Gold Bond Dark Spot Minimizing Cream and Gold Bond Foot Cream

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Today im doing a gold bond video. And this isnt a sponsor or or anything. This is just my opinions and views on to gold bond products.
So one i dropped it this one is called a gold bond. Ultimate healing foot cream for heals dry rough and heals dry rough and cracked heels. It has aloe in it its not not scented.
This is what it looks like now um. The consciousness product is that it does um go on really thick. So you dont want to use a lot of it and it does like it doesnt smell like what i know this is kind of my but what i think of like a foot cream.
I think of like peppermint or something and with this it doesnt smell until you put it on your feet. And i dont its all you have stinky feet. Theyre always thinking when they sweat.
But um it this does work i get really cracked. If i wear door shoes um house or if my feet get really really really really really really dry. I do get cracked heels a lot and this does work now.
Its like i have cracked heels. A lot a lot like some of the time and when i use this it doesnt get rid of all it doesnt completely get rid of the cracks.

gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-0
gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-0

I mean everybodys skin and feet and stuff are all different. But it doesnt get i feel like it doesnt get rid of the like it gets rid of the crack so theyre not opened anymore. But i feel like it does leave you with like a scar of where the crack was in case it reopens again or something.
But it is really good. But i dont suggest you wear like flip flops or slippers after because they do when you i wear sometimes it will fall cuz. It is a summertime stale here.
So i usually wear flip flops as like slippers and stuff so they do get my feet really slippery and then if i use like if i put them in socks or slippers or sneaker or shoe. It does make if i put it on and then i put on a shoe. Thats not flip flop.
It does make it stink a little bit in my shoes just sayin and i dont know if thats just because i put stuff on and then i put them in my shoes and then my feet shoes again my feel i get stinky. I dont know. But that one does work and im going to show you something that is probably a waste of money.
But let me tell you one thing everybodys skin is different. So if it doesnt work for me am. I worked for you.
But this is just my review on it and this will cost a lot of money it cost nearly ten dollars. And this is called the gold bond.

gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-1
gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-1

Ultimate dark spot minimizing body cream rizal results in four weeks. But i use this product. I thought okay i have these dark spots on my hands like you can see them clearly.
And i was like okay four weeks and you look on the back of the product and you know most people that i know dont usually read the back of lotions because its just like what is going to say is just going to say put the lotion on your legs your arms wherever. And it moisturizes it well on the back it says help improve the appearance of dark spots dark spots on forearm in four weeks chest in six weeks neck in hands in 12 weeks. Im like are you kidding me so it really is it has like all these environment.
Thats its supposedly so stork has seven intensive moisturizers ph a vitamin c. And daffodil extract the helps reduce the appearance of the size of dark mark or dark spots and i bought this because ive had this for like i dont know if its because like if you see like i dont know if its because when if you still see use it like as you first seen the dark spots or if its because my dark spots have been on my hand for a while i dont know. But it was because the one time i went to the beach and i didnt put on sunscreen or i did but then i got really like ive only put sunscreen on one time.
I didnt apply it and i kept in it i dont know. But i had these for a while and you can see you look on this you wont you probably wont tell in the camera. But with this you can see this hand is darker.
This one doesnt have any like spots on other just moles. You can see this hand is darker compared to this one at least. I think so so what i think this product does.
Unless my my stuff is like really really really old on my skin is to me. It seems like it doesnt it makes the skin around your dark spots.

gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-2
gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-2

Lighter and then it makes the dark spots at least for me darker. And thats a really bad thing. Its like i dont want to have to put on makeup for the rest of my life on my hand because it looks like this it looks like so bad like it looks disgusting so in my opinion.
It doesnt work because my dark spots havent gotten smaller. They havent gotten lighter. They just said i looks like they have gotten darker because the skin around on my hand is looks like its getting like a lighter skin tone than the actual spot where it is i really dont think it actually works and youre probably suppose thats kind of stupid.
I mean come on like youre gonna buy it and most of the people like probably gonna say well it didnt work for me or whatever. But this product is doesnt work and youre supposed to put it on twice a day. And it says youre supposed to the first in your morning dose of this youre supposed to put like sunscreen after you apply it after like 30 minutes or something.
But its like it doesnt i dont think it really works you guys like i mean. Im this might be like some people like maybe. Its because if you comment they will work for me maybe.
Its just because you have your dark spots. You seen your dark spots. Earlier and you bought this product.
I mean i saw mine earlier. But this hug didnt come out when i had them and then my mind could because theyre old like i dont know why i dont even know like a few months old.

gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-3
gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-3

I dont know. But yes so dont waste your money on this product. Because it doesnt work and all it does is is it just makes your skin lighter around the dark spots.
And then makes your dark spots darker. So thats a thumbs down. I dont waste you money because it was like ten bucks at walmart this one is a thumbs up because it does work.
But it does leave like scars. Where your cracks were on case. They reopen up it does make your shirt like it says.
Its non greasy this price grabs ideas like says. Its not greasy. But i think it does make your feet a little bit greasy.
But oh well this one was good the dark spot. One was a flop come on below. And tell me if you want me to try any other gold blonde products.
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gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-4
gold bond dark spot minimizing cream reviews-4

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