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Everyone welcome to pi skip chen. If your news of the show. This is just just my second show where i share with you yummy recipes that are outside of cuisine so today im going to show you how to make crispy chicken skin which is super delicious and crunchy and munchie great on salad or even on its own now this came up for me because i was making lap chicken for hot thai kitchen and then i had to remove the skin from the chicken.
And i just didnt want to throw it away it seems like such a waste so i figured hmmm maybe i can turn it into crispy chicken skin and thats how i sort of developed this technique and so it only takes a few minutes so the next time youve got chicken skin. Dont throw it away let me show you what to do lets get started now unless. Im shopping for a specific recipe i tend to just buy bone in skin on chicken.
Because its much more versatile. I can use it for any recipe. If you debone it use the bones for stock.
You use the meat for your recipe and then you use the skin now for this crispy chicken skin so its a win win and win and its cheaper its a little more work. But its worth it okay. So ive got here bone in skin on chicken breast.
This is perfect for crispy chicken skin because you want the skin to be as big as possible because it will shrink. Quite a bit or the combo thigh and leg would be good as well because its a large piece of skin. But any chicken skin.
Thats relatively big will work okay. So im just gonna take the skin off and a boning knife. Like this is useful.
And its really easy to take the skin off you just have to cut through sort of the membrane thats attached and it just pulls right off there we go. And then this is really easy to debone just cut down through it and remove the breast that bone great for stock. I always just throw it in a small pot of stock then i have it for miscellaneous use okay.
Im just going to blanch the chicken skin just to cook it off and ill show you why in a minute.

fried chicken skin in a bag-0
fried chicken skin in a bag-0

Ive only got about half an inch of water in here. Because you know i dont want it to take forever to boil. So just a little bit you just need enough to cook the skin which will take 20 seconds if that and by the way in thailand we sell fried chicken skin as a snack we can buy a bag of crispy chicken skin but the way we do it was we deep fry it so if you have if you see a vendor for fried chicken.
A lot of times. Theyll also have chicken skin so its something its in our blood. Okay.
Thats it and im just going to drain. It on some paper towel. Now the reason why i blanch them first or two reasons actually 3 1.
Theyve shrunk in quite a bit. So its easier to handle to deal with another one is its easier to remove the extra fat so as you can see if your chicken has a lot of fat you dont want to keep that in right so im just gonna pull that up and its really easy to do once theyre cooked. But if its raw.
Its like ill slimy and sticky also if you miss and youve got any meat on it you want to pull that off as well you dont have to be super thorough. But you definitely dont want like big chunks hanging on to it right there you go i know. Its not pretty right now.
But trust. Me. It will it will be prettier in just a minute.
So now. Im going to transfer the chicken skin onto a couple of layers of fresh paper towel and im just going to microwave this for three minutes. Thats it and then theyll be nice and crispy.
Now the trick is you dont want to do too many all at once this weird piece.

fried chicken skin in a bag-1
fried chicken skin in a bag-1

Im going to pull that off ive had success with two pieces at a time. Only if i put three or four. It takes too long and it doesnt get them crispy.
The heat is too slow and another reason. Why i blanch. It is if i dont have i put the skin on raw.
Itll stick to the paper towel. Quite a bit like this it wont stick as much okay. Ill season.
This with some salt and pepper. But you can season this with anything you like you can do garlic powder. You can do spices you can do chili powder to make it spicy some salt and these will shrink a lot.
So dont over salt. It two more layers of paper towel and this is really just to prevent the fat from spattering all over the microwave and thats it and you can tell its almost done when the spattering slows down. And eventually stops.
Oh. I can smell it it smells. Like fried chicken ooh.
Thats very nice see its nice and golden and you see how its shrunken. A lot. Its looking like a heart shape and beautiful thats perfect actually sometimes i take it out and the corners are not very crunchy and you can either stick it back.
But i find i just snip it off with a pair of scissors like theres a corner usually the corners are really fatty especially for thighs.

fried chicken skin in a bag-2
fried chicken skin in a bag-2

I just take this and snip it off like nothing happened and there you go okay. Im gonna go and microwave. My breast and well be back in three more minutes.
So disclaimer three minutes is a guideline. Because every microwave is different this one. I think is a thousand watts and you can burn.
It okay. And ill show you because i just did so this one this is a chicken breast and its burned in the middle. And thats probably because i only put one piece and theres maybe if you have one just do two and a half minute.
And if your microwave is a different wattage if its lower you may need to put it in a little more. But my advice is to listen to it and if it stops spattering open it up and take a look okay. But dont open it too early because you dont want to interrupt that initial heat.
Thats whats going to cause it to be sort of puff up a little bit and become crunchy rather than hard and dense okay. This one oh look. Its like a star.
I can still eat around it. But there you go dont do that so this was also three minutes right. But it was only one piece put it in a nice little bowl.
So its a little snack for yourself or you can serve. It like this and people can break it off and put it on their salad or whatever. It is theyre eating there we go oh can you hear that crunch.
Hmm also good in the words of my brother.

fried chicken skin in a bag-3
fried chicken skin in a bag-3

This is like the distillation of all that is good about chicken ah. Very chicken like you know. When you have a roast chicken.
Or fried chicken. This is like the best part. Oh.
Its so good the only sad thing about this recipe is you know you dont have too much you always want to have more than what you have so if you can get ahold of you know a lot of chicken skin from somewhere that would be awesome. This is so so good i dont even need to dip it in anything. Its like better than chips.
Oh so good so next time you need to buy chicken breasts. Buy bone in skin on chicken breast. Because this right here is worth the extra little trouble that itll take you to take the skin off.
And its also more economical. I mean as i said its a win win and win and i hope you give it a try and let me know how it goes the recipe i will put it i mean theres not much of a recipe. But i will put all the instructions on hot.
I can calm and subscribe to the show. If you havent done so. And i will see you next time for your next student is just adventure.
Im going to cover this with two more layers. Ah. What are this cult paper towel right.

fried chicken skin in a bag-4
fried chicken skin in a bag-4

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