LOL Scented Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside

bath bombs with toys inside This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you LOL Scented Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hello and welcome back to the unboxers and today. We have for you some more more awesome. So did bath bombs this time.
We have some lol surprise ones. These kind of in the christmas section at our walmart. Yeah.
I dont know if i i didnt see them in as any other stores doesnt mean they werent there. But we found these after christmas for 50 off. Yes oh yay so um.
Were gonna see who what comes inside of these because it does come with a surprise surprise. Where does it say thats a pump. Oh surprise inside yes.
So its not just a fun surprise and as usual. If youre if you have skin irritate. If your skin irritates easily you might want to use gloves for these or maybe not use them actually in your bath.
So theres a couple things on the back you can use gloves or whatever.

bath bombs with toys inside-0
bath bombs with toys inside-0

If if you have sensitive skin and heres the ingredients. If you have any allergies to that so we have this one is cotton candy scented hmm. Im really looking forward to that smell is strawberry strawberry scented and is that raspberry rothbury scented.
So were gonna go ahead. And get these out of their packaging. Out of the plastic wrap and see what comes inside.
Well be right back okay. Were back and theyre out of the packages. And we have an emergency towel on standby just in case it overflows because you never know how much these bath bombs are gonna is up and i dont know i kind of have the water kind of high alright.
So this one is ammonia and it smells like strawberry soap scented lets see lets dip music whoo. Its a professing like a dentures commercial. Ready go music okay so here.
It is it pops right out it looks like a ring to that oh look at that diamond. So it must be lol diamond ring yay well there you go oh i guess. Its not i guess it is diamond type ring.
But its got all different color jewels in it very cute all right so were gonna clean this up because i dont think theres gonna be enough room for the next one oh you want to go for it itll make a funky color.

bath bombs with toys inside-1
bath bombs with toys inside-1

Yeah well go for it go ahead and put the green one in it wont change it after the other one. Ive made a total mess on this in the studio. Now this should probably be brown kind of greenish and pinkish all at the same time whoo.
So it kind of like i guess. That was all that was inside yeah. Theres that little capsule you see this music let me save someone life probably gonna go disappear.
Anyway check it out alright. Im making a huge mess thats okay. Whoa music here you hold it up a little face on it me this ring.
Im gonna put this in. But uh google. Oh dude.
I know that one it um. No i dont know that one. I should know it is it like pink baby or something oh.
My goodness.

bath bombs with toys inside-2
bath bombs with toys inside-2

Its so cute lets see what looks like for my finger very cute all right last one lets just go for it. See what color. Were gonna make the water altogether music oh look at that sighing its like a geode.
There. Oh now look. Its a duplicate thats okay look we saved some of this for our bath.
Look oh you make a mess. We havent make a mess that color is whoa thats cool though look at that thats funny all right. So lets go ahead and open this one up and chances are we want people to get any more of these this year.
Because when we went back at 75 off there and gone even the next day or something yeah they were gone. But anyway. So is this the same diamond yes.
It appears identical oh well at least. They werent all duplicates or triplicates. Thats really cool.
So theres the three that we got let us know if you got any of these maybe in your stocking or something for christmas and who you got inside it would be cool to know a different characteristic. Yeah. Thats a different meaning different so thank you so much for watching comment like subscribe tell a friend and we will see you next time music.

bath bombs with toys inside-3
bath bombs with toys inside-3

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