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Guys welcome to this weeks omg tuesday. We are playing with green transforming lipstick lipstick from lipstick queen. The lipstick itself is twitter.
It is dropped hobo and i back quick recovery. This guy right here. I love the name frog prince.
It is a transforming lipstick it kind of reminds me of something back in the day that you would pick up at the drugstore. That would be like the equivalent of a mood ring and it would kind of change your lips into like a bright pink. But this one is a more sophisticated version.
It is selling everywhere like crazy i saw it on nordstrom calm. I didnt have time to order it sounds like i want to i want to film this now like right now and at ulta near me they were sold out they were sold out at like five different altes. I had to drive all the way an hour away to get this so long story short.
I went to really incredible lengths to actually get a hold of this it is really popular right now. Which is also why i really wanted to try it because i think this could be really cool it looks a little intimidating. But lipstick queen is a brand that is really luxurious a lot of people rave about it it has its own cult.
Following and i have never tried too much from them so im excited to give this a whirl. This is 25. So it is not wtf crazy like 90 lipstick.
But this is not drugstore. Its just something that i thought was really cool and different that i wanted to put to the test on camera. I also picked up the gloss this looks really intense actually like uh air guard it actually lik swatches green.
I also picked up the blush so i am not wearing any blush right now im not wearing any lipstick. Were gonna get to all of it together this could be awful it kind of intimidates. Me it just its like green and its cream.
So you know but well play well well figure it out together the cream blush is 24. The lip gloss and lipstick are 25. And then because lipstick is not a 12 hour wearing product.
I mean you get a couple hours of wear and then if youre like me like im sitting here eating like vegetables and hummus and drinking water and i know that im gonna have to reapply the product. I thought instead of just reapplying the gloss and the lipstick which i probably will do first. But later in the day.
I thought i would do a check in and i would try out this guy. Because you know we have a green lipgloss.

green lipstick that turns pink-0
green lipstick that turns pink-0

We have a blue lipgloss that one turns pink this one turns mauve and then we have the lipstick queen a hello sailor lipstick same deal we got a blue lipstick. We got a green lipstick lets just get going and see how this actually works and looks on the lip. Lets see how this actually swatches first thats trippy alright.
So this one immediately look at this what in the heck. This one is like having to kind of turn pink. But this one is like going on pink.
Okay. I am getting used to new teeth right now. If im talking weird.
Its like a whole big thing. Let me just throw it out there that i had veneers put on when i was 18 away long time ago. And it was just time to get them redone even though.
I really liked them it was time like you have to get them redone youre supposed to every ten years. But yeah. Im going through a little bit of drama with how i feel im talking.
And its just thats just life so im just throwing it out there theyre not completely done. Yet theyre not the way i want them done yet. But if you notice like whoa.
Her smile is different or whats going on trust. Me. Im a little bit traumatized by it myself.
But you know itll itll get better. Its fine alright lets go in with the green lipstick first okay. I can kind of see why this is like selling out that is really pretty why am.
I breaking out right here. What the f dude. Thats the other thing.
I swear to god you go to the dentist. And you like have your mouth hanging open for several hours and people like touching around your mouth. Im like breaking out right here right here right here i cannot even believe that i kind of love that i thought this might be like a little bit like oh.
Its kind of like a bum and it kind of turns a little bit pink. But this is really cool.

green lipstick that turns pink-1
green lipstick that turns pink-1

And it feels like butter a high like it i am gonna put some gloss on top of this mmm. I feel like it was better without the gloss is my vote. This is prettier in the packaging like you look at this and youre like ooh.
It has little teeny tiny micro glitter flecks in here like little teeny tiny ones. And i can i can kind of feel it its turning into more of a rosy pink now. But it was going on a little bit dark according to your ph.
The lipstick and gloss are going to adjust to your perfect pink. So it is supposed to adjust to a flattering tone for you specifically where this will look a little bit different on everybody depending on your ph. Thats kind of cool this also has shea butter vitamin e.
It does feel very very moisturizing. I have to say straight out the gate. I prefer the lipstick.
I just think the lipstick on its own was really really pretty a little bit brighter. I feel like this is a little bit darker and just not not as flattering for me i dont know im gonna wear this for a while and then i may take it off and put the lipstick right here back on by itself. Because i was really enjoying this one on its own lets play with the blush.
Im just gonna use my fingertips. Were just gonna go in the good ole fashioned way and im gonna warm this into the apples of my cheeks with my fingertips. So im going in grabbing a little bit.
Oh thats cool look. Its like pink straight away. Im just going to dab you guys know cream blush is not my absolute like number one fave.
But some people prefer it so i always want to give you guys options. I dont want to always review. Things that are like just what i loved this is pretty.
But its not like wow. Me i dont think this is worth 24. This is really cool.
But i im torn. Im gonna have to wear this for a while and see how i feel in a few hours. Its pretty.
But i dont know that its worth 24. We will be back in a little bit.

