Fondue Pots – Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 36

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Is great it tastes so good. Ive learned a lot. I knew i french french we like to phone you during the winter.
So very odd share moment with friends on your family my name is yoko sushi. Im the executive chef of fatty donna. Im going to teach you to eat a traditional french film the right way.
I have tried to make fondue with friends and it has not gone well so well i like dip. Stephanie yeah with my cracker oh like strawberry yeah yeah. Its romantic because you can share with your date.
With your girlfriend to be a first date. The preparation process of the fondue is very simple we use just a white wine and cheese for type of cheese is very good. Because you have a good combination.
During which the soft of certain cheese under strongs cheese. Oh. My goodness okay so theres a million different things coming toward us.
Its starting to bubble and and steams. Ive been looking at those sausages since he brought them out oh were going to do in the more traditional is you use just a bread the normal ordering you have the fondue on the bread and after you can add everything inside you do a little better hahahaha. Please.
See hey you put your bread in the funding.

how to use a fondue pot-0
how to use a fondue pot-0

You use your forge out the bread and after you eat the bread. With your fault be careful with the funky forge is very sharp. Oh and you put it on your plate.
Never thought of that yeah. Music. And you turn.
Four or five. Time. Ladies.
Oh. Wow. Your thoughts.
Dont go. In the for me. Music.
One. Thing is very important that shes need to stay in the capital. You never take a cheese and put it in the plate.
You can you can try veggies.

how to use a fondue pot-1
how to use a fondue pot-1

Too. You know theyre theyre over here for both of us. This is a little bit of an adventure enough town maybe two three minute you start to other cross.
Thats why you need to make the motion. Eight you see the color. This is a perfect texture very shiny you see this start chris okay figure eight and you see now hes more shiny.
Did we ruin it justice got me so then thats how you keep it. Stirring. Because every time you put it in there.
Wow. Haha is the maximum deepika. Dont have you had to have a big mouth ya know im really excited about my figure eight how oh how do i get it back.
No. You have a pledge a pledge pledge. You can change.
If you are with family. Its a you go outside and run around the home and the future friends you can make a kiss with a girl so people at the table get to the side like did everybody inside okay. What is your pledge wow.
What should be here you just need to make it this way hahaha easy okay hello.

how to use a fondue pot-2
how to use a fondue pot-2

I kiss. The chef rikkis you okay. The shadows.
My way. Okay. The show.
Oh music. Yeah. Change.
The cutoff. Yeah. Good technique.
Follow. Me. Oh.
Thank. You hey finders. More complex.
See things yeah. Its not just simply dip and cheese. This is rules as regulations this cool music.

how to use a fondue pot-3
how to use a fondue pot-3

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