iPhone 6 Wallet Style Flip Case Review

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Whats up everyone in here from you droid mania back with another case review review for you this time. Its a wallet style case from ns star for iphone. 6.
Ladies. Youve asked for more cases for the iphone. So here they are this case comes in multiple colors and designs.
And its available on amazon for about nine bucks. Its very soft to the touch and it feels pretty good in the hand it will cover your entire phone as well as provide you some protection against drops and falls. So lets go ahead and take a look at the inside of the case.
Before we install the phone. Youve got two card slots.

iphone 6 flip case wallet-0
iphone 6 flip case wallet-0

Here as well as a windowed slot. And youve also got a pocket to hold some cash on the right. Theres a hard shell tpu clip to hold your phone.
The install is very easy just insert your phone starting on the left and then press down on all four sides. Until your phone is secure and you hear the snaps so what do you think so far how does it look leave a comment down below. And let me know lets go ahead and take a tour around starting with the bottom youll notice.
Its open. However. The case is slightly longer than the phone.
So if it falls. Then the case will hit first the top has got the same protection as the bottom.

iphone 6 flip case wallet-1
iphone 6 flip case wallet-1

Its got you covered on the back. Youll notice that the camera will be protected as this case is thick enough to shield the lens and on the front as you can see here. Theres a magnetic clip and this will help to keep the case closed.
When its not in use here on the left hand side the cutouts in the tpu hard shell are just right youll have no trouble accessing. The power button the same goes for the left hand side of the hard shell as you can see its easy to access. And theres no issues getting to the volume button or the mute switch moving on you can also use this case as a stand for watching movies or youtube videos before i give my final thoughts.
Lets quickly take a look at the camera. And i can see here that nothings obstructed. So be sure to keep the case open and fire away overall.
While this case is not made from real leather. It does feel nice in the hand.

iphone 6 flip case wallet-2
iphone 6 flip case wallet-2

The quality is not bad for the price point. And youre going to get some protection for your phone. With this case.
Youll be able to possibly lemonade having to carry a wallet. If youre in a pinch. It nine bucks.
I think that this case is highly affordable and if youre interested ill leave the link down below okay. So there you have it if youve enjoyed this video. Then go ahead and hit that like button.
Even if you didnt like the video at all then let me know that too if youre new to the channel feel free to join in buy rating. Commenting and subscribing for more content like this like always id like to thank you for watching. And ill talk to you in my next one .

iphone 6 flip case wallet-3
iphone 6 flip case wallet-3

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