Logitech Performance MX Mouse (2015) – REVIEW

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This is jimmy with jims review room now. Its such an afterthought on on such a small device that our computer mouses are really important. In fact me personally being a computer 10 to at times 14 hours a day editing video.
Its crucial in my opinion. Now i have purchased logitechs most expensive non gaming mouse on hand. Its priced at 99 retail as of this video.
But periodically throughout the year youll see amazon providing about 50 percent. Discounts on logitech products. Now i personally bought this again from amazon for about 45 a month ago.
And ive tested all of its features and use the mx mouse quite extensively so well see if this huge mouse is right for you so without further ado welcome to jims review now for a mouse priced at a whopping 99. Or even at 45 you expect more than just. The simple left and right click buttons now right off the bat this is a wireless mouse using logitechs unifying technology.
Now one tiny usb plugin controls up to 6. Other compatible logitech devices now in my case. Im using my logitech keyboard with this mouse in turn saving a usb connection from being used but being wireless.
I did encounter one flaw having the mouse and the usb plug in literally. 3 feet away. Provided.
Stuttering and lag in movements. The mouse would move several inches on the screen pause. And it would resume again.
Now. I did buy another mouse and found the same issue so in hindsight. It wasnt the mouse at all but actually the unifier buying a cheap usb extender allowing the unifier to be much closer.
Solve the issue.

logitech performance plus mouse review-0
logitech performance plus mouse review-0

So just be aware for some people there appears to be an issue and you can see this on the logitech forums. Now for others and surprisingly for me after about a week of using the usb extender in for testing purposes. I actually replugged it back into my computer.
And then it worked fine. Though i reconnected this to my 10 foot usb extender cable. Again and laid this cable across the floor.
And now the mouse and keyboard worked flawless again with a unifier extended 10 feet away from my mouse and keyboard combo. Now it was an odd phenomenon. But it is working now and last year on regarding the wireless technology and of course uses batteries now these new models.
If you run out of juice. You can use the supplied usb cable to recharge. But if your battery ever goes bad where it cant hold a charge.
Anymore you can swap out for new rechargeable double a batteries. Which can be found at your local walmart or target. And most mouses today and use removable batteries.
But if you stumble across ones that are fixed inside. Just be aware how long it may last for you now logitech claims up to one month of news on a fully charged mouse and after the third day of music the mx. The battery indicator dropped to one bar remaining which was very concerning however i still worked with it until it died and from my personal experience.
The mouse. Lasted 16 days 2 hours and 52 minutes to be precise and everyones results will vary of course and to give an idea that days that i do edit work i utilize the mouse probably six to eight hours a day out of the six day workweek. I might spend some days filming and utilizing.
The mouse maybe just two hours instead and i would say i work with the mouse. More than the average user. And my number would possibly reflect someone that uses the mouse full time at the office.
Instead of those who actually come home after work and use it on their home computer.

logitech performance plus mouse review-1
logitech performance plus mouse review-1

Now. Its still not bad. But again.
Its nearly fifty percent less battery life than that one month duration that logitech is suggesting now going into its comfort and size. Indeed. Its a large mouse and compared to another logitech model that i have here at the m 705.
You can see how much bigger. It is now if you like it big. This is the way to go.
But ill be honest with you going back to the medium sized mouse still feels refreshing as you can almost palm the entire mouse now as an analogy youre driving a range rover with the mx where it feels bigger. Theres a bit more weight to the mouse than most others and just more refinement you can say where i felt movement tended to be more relaxed rather than a very agile medium sized mouse now with that being said bug feels great in its own way. But the mx is perfect for me when editing and working in photoshop lightroom and my video editing software.
Were fine movements or a must now the mx was for sure not the go to mouse for gaming. Though you can see the mx just didnt feel quick enough not by software and sensitivity. But by the weight and feel.
But again. Im truly happy with this mouse after using this for extensive periods of time through the day with its large size to come and hold. But now going here into the features this is where the mx really sets itself apart.
Though now i highly recommend downloading the free software from logitech that works and unlocks. The features offered on this mx. Now first up here is the scroll wheel allowing a flick of the finger to scroll through large documents now those working on excel sheets will love this feature for sure and for those working with photoshop with a need of zooming in and out will find this very fluid and you can adjust the sensitivity again through any logitech software.
But for more precise scrolling you can press down the scrolling lock button basically allowing you for more precise movements on line by line navigation through work documents in addition. The squirrel will itself works as a button by pressing down. You can gently.
Press or pull left or right on the wheel as well and it can navigate in that direction.

logitech performance plus mouse review-2
logitech performance plus mouse review-2

Or perform actions that you assign to it and again the logitech software now. Its worked flawlessly and all the actions mentioned so far with no hiccups or stutters in this case. Now to the left of my mouse.
Here are my navigation buttons which i find very convenient when youre on a web browser or going through a series of folders on your computer a quick click can have you go forward or backwards on a web page or file at your choosing. Now directly below. That is a zoom feature allowing for webpages and other programs with a zoom option to be performed now on the fly changes for your convenience is offered when you press once and then use the scroll wheel basically to zoom in and out then now the last main finger feature you can say is the window button now tap that once and youll see your screen shrink and multiple windows that you have opened are now visible to select.
Its a hit or miss future depending on how you can use it though now working with many programs. I still have to search for that particular window on my screen. But this can be easily be done by looking at my windows taskbar instead though now the real benefit however are those working with many internet windows not tabs.
But windows is the key word since microsoft already groups webpages under one icon on the taskbar spreading them out what this option does provide useful. Though in the very last feature here some way somehow logitech was able to make this mouse work on virtually any surface. Including transparent glass and i have to admit.
It works perfectly fun. And there was no difference that i could experience so with all that being said in detail. The mx is one amazing multitasking feature filled mouse.
The fact that the wireless connection was short when i first purchased this might throw some buyers in caution and again. Its discussed on the logitech forms as well with some experiencing to similar issues and before logitech messages me with a possible defect. I did try three different unifiers and two different mouses and the results were the same initially now the fact that the battery lasted fifty percent less than what logitech claimed the mouse could perform is ok as 16 days or a little over half a month.
Worth of work it didnt feel too short in my pen. But overall when it works. The mouse is great and feels great in the hands.
Too and for those with smaller hands in general now to be honest. It might be a little bit overwhelming and you cant really fully grasp the mouse to really feel. Its a ergonomics sometimes bigger might not be better so how this video helped you in some way if you like my work add me gems review room on to facebook twitter instagram or google as i normally post updates on items im currently testing before i put them on the website again this is jimmy with jims review room you guys take care and ill see you on the next one bye.

logitech performance plus mouse review-3
logitech performance plus mouse review-3

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