Lands End Swimsuit Haul

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Guys sp came on life here. I have got a swimsuit haul for you guys guys um last week. Yeah last week two weeks ago actually i think it was had um a swimsuit strap break on me so ordered some swimsuits from lands and thats normally where i get all of them because they have ross saw stops or something not so much bra sizes cup size anyway.
I thought id show you guys what i got um. They were having a 40 off sale so everything i got was 40 off. I got three tops and two bottoms one of the tops.
I got in two different sizes. I think then my mom took the tags off of it so i may just be stuck with that which it is what it is so um anyhow. Im gonna show you guys what i got i guess.
This is the first swimsuit wasnt real sure about this one when i ordered it. But they didnt have a lot to choose from unix. I mean.
It is mid june. Now and its just a little skirt this starts a size 14.

lands end mens bathing suits-0
lands end mens bathing suits-0

He just have the swimsuit bottoms underneath and then the top is a size 14. And it has a triple d cup size up. Here.
It does have padding the cups. And i just felt this padding here is like scrunched up or something exactly you guys can tell that i think if its pretty good i liked it i wasnt sure about the striping when i bought it because it was afraid make me look bigger. But i think it actually is it horizontal vertical.
Why their stripes. These are i think i might actually help a little bit so this is the first one ive actually not wore this one out yet. Ive only more one of them saying that will be the next one i show you this is the second top.
I go it it has like coral pinks. This is kind of like a dark roll right collar kind of a purpley collar navy and well kind of like more of a blue and then like a navy here and the cool thing with this top which i do not realize when i bought it it will match my bottoms. I already have enough on the bottom gather bottoms.
I bought plus the buttons i got to actually go with this top. So i thought that was neat this one is made a little bit different than the other one it has a shelf here does have two underwire bra in it and it has padding.

lands end mens bathing suits-1
lands end mens bathing suits-1

And its also a size 14 triple d pop let me change. The bottoms. So heres the same top.
I just had one bit with the skirt actually bought to go with it this is the size 14 petite skirt. The difference in it and from the other one is there is a slit right here and so ive wore this swimsuit already. And you know the talk actually feels like its fitting better then went there two weeks ago.
When i wore it so that kind of makes me um okay were gonna open. Ive lost some inches. So that is that now just what course i want to show you guys.
This is the other pair of buns. I had for my other swimsuit im gonna top that broke oh somebody just hit mares cannon and this top the purples wont match like perfectly. But i could seriously wear even this top with these purple bottoms big boy so guys.
This is the second swimsuit. The other talk its just the same as this one.

lands end mens bathing suits-2
lands end mens bathing suits-2

This is just a 16 thing yes. 16. Cripple knee.
Whereas this ones a 14 triple d. And you guys can see ill show you in here. How the brawl works you can see the panty and you can take out the padding.
See you here which i normally do whos havent yet and then theres the underwire. So its really nice and then the straps have the whatever this thing is cool. Where you can adjust the straps like a brawl.
Its really nice i like it and i like the way it makes me feel so yeah. These are my swimsuits. I just wanted to share you guys share with you guys my swimsuits cuz.
I mean so many of us out there are well endowed and bigger girls. And i have just had the best luck my my swimsuits.

lands end mens bathing suits-3
lands end mens bathing suits-3

It lands in i realize. Its probably eight years eight to ten years up and bottom there and i love him so and they last. I mean that was the first issue.
Ive had with any of my swimsuits from there when the one crazy kid. We were getting to go to walmart here shortly. And do some grocery shopping cant get out of that closet.
Please keenen stop stop um. But we get it ready the hit the walmart do some grocery shopping and then i dont know what well do something for dinner later. Im not sure yet what right now give my video a big thumbs up.
If you liked it and also if you havent subscribed already please hit that but you know hit that subscribe button down in the corner down there in the right hank. Were a right hand corner and hit the notification mel. Seeing it now if i want to post new videos thanks for joining me.
Ill see you guys soon. .

lands end mens bathing suits-4
lands end mens bathing suits-4

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