sit down in another sitting.
And tell you music this particular owner in new jersey in new jersey. Yeah. Oh.
I dont know we must have purchased it from the civilian. When i got out of the marine corps. They took it and i thought that they they went back to the armory and never sold again they went back to the armory refurbished back in the war to action was handed out to another marine yes.
So you could have two or three or four. More marines that have used that after you it has been used yeah the life of it well never know a part of you the part of you thats all they gave you they gave you a uniform and a rifle and then taught you though the ways of the marines thats right in your bullets. Yeah.
Its a little weathered its darker wood now a lot darker than it used to be but lets face it at seventy three years old imagine feel so much heavier. Though it feels heavy yeah and you march back from the crucible with that dragging yourself music exactly yep. Thats that when you were issued and it stayed with you that whole time through thick and thin.

who is the grand old man of the marine corps-3
who is the grand old man of the marine corps-3

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