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Welcome back to another video. So we have another product review from. Amazon it is is a.
Lunchbox i bought it for 1799. Now as time goes on prices will so make sure to click down below in the description box. I will leave the link and well sing it directly to amazon so you can purchase it with the latest.
Price but i bought it for 1799. Over an amazon. It is the life with insulated lunchbox or lunch bag for adults men women water resistant leak proof soft cooler bento bag forward school meal prep dual compartment this is the black with blue ice tap thats interesting i dont remember having a blue ice pack.
But we will feel it looks a little different than in a picture heres the picture heres what i got hmm. Well see what i get lets go back there in a box it to some. But okay well see i might have gotten the wrong bag they might have sent me the wrong luncheon bag.
So lets unbox it and get up close and personal okay heres the lunch box or lunch bag. However you want to say it heres heres the name of it it is the light wood insulated lunch box right off the bat. It is not looking like what ive purchased ok as you can see in my computer.
This does not look like this so i dont even want to open it because i might have to send this back now in the past amazon has sent me the wrong item before i think its happened like two times where amazon just sent me the wrong item and theyre really awesome they work great just contact them you can contact them through message.

backpack lunch bag for adults-0
backpack lunch bag for adults-0

You will have to send the product free shipping. You dont have to pay for shipping or anything. And they will send you the product on the right one back to you or if they dont have it anymore.
They will give you a gift card or something. But its happened in the past where i get the wrong item. So lets open this up.
Yeah. This is not what i ordered right. Oh.
Oh. My god are you kidding. Me what is this okay.
This is exactly what i ordered lets move this away. But what the heck look how they packaged it up that is the gag of the century look they put it like this so i was like what whats the logo. Wheres the handle um yeah.
Its in here.

backpack lunch bag for adults-1
backpack lunch bag for adults-1

Let me show you right here. Its a little more information um heres the brand. It is life with you can follow them on their social medias.
Its brand new i love that okay heres a strap. Now i dont remember that it had a ice pack. But i guess it did have an ice pack.
So that is so cool that is awesome um heres the handle lets remove this its a good quality. Its not too good not too bad. Its just the right amount of quality are you guys.
I dont know it has just a little bit of padding. Its just a regular strap. I guess.
And it is insulated thats something that i liked about this lunch bag um now i did my research whenever i purchased something on amazon. I do my research and so this is basically the best lunch bag that i came up with or that i decided to actually purchase 1799. Like i said click the link down below.
And it will take you straight to amazon where you can purchase it its a very decent well good quality.

backpack lunch bag for adults-2
backpack lunch bag for adults-2

Its so interesting how the package did because i mean its all bent now this is going to be my lunch bag for school and its definitely going to fit my backpack. I didnt want something too big or too small and i think this is just the right size the logo life with nice beautiful logo. Its actually pretty trendy like the style of it heres the first pocket and you can put food in here.
Its insulated. So will keep all your food or worm and cold. This is really cool and then it has the second pocket down here.
Where you can put the rest of your food. So. If you put a sandwich or something to keep it cooler or the ice pack in there with the food.
So we can have all the cold food down. There and then we can keep all the worm food on top or vice versa. Doesnt really matter um.
Heres the handle. And then here. We have the strap.
Lets pop this open or not open pop it on boom and then lets grab the other strap and pop it in here good quality.

backpack lunch bag for adults-3
backpack lunch bag for adults-3

Its not too much not too little. I think this is a perfect size. So yeah.
Thats it okay heres the lunch box thank you for watching its like i said its a good size what im starting to notice. And i read the comments it does sack just a little bit its sacks. A little bit.
If youre somebody who is particular about the lunchbox and a18. Nice and straight up. I dont think.
This is gonna be the right lunchbox for you also the way that they packaged. I mean they bent it and it looked not what i order. But if this is definitely what i order and im happy what they think it was a good purchase 1799 dollars.
Looks pretty trendy like this little logo. It has this strap that you can put it over your shoulder or you can just carry it with the handle to and from class to or from school. Wherever you want to go yeah.
This is pretty much it thank you for watching dont forget to like comment subscribe into next time music. .

backpack lunch bag for adults-4
backpack lunch bag for adults-4

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