Ice Cream Review: Blue Bell’s Confetti Cake!

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s up everybody tonights ice cream review its confetti cake from bluebell i i have wasted far too many minutes on this channel talking about how i think is largely overrated especially by those of you from texas and oklahoma. Im not gonna say it im not gonna beat the dead horse. Im not gonna remind you that if you think this is gods gift to ice cream.
You are sadly mistaken not gonna mention that i think its virtually run of the mill average stuff. Im just gonna get to eating this stuff. Thats what you guys want right confetti cake is artificially flavored cake batter ice cream.
I mean with an expert to be naturally flavored with confetti cake pieces and multicolored sprinkles and a blue icing swirl. How much you guys with that just exactly what i expected that every confetti cake ice cream. Well it tastes.
How i expected to only one way to find out lets see if its worth your time your money into calories thats scooping kelseys already gotten into it a little bit. She seemed to like it im not surprised from texas and shes go like basic. When it comes to ice cream each others birthday cake flavors.
But lets be honest who doesnt love birthday cake flavors. Dont answer that new negative nancies. Just let me eat it its very sweet chakra.
Right wildin is extremely extremely sweet as a matter of fact not to diverge him. But lastly a lot of cotton candy from ben jerrys and you guys ever had that one but it was super sweet understand that cotton candy birthday cake trust me if you had it you know what im talking about i think its the frosting the frosting is my super sweet overpowers cake batter ice cream. Im gonna go back in and i see if i can get some of the cake batter and hopefully.
Some people the cake batter ice cream is definitely not not that where i was tasting mostly. I was definitely tasting mostly when that first boom for the frosting swirl very sweet as you expect keep ever ice cream pretty darn good though but when you get together thats what flavour shines. But you know what or akari.
Tell you im not being ready to write this just yet. But this one will not be everybodys cup of tea. I just wont be adding to the sweetness factor is obviously the sprinkles because nobody sugar.
So the nice little pleasant crunch out of it too so something. Thats bothering me about this flavor is that it is confetti cake right. Theres a very little cake in here.
I found little to no cake pieces. And that is a huge bummer because i need a cake ice cream. I want a lot of cake.

blue bell birthday cake ice cream-0
blue bell birthday cake ice cream-0

I want to feel like im eating you know like i want a birthday party. Im eating cake and ice cream together thats what i want this just tastes like im eating frosting out of a can some of you guys might like that my wife likes that but uh. Im not a big fan probably have some big piece probably got some cake its almost like cookie dough texture no chewy about hes frozen after all so good flee of that ah got a bigger chunk.
There you go flavors good once again. But its donal. Its chewy which i dont mind texture isnt bother me i care more about the flavors.
Its not a seer hard to gummy. Its fine. Its fine.
This is gonna be very divisive. Okay. A lot of people gonna love it a lot of people gonna hate it its just really really sweet over the top of the sugar and i know its confetti cake flavor.
But even for me. It was a bit much now being said. If youre the kind of person that enjoys eating frosting straight up off the spoon.
Youre gonna like this one. Even. Though.
I did not enjoy this as much as long as you might theres nothing wrong with it on the quality control side of things that ice creams fine had a decent amount of mix ins. That was all good. Its just with the the flavor profile.
This one just doesnt do it for me. Always remember when youre watching a reading to review from somebody understand their biases. And thats why i always talk a lot about what i like and so you can understand where im coming from everybodys different okay.
This is not for me. Its not my bag but for some of you youre gonna go gaga over this one a little too sweet for me a little too much on the frosting side of things is not enough cake. So.
Im gonna give this one a 5 out of 10. I say this pretty much ever you know but its important and it bears repeating your mileage will vary give it a shot if you like it cool if you dont is what it is keep it moving on to the next one thank you guys for watching wash your hands stay safe and i will see you next time music. .

blue bell birthday cake ice cream-1
blue bell birthday cake ice cream-1

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