I bought the HOTTEST hot sauce on Amazon! (challenge)

hottest hot sauce on amazon This is a topic that many people are looking for. chibariku.com is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, chibariku.com would like to introduce to you I bought the HOTTEST hot sauce on Amazon! (challenge). Following along are instructions in the video below:
The stunts performed in this video were done by a professional idiot for your safety safety and the safety of those around you do not attempt any of these stunts this week. I went looking around on amazon for the hottest hot sauce that i could find and i came across this the wicked tickler. So this stuff was pretty highly rated it looks like its one of the hottest hot sauces that they have available on the side.
Here. It has a little heat. Index that says mild medium hot.
All the way up to you are crazy. Which is what this sauce is rated at its made from ghost peppers. Habaneros jalapenos and a bunch of other really hot.
So today. Im gonna swing this stuff and attempt to make dinner okay so before we get started with dinner. Lets try this hot sauce to see exactly what im getting myself into so.
It comes with this cool little skull and wing wax seal protecting it from anyone whos dumb enough to actually try it so im gonna carefully cut off the wax seal here and they really dont want you to get inside of this thing. I wonder why okay so put that over there and well crack it open for the first time smell. Its not too bad.
Its very smoky okay lets give it our first little taste here on the finger. Oh my god oh my god. Oh thats really hot.
Oh. This is gonna be a much more difficult throw under than i thought my heart is like pounding okay.

hottest hot sauce on amazon-0
hottest hot sauce on amazon-0

So this was way hotter than i expected. So lets get started with the challenge now ive got the hottest hot sauce that you can buy on amazon. And im gonna take a spoonful of it and attempt to make tacos and for every ten minutes that i dont complete those tacos.
Im gonna do another spoonful until those tacos are complete. I have my milk standing by just in case i need it but were gonna attempt to do it without drinking any milk. So lets get started okay.
Ive got my timer right here. Im not gonna lie. Im really nervous that first little dab on my finger was whats really bad it lingered for a while.
So thats oh okay. Ive got my spoonful right here ready here. We go oh.
Im shaking. I im nervous. Im very nervous here we go.
It was at this moment that he knew he i heard some milk. Oh. My god its so hot.
Oh. Oh.

hottest hot sauce on amazon-1
hottest hot sauce on amazon-1

My god. Im. Sweaty.
Oh. Its so. Hot.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
My god. Oh. My god.
Mom is right sit back. No. Oh.
My god its so much hotter i thought i feel like i got pepper sprayed christ oh uh huh oh this is no joke guys this is no joke do not thats still really burning. I cant breathe like i cant breathe through my nose in so unbelievably hot. Im like a hundred degrees this oh faster seriously i really really dont want to do that again.
Hes like wicked his service of the sun or pita you guy was gonna cross my newest right none stop my king music on there jeez ha. Oh my god my i see stuff feel like im going to the laborers.

hottest hot sauce on amazon-2
hottest hot sauce on amazon-2

Like wow. Thats hot. Oh.
My hand shit mate. Oh yeah okay so we did it we have one. Oh.
We had one minute to spare that was no joke by far the hottest thing that shit. Oh my face. I cant breathe that was by far the hunt thing that i have ever eaten.
Im like sweating profusely look look okay lets try these tacos. No thats true. I cant taste anything.
Theres no flavor. And its burned every taste bud. Oh.
The tip of my tongue. All the way back do my throat like a bomb just went off in my mouth. I can feel it on my lips still its like burning im so hot.
Im sweaty. I do this for you so if you liked this video hit the like button. If you have ideas for future videos that you want to see put it in the comments down below.
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hottest hot sauce on amazon-3
hottest hot sauce on amazon-3

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