New Miniature Elf on the Shelf for Unboxing \u0026 Review

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Guys welcome back to my channel. If you are new here be sure to hit hit the subscribe button and click on the notification bell. So you know when i new videos now do you guys remember a few weeks ago when i went to the american girl store and i didnt find what i was looking for but i still got something i got so many comments on that video saying wait what did you get because i did leave the store with a bag.
But then i never did like an unboxing video or showing you what i actually bought so this video is to show you what i got from the store. And do the unboxing here is the american girl package right here. And as you can tell it is small.
So it is gonna be a smaller item and i dont know if you already guessed what i wanted to get from the store. But that was mary ellens bakery case. Which wasnt in the store and it was backordered on the website and i think its still on backorder so i dont even think its available yet.
But im really excited for that piece because it looks really neat to add to the seaside diner. Lets take a look absolutely inside always so much tissue paper. It is the elf on the shelf doll sized version so its a miniature elf on the shelf.
Lets see what it comes with either everything out of the package here we go oh. Thats it not a very big package.

elf on the shelf girl-0
elf on the shelf girl-0

So these are the four items out of the box that come with this little set the set retails for 20 you get a stocking. A doll size and lollipop the elf on the shelf box and a letter. The elf on the shelves is packaged nicely you open it up lets see you get a closer look at that cult.
Okay. Its kind of hard to see what that plastic on so ill take the plastic off there you go you see how tiny this is he now he is sitting on the shelf so his legs are scrunched up there. But he is in the package.
If you want to take him out of the package. You are gonna have to cut him out see that so you can either keep this nice like this on the shelf. And keep it in the package or you can take the little elf on the shelf out of the package especially if you want him sneaking around the dollhouse.
This is the letter lets open it up real quick so we can see what it says. It is a letter to santa by the way the letter to santa is already pre written. But at the bottom.
It says love and then you can write in your own name or your dolls name or whomever is writing this letter. So thats really cute and then you can leave this out with a little plate of cookies and a glass of milk this is the doll size lollipop youve seen this in several sets it has the little holder on the stick.

elf on the shelf girl-1
elf on the shelf girl-1

So the dolls can actually hold it in a little pink ribbon right there on the stick just kind of extra and then you have a green stocking. It does have the little loop at the top. So you can hang it from the dolls fireplace and it is a real stocking.
So you can stocking stuff it stuff. All the little goodies in there this set was a members only exclusive so you did have to be an american girl rewards member to get the set which i think everybody is because it doesnt cost anything to be everwoods member and you do get benefits like you get to shop early sometimes and then they do these exclusive sets all right now back to this little guy or gal. I have taken it out of the box right now i dont know if its a boy or girl.
But ive taken it out of the box. So you do have to cut it out i will be removing this long tag from him or her and the legs do stretch out. But they also scrunch up so if youre hiding it it makes it easy in the house for him to sit or kind of squish in somewhere.
Hes being sneaky the hands are sewn together so if you want the hands to come apart. You are gonna have to snip that little thread right there in the middle. His body is soft.
Its like a bean bag you feel the little beads in there so cute. I love it its the perfect size for an american girl doll.

elf on the shelf girl-2
elf on the shelf girl-2

And itll be a lot of fun hiding this in the doll house. But also since its miniature. It could be fun hiding it in your regular house that can be really tricky hi guys.
Thats literally it thats everything that came in this little said the only thing. Im disappointed about is it didnt come with the elf on the shelf book. I mean.
Thats one of the main pieces for the elf on the shelf. Im going to show you a close up of the box. Thats the back of the box velcros thats the front of the box.
Everything is great everything looks just like the original the elf. The package open it up. Im just a little sad that theres no book people came in there leave a comment below with what you think i should name this little guy or gal should.
It be a boy or should. It be a girl and please give this video a thumbs up if you think. Its so cute and are there any other holiday items that are out right now that you would like to see unboxed let me know see you next time .

elf on the shelf girl-3
elf on the shelf girl-3

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