green lipstick that turns pink-2
green lipstick that turns pink-2

And i will try the other blue items and were back and i have had snacks and i have basically worn off all of my lipstick and the nice thing that im noticing. It leaves a really nice stain so even after you if you know had a sip of water and youre drinking your coffee or your having your snack or having like a big huge. Turkey.
Burger like i usually do and like all my lipstick. Completely is just like gone um. This leaves behind a pretty significant stain and its actually a very pretty stain and the other thing is my lips feel really hydrated.
So im gonna say that i am loving the lipstick. Im gonna put more on right now its really smooth it feels like lip balm. Its a really just nice like it doesnt feel creamy and wet like a lipstick.
It just feels like really balmy and i like that i think its really really pretty the gloss. No i dont like the gloss. It takes too long for it to warm up even when i was doing swatches.
I was like come on turn change color. It just kind of is really dark a little bit uneven and not my favorite. But i love the lipstick.
The blush at first when i was putting it on i was like i dont like this and i was like okay time out do you not like it because youre not a fan of cream or what is the deal so i kind of gave it a little bit of time initially when i was looking in the mirror. I was like no i like it and then about an hour ago. Im like no i like it because its kind of patching off a little bit and wearing down a little bit funny.
Im really picky about makeup. You guys know that thats why i do videos like this so if that is too harsh. Im sorry im just not a fan of the blush or the gloss so far but highly highly recommend trying out the frog prince lipstick.
And im gonna be back in a little bit well see how this wears down again. And i will try the blue lipstick and gloss all right. Ill see you guys in a little bit.
And it is now about 7 30. I just stuffed my face with pizza and there is still a nice stain. I really like that i like that there is this nice pink kind of a stain.
Im into it like i could just put like a clear gloss on top or you know just put even more on if i wanted to but actually what we are going to do right now is play with this guy. I already did the inserts like i swatched this and did close ups and i was kind of surprised that it just actually looks blue like it doesnt really change into any kind of a different color whereas. This one the second you put it on its like just immediately pink.
You dont see any green and just see pink. So im a little bit concerned.

green lipstick that turns pink-3
green lipstick that turns pink-3

But you know what were going in were trying it out blue lipstick. That is supposed to change into a mauve color. Lets do this hmm.
I mean i can see quite a bit of blue. Im gonna say pass hell. I mean i kind of see a little bit as a purple.
Thing going on what is this did we see purple mavi or do we see just blue. I kind of just see blue. I really love the green one not feeling this and even if it changes into a more pretty mob.
I dont think its really worth the high ticket price for something that you have to kind of like wait and like lets wait until it morphs and changes. The only ones. Im really loving out of this whole collection is that green frog prince lipstick.
Now i do like to formula enough that it makes me curious about lipstick queen. Lipsticks in general because it just feels so nice on the lips. The blue.
One no the glosses are kind of gritty and a little bit too colorful for me like it just i still see blue and i kind of felt the same way with the green one where i would put it on and im like i still see green and its just not not my favorite thing. This was something online that really jumped out to me that i was like oh i really want to try that and you know i found one thing. That is staying right here on the vanity that i can grab and put on you know throughout the day really easy it leaves a really pretty stain.
Its kind of no makeup makeup. And i like it so you know ill take it one good a bunch not so great. But you know thats where its at this is omg tuesday.
I hope you guys enjoyed this look at lipstick queen. Let me know in the comments below. What do we want to see next.
I have a few ideas. I have been looking online at some really like bizarre beauty things and i think im gonna go in that direction of like really weird things if you have a link or you see something thats like crazy. Even if i have to order it from somewhere outside of the us.
Please let me know ill put it to try on camera. And yeah. That is it for this video.
I hope you guys enjoyed me playing with these crazy lip items and i will see you guys in tomorrows video. .

green lipstick that turns pink-4
green lipstick that turns pink-4

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