I Got a Ticket for a License Plate Frame?

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Alright guys so if yes for the those two clips in the beginning. I just just got out of the shop with a cop and listened so ill be im really confused on what this cop was trying to accomplish because he pulls me over you know nice. Im nice to him you know it works out better in your favor.
If youre nice to the cop. So whatever you know so nice to him i say hello officer heres my license let me get my registration and proof of insurance. So i give him everything and hes like all right.
So the reason i pulled you over is because youre tense. Okay obviously. I was thinking in my head.
Obviously you know probably a 10 ticket right now and then he goes and your plate cover. I said. I said can i get out of the car see hes like you dont know whats on your car.
You mean you mean this plate cover. But this is a problem officer. Im like hey you want me to take it off in front of you and hes like nah you know its fine just do it when you drive away.
Im like so you really you really you serious about so he goes back to his car all right he goes back to his car.

paw print license plate frame-0
paw print license plate frame-0

Im sitting his in bricks because my license expired on 1204 19 and i gave him the expired license so im bricks so im like man. Im literally about to go to jail or something this man sits in this car for 20 minutes. He comes back out come to the window.
Hes like all right cut you a break on those tints. Though and i gave you a ticket for that plate cover are you serious the plate you gave me a ticket for the play cover my dog my dog he knew he had to give me a ticket. He knew he had a phyllis quota.
But he did the right thing gave me a ticket for the play cover so right now right now. I am heading to nrs to go tell everybody about this new law that i didnt know about i just wanted to tell you guys that i got pulled over again this time for my chance. And an illegal play cover guys illegal.
Play cover hey kyle i need any how rob gets me in trouble. Read. Whats afford rob got me in trouble the play cover got me in trouble really nobody told me he pulls me over im like i didnt know that was i couldnt do that here.
The plate frame. Yeah how can you do that. And i just i just have a license plate cover on my car.
I didnt make him laugh.

paw print license plate frame-1
paw print license plate frame-1

And he came back with a ticket. Im leaving the license plate covers on right now. I just want to slide talk to them they were like you know its kind of whatever i wont leave it off for now because first of all i got to get for it so if a cop pulls me over ill be like yeah guys guys ticket for i dont got a screwdriver heres a ticket right here.
I will try my best to blur out a lot of stuff but right here says no distinctive plate sasha insecure dirty. I got pulled over about a 1 to 2 on highland boulevard and really avenue right here in staten island. And you know whats kind of funny is um.
I gave the officer my expired license it says my license expires 12 4. 2019. It is to 6 2020.
So thats pretty much it i was just going try think of a video idea for today. I was just coming here and they just decided to pull me over there like you know what conrad did. We heard you looking for video idea we got you bro and im like yo.
Im gonna look at man go look it i got a nice video idea i could use you know some clickbait idol on like i got pulled over smh almost arrested you know. But yeah. I think theres so much for watching me get pulled over again everybody seems to think that its pretty funny and i got pulled over for this so i hope you guys enjoyed and ill see you guys in my next video.

paw print license plate frame-2
paw print license plate frame-2

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