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Music. This is how the owner of the air baby sent me a cold. So so you first look and right here.
You have the wi fi password this airbnb come with wi fi and she gave us a map. Here and its different packages for like those searches and things in places to go so right here. We have the laundry room for you dusty ass hose.
We have the dryer and the washer. Very modern and up today here we have a sink and you know mops and brooms nothing major right here. We have the tide and this big come with the airbnb and we have bug spray.
Because its costa rica is bugs everywhere. We have some off spray with the enemy. So thats also we have an ironing board.
Here all right over here we can monitor the air here it comes with air. We can monitor the air vacation right update. Updated microwave everything is stainless steel.
We have a new bed it came with rags and then the painters down here. Everything you can use is okay with everybody we have sugar so i dont know how to work this yet. But im definitely gonna cook before i leave all that is came fully.
Stack pots and pans. Okay. We got.

air b and b costa rica-0
air b and b costa rica-0

Paper. Towels music music. Plate.
The one thing. I really love about this errand. Beat.
Is that it comes with a lot of windows with a lot of windows. She also had blended and soaps that you can wash dishes right here is again everything in the modern updated. So we have a stainless steel refrigerator.
It has the ice machine crushed ice it has light control. I has a door alarm this is the freezer. We got some sustain yesterday.
I went to the market about some steak because i am gonna cook in here we got some wine. I got this yesterday from walmart. Some bacon sausages tonight means you like eggs water water.
Where you thirsty assholes this did not come with the airbnb. We bought this yesterday from walmart to make mimosas in the morning. This is moscato.
Glad and you can open this up the light is just beautiful the scenery is just unbelievable like i woke up at 5 in the morning just to come out here to watch this view. Im freakin bowie level music and imagine. Some costa rican books this right here is the bedroom again more windows.

air b and b costa rica-1
air b and b costa rica-1

This is the try used to do my makeup. More views more views more views you can also as well. But i usually left this close because its matte bugs mat bugs.
Again you can see the view over here. We have a little not deaths nothing major like baby. This is about this is like a queen size bed.
This mat was very comfortable this is my second day in costa rica. But i just wanted to do its work for you guys now because yesterday. The weather wasnt so good over here.
We have the closet big closet big things over here. It came with bentley house direct all this vid come with the airbnb like hotel where let dont be the hotel cat towels. Rags bet winning over here i have some luggage it cant hang your clothes up for storage or storage.
Over here. I have so much down here more stores. More porch alright and here.
We have the bathroom doubles things not one but two total things drawers drawers animation breyer and some swaps more stores more sports she has tissue down here the whole of their baby is fully stopped we have tissue the toilet. I spend most of my time in here is your host now youre all kidding. But this is the arm toilet shower.
More views. I love how every room has like a window inside of it and of course it comes with the arm the neck. So bugs wont get in you can take the showerhead off the shower was absolutely amazing.

air b and b costa rica-2
air b and b costa rica-2

The water gets hotter than it is in the states. It was absolutely beautiful she didnt call it on soul conditioner and shampoo. Again are all this tank with the air b b.
Last night. This was just beautiful also heres more on towels and lenny now. Im gonna take you guys where my most most most most most favorite part of the air beauty is music music music music music.
Im not having a candlelight dinner tonight out here and again the views of music. I definitely would recommend this airbnb for anybody. It was fully stock.
The views are amazing like the camera isnt doing this place. Any justice. Like this is just im freakin believable heres a little but im going to today.
If you come over here we got more views. Very useful. I did have wine out here.
I didnt have wine out here. And i had a pool night last night out here. The water was very very very very exceptional so warm very very very very warm.
Im a pool. Its pretty deep its almost about i would say its about five feet five feet music music. .

air b and b costa rica-3
air b and b costa rica-3

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