LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 Pink Review

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There um. I dont know why but i decided today. I was going to to do a review video and im going to redo the lifeproof fre case.
Iphone 6. Because i just got it so dont really know how to do reviews. But ive watched enough.
But i think i can do this right so i have actually owned lifeproof cases in the past for my iphone 4s. I bought one and mine cant remember why i stopped using it but my friend gave me hers to use instead so i still have it for some reason. So i had a purple.
One oh thats why i stopped the plastic around the edge came off. But thats my fault because i used to pick up and then this is my friends the same thing happened. But that says my pocket.
I should probably at least reimburse her for that a little bit anyways. I really like them. I know that a lot of people do complaining about sound quality and the rainbow effect.

pink lifeproof case iphone 6-0
pink lifeproof case iphone 6-0

But i think that unless youre using your phone for like the utmost importance of business calls and like talking on it all the time. I dont think its that big a video because its worth it for the protection. It gives you do have to do the water test when you get it and i dont know why people think they can just skip that part like if your phone gets damaged and you didnt do the water test then theres probably a link there you could have caught it sooner anyways so thats my thoughts from having it before so now i have it for the iphone 6 and im very excited to try it because im going to texas for the summer and hopefully well get to do a lot of fishing and camping.
And i really want to protect it because this case has dirt and scratches inside its not even its not even on the case. Its in the case. Which is very annoying.
Its not a cheap phone. Yes okay so onto the review. So looking at it in the box.
I thought. It was huge and then i put my phone up next to it and it makes sense itll fit right in there. So i guess just looks big.
The only real difference. Because theres also a difference in the phone is that its thinner. And its got the touch id now which a lot of people say doesnt work.

pink lifeproof case iphone 6-1
pink lifeproof case iphone 6-1

But then a lot of people say it does work. So i guess ill just have to find out for myself. So im gonna take it out now and probably do the water test.
Then ill come back okay so i took it out of the case of the packaging. And this is whats in it there is the phone case ready to be water tested. And then put on there is a little microfiber cleaning cloth program.
Touch id. Yeah. I already did that and then i guess.
A user man owners manual and kind of snug in here. But the adapter cable and people said that their headphones. Dont fit without this but in my iphone 4s case.
I didnt have to use this because i just used apple headphones so maybe. Its if you use another brand of headphones earbuds maybe then you have to use it but im not worried about water getting in because i dont think ill be swimming. While listening to music.

pink lifeproof case iphone 6-2
pink lifeproof case iphone 6-2

So if ive seen other reviews on this where people point out how its kind of curved. But im not worried about that because once its all on the case. It should fit nice and straight.
This is the product finally. I did a 30 minute water test. And when i checked it it was all good.
Which is great cleaned everything up put it inside. Ive tried the touch id. And it does work out there we go okay.
So it does work the buttons on the side work i can put on silent and ringer people say that you have to do it the opposite way but it works fine um lock button the lock buttons a little stiff. But thats okay thats actually probably better because now i wont keep pressing it when i put in my bucket. So im really happy with it i also play music just today hear the quality cuz like i said before people do complain about the quality of sound.
And so when you play you play music ok. I dont know why i chose this song so i dont know if its different through the computer. But from where i am it sounds pretty good i mean im not gonna complain about its not like i listen to music out loud.

pink lifeproof case iphone 6-3
pink lifeproof case iphone 6-3

All the time. The plug fits in like perfectly. So third party.
Charging cables. Probably wont work or i know that they wont it they did in the old one. But not for this one so i am happy with it i would suggest lifeproof only because ive been satisfied with their products before if you arent sure about getting the lifeproof case and if you go on their website.
And you start reading their comic comments and it makes you a little a little bit skeptical i understand because ive done the same thing. But i think you really have to try it i know. Its kind of an expensive thing to say.
Oh yeah just try it if you like its good. But it i find its worth it i mean. This is the third case.
Im using and its been like ten minutes. And i am already happy with it so its worth it my opinion. It is worth it thanks for watching hopefully my first review video was not horrible bye.

pink lifeproof case iphone 6-4
pink lifeproof case iphone 6-4

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