Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat Review

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Welcome back to our channel. Everyone today. Were gonna do a review on they they set me up floor to seat by fisher price.
This is it i bought the other day. Its a pretty simple machine easy to put together. If you are always looking for unboxings and reviews on baby accessories or anything to do with your family make sure you hit that subscribe button.
Thats what we do click at best. So you dont miss out on this thing folds up so you can easily carry it got a nice little handle you pop it out sit down after we give us a review and youre interested in this thing. Therell be a link on our description first off when it comes out all this plastic around here snaps together real simple to put together.
Then youll have this whats that your patty its you can just pull it off anytime you want to wash. It theres three little snaps three holes snap it in there the first thing you want to do they just pop in just like it. Its a go underneath come on in you folding.
It over all the plastic just like yeah. They dont need each side. Youll have you cant see it real well.
But youll have kind of like its kind of like button on a shirt.

sit me up floor seat age-0
sit me up floor seat age-0

Basically you fold them in come up underneath. And youll just put them on them buttons real simple just like that backs done now you just do the front boom. Done then i will come with two toys you can just strap.
Someone you got two loops right. There and youll got these little rings. Just stick them in there know how to hold it on there babe babe.
Just like that this thing is designed for smaller babies that are just now sitting up kind of basically before crawling or walking if your baby or child is more than 20 pounds. I would say that this thing is too small. If your baby is crawling or walking this probably will not be for you i was on amazon reading some of the reviews and then i also watched a couple of videos and seemed that a lot of people is having problems with getting their baby in and out of this thing.
The reason. Why people are having problems with getting their child out of this thing is because the leg holes are so small and if they have chunky thighs or legs. And youre trying to pull them out theyll get caught this seat is basically just the support seat for smaller babies that are trying to gain the strength to sit up all right this thing is very simple to fold up basically all it does its got two buttons one on this side.
And then one on this side you just push them in and push down and then you got your handle director. This thing is lightweight doesnt weigh anything all right we got baby will were gonna test this chair out a little bit. I bought this for her because she likes to sit up a lot and if you dont hold her up.
She becomes fussy.

sit me up floor seat age-1
sit me up floor seat age-1

So i bought this chair to help support her so she could sit up and look around and be happy. Oh she goes in there just slides right in there. But shes still a little too young for this thing.
But well show you guys anyways. We dont keep her in here for very long just once shes a little fussy for when she wants to sit up. But she likes it you like her chair.
But yeah shes just now gaining my strength to hold herself up and she loves the look around i think. Its a good chair for babies to gain the support to sit up thats what i think its more designed for lets say here at about a month or so should it be perfect for her what do you think huh well you just pull it just pull right out there okay after all that is said. Its lightweight easy to put together easy to carry folds up and its good for the reason.
Why its made what its designed to help support the baby when theyre trying to hold themselves up so we give it a five star will you give it five say bust all screaming. If anyone is interested or any of our other videos check in our description for the links. You give this video.
A thumbs. Up. And well catch.
Yall on the next video music. .

sit me up floor seat age-2
sit me up floor seat age-2

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