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Guys im chelsea for those of you who are new to my channel and and today. Im gonna create this half cut crease look using liquid shadows. I created a similar look on my instagram with purple and gold and a lot of people said.
They wanted me to create a tutorial for it so here. It is if you guys want to see how i created this look please keep watching so ive already done my face. And my eyebrows and my eyelids are set so.
Im gonna go in with eyeshadow and today. Im gonna be using hooter beautys matte and metal melted shadows and the first one im gonna go in with is room service. Its this orange e color.
And im just gonna go and place some of this in my outer v. And im gonna blend this into my crease as well. Im gonna go in with my anasazi.
Beverly hills 812 brush just lightly blending it in and up also going in with a smaller brush. This is my morphe by jacqueline hilde age.

how to use liquid eyeshadow-0
how to use liquid eyeshadow-0

30 and blending out the top going in with a little bit more. Doing the same thing now using the smaller brush and keep on doing this until you get it as dark. As you want to fourth bright as you want to and going in with bamboo hoops this metallic side.
Im gonna go in and cut my crease zoom you guys in a little bit. Then you can see then just blending. It now im gonna go back in with some of that room service.
Im gonna take it on my little more fee by jacqueline hill jh. 39. Brush just taking a little bit and running it along one bottom lash line.
So next. Im going to be going in with some eyeliner and im going to be using sistar cosmetics eye contour precision liquid liner and im just gonna be drawing a line right on my lash line in no way. This is just giving a place to put my lashes.
Its enough for lashes. Im going to be going in with hooter beauties and by olivia number eight teen lashes alright.

how to use liquid eyeshadow-1
how to use liquid eyeshadow-1

So first. Im gonna fit right on that line that i just created for it im just gonna take a spoolie and run that through my lashes to blend them with the false ones. And then mascara.
Ill be going in with buxom big tease mascara music. Now quickly going in with my bronzer. Im gonna go in the benefits hoola.
Its kind of almost done so i need to replace it but will do for now. Im just gonna pinch this and go down the sides of my nose. Im not gonna do a full on contour.
Ive been into doing the super light one these days. And thats for blush going in with my morphe blush trio in pop of coral. Im gonna go in with boss and this is on my sigma duo fiber powder.
Blush brush the f50 and then for my highlight going in with hooter beauties. The reedy highlighter palette and this is the golden sands edition.

how to use liquid eyeshadow-2
how to use liquid eyeshadow-2

And im going in with seashells seashells seashells seashells. Ima go seychelles. Im terrible at pronouncing things so pardon.
My mistake going in with this sort of fluffy brush. So we cant heres our flying this is a more few rose gold brush. Im just gonna pick up some of that so my camera just died unfortunately.
But i just finished putting on my highlight on my nose cupids bow in a corner and brow bone. The last thing i got to do is put on some lips. And im gonna be going in with buxom serial kisser and this is in a shade smooch.
Thats kind of cool cos over the lip stains and this lip dries down. But it still stays shiny. So theyre pretty good all right.
And this is the final look i want to thank you guys so much for watching this video and supporting my channel. Dont forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. If you want to see more videos also leave any questions or thoughts on this look below in the comment and i will get back to you have a great day or night.
Wherever you guys are and i hope to see you in my next video. .

how to use liquid eyeshadow-3
how to use liquid eyeshadow-3

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