Jade Leaf Matcha Review | Best Matcha You Can Buy on Amazon | Simple Recipe of Iced Matcha Tea

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Everyone im young welcome to my channel today. I will be reviewing personally i i think the best matcha tea leaf powder on amazon right now and also i teach you a simple recipe that you can make at home maybe youre just new into matcha and you never heard of the name. Its called jade leaf matcha.
Theyve actually been in the industry for quite a long time i started purchasing their their matcha tea powders for about two years ago. So think about that and ive been a user ever since you know there is different grades of matcha. Theres like culinary grade.
Theres ceremonial grade and then theres like classic and also premium. You know the difference is in between well today. The one that im recommending and my personal favorite is the classic ceremonial grade matcha j leaf matcha has it at three different sizes a 30 gram tin size a hundred gram and the biggest.
One is one pound. So i think if youre just starting off to drink matcha 30.

jade leaf matcha green tea powder-0
jade leaf matcha green tea powder-0

10 is a good place to start. But once youre getting more into matcha. You know drinking it more frequently or inviting your friends over the house and youre introducing them to matcha.
Then i think a hundred grams is a good choice. This is the 30 gram tin. That i talked about and the tools that im going to be using.
Today is first of all this is a half teaspoon measure reading spoon and then this bamboo with not bamboo whisk. But i like the bamboo. Wheres this bamboo spoon.
And then heres like a small bowl. And then of course.

jade leaf matcha green tea powder-1
jade leaf matcha green tea powder-1

The bamboo. Whisk this is really important for to make masha. So.
Lets first look at the color of this matcha. Let me just going to show you yeah. Its very dark green.
This is a good color. You know theres like different types of grades of matcha and theyre usually like very light green or even yellow. Those are bad not a good color this one is good and when you pour water over it its very easy to whisk i have been a personal user of matcha for about two years now and i can say that ive come to really like it because of the smooth and calm energy that it brings to my life.
Its very dark green. Thats excellent color.

jade leaf matcha green tea powder-2
jade leaf matcha green tea powder-2

This is a very good indication that the tea leaf powder is in good quality now that tastes ready imitation and when you taste it wow the taste is amazing strong but not too strong and very delicious flavor very good you know i used to drink coffee. A lot and i still drink coffee now and then. But i think matcha is such a good you know substitute for caffeine.
If youre craving. Caffeine and it doesnt have like a spark boost that you know coffee gives you but it gives you like this really smooth and calm boost that gives it to you and you wont kind of feel that crash that you experience when you drink coffee all you need to prepare for this simple. Iced matcha tea is one cup of water.
Some ice and then matcha and thats all you need so just follow my steps. Okay so first of all pour the water one cup of water inside the shaker that you have if you dont have a shaker dont worry just use something and then lid over it okay and this is 1 2 teaspoon of matcha so make it fool so like about that pour it into water just like that and then grab some ice and pour it in like just leafs leave some so you can enjoy later like that okay and then cap it up and then just shake it see its nice right okay. No clumps as you can see no clumps.
Right everything is very smooth. This is what i like about this shot.

jade leaf matcha green tea powder-3
jade leaf matcha green tea powder-3

Jade. Matcha and then just pour it over this ice voila beautiful. There you go.
Thats an ice simple ice matcha tea. Refreshing not joking so if you want to add more sugar like if youre a sweet person. If youre a sweet tooth.
Then just add some sugar in the side. And thats it all of the products that ive talked about today will be down below in the description. You can click the link through to amazon and make your first purchase well thats all for today.
I hope you liked this episode. And if you did just comment below and remember to smash that like button well well see you next time bye bye. .

jade leaf matcha green tea powder-4
jade leaf matcha green tea powder-4

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