Eddie Bauer Endurance Jogging Stroller Review

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Hey everyone its holly from baby gizmo. Now today. We are taking it outside because because were talking about a new jogging stroller and i swear warm weather is and were going to be out getting out there with our kids.
So heres the thing parents you do not need to spend a fortune on a good jogging stroller. You can get one at a budget friendly price and this eddie bauer endurance jogging. Stroller.
Is a good example of that this one retails for less than 200. But still has many of the features that are going to get you out there and running with your baby so lets take a look at the eddie bauer endurance jogging stroller. Okay were gonna start with the roomy seat the seat accommodates six months all the way up to 50 pounds you can use it with a new one because it does accept eddie bauer safety first and costco infant car seats that click right in without needing to buy an additional adapter now the seat the seat is 11 and a half inches wide with an 18 inch seat back and thats a kind of a short seat back.
But it does have a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of the canopy up there of 28 inches. So you are going to get your taller kids in the seat let me have an adjustable padded five point harness. There is a baby tray with a baby cup holder.
And heres the thing with that you know when you get the budget friendly strollers. They actually include the accessories. That parents want such as baby trays and parent trays.
Without having to buy them separately. So you do have the full baby tray and it is removable you can remove it the side. Its not swing away so as you can see it doesnt swing away youd have to remove it all the way.
But you have a cup holder in the center and then to snack trays on the side now the seat. We are i talked about the harness. Theres a place for the child to set their feet.
There is no adjustable foot or leg rest. Theyre just going to set their feet up here. It does have a recline and its a one handed strap recline youre going to push that button and pull back and wherever you stop is where it stops now.
Its a half way back the recline.

eddie bauer car seat stroller-0
eddie bauer car seat stroller-0

Its not a very deep recline. But again youre not going to jog with a baby thats under 6 to 9 months in the stroller seat. And they recommend that six months and up for the seat.
So you know thats enough for a nap for sure and all you have to do is pull like that to put it back up on the back of the seat as you can see there is a mesh window thats going to allow air to circulate through if youre running on a hot day um. Just know though with the short seat back of eighteen inches. If you have a taller child in the seat and it is reclined their head is going to be blocked by that mesh so theyre not going to you know its not one of those things that you can roll up.
Now. Lets talk about storage on the eddie bauer. You have this large basket underneath.
Youre going to be able to fit a large diaper bag. Theres a parent trip here two cupholders and a space for a smartphone. You can even put your smartphone in there and close the lid.
So people cant see it or grab. It and then you also have the baby tray that i showed you up on the seat. So that is the storage.
Now lets talk about the wheels. Because good wheels determine if its a good jogging stroller first of all you need air filled tires. If youre going to jog.
With your baby and jogging strollers. Traditionally have larger wheels in the back. And that is exactly what this eddie bauer has these are 15 and 1 2 inch wheels.
Theyre air filled tires. So you do want to make sure you have a tire pump and case theyre low the stroller does not come with one which is very typical these days with strollers theyre not including the tire pumps anymore. The front wheel this is a 12 inch swivel wheel.
But it does have the ability to lock straight.

eddie bauer car seat stroller-1
eddie bauer car seat stroller-1

So if youre going to jog with it youd lock it straight. If youre going to just do you know everyday use with a car seat or just taking it to the store. Which its totally good for you would let it swivel the 360 degrees for the best maneuverability.
There are individual rear parking brakes all you do is step down on the gray pedal in order to engage both of them. And thats going to lock each individual wheel. And then lift up like that and thats going to let them go free.
Lets talk about the canopy. You want a good decent canopy on a jogging stroller and this one its a decent one its not the biggest on the market. I would love to see like a big pop out sun visor.
But what they did that was really really smart is they made it a floating canopy because it is in full coverage. This way it can follow the sun like that so if the suns in front you fold. It down in front of your child.
It does velcro to the size you want to keep it in place. But this way i love that you can put it in any position to follow the sun. Now lets talk about this handlebar.
It is a non adjustable handlebar. This doesnt telescope out it doesnt go up and down. Its 39 inches from ground to where you place your hands between 38 and 39.
So its not super tall. So i wouldnt suggest this jogging stroller for like shaq or somebody. Thats really really tall.
At five five. Its perfect for me i have no problem running with it. But just know that its not adjustable.

eddie bauer car seat stroller-2
eddie bauer car seat stroller-2

If you are tall lets say over six feet tall. You might want to check this one out first now. There isnt run away strap.
And this is usually on most jogging strollers and you just loop. It around your wrist. Like that so when youre pushing the stroller.
If it happens to get away from you its still attached. Now heres the thing that they did that was smart. They attached the wrist strap to the bottom frame of the stroller and not the handlebar because what that happens if its attached to the handlebar and you fall the back the whole stroller will flip backwards because youll fall with the stroller this way if i were running and i fell and i and i stopped with the wrist strap.
It would just kind of jerk it. But it wouldnt make the whole thing tip over so its very smart that they put that on the bottom now with any stroller. You want one thats easy to fold.
You let me show you how this one folds block. The brakes into place put back your canopy. Theres two levers on the size youll lift them up and let the handlebar go down as you push it together it has a standing fold.
It has an automatic lock and you know whats awesome. Its only 20 pounds even with these big wheels in the bag super super easy to just pick up throw in your trunk. Oh by the way see these wheels.
They do have reflectors on them because again if youre gonna be jogging. You want reflectors on a jogging stroller. But 20 pounds super easy and lightweight and whats great about that too is that its not going to weigh you down when youre jogging.
I mean you know you got enough to push when youre out there jogging trying to you know get into shape. So you dont want to be pushing up 40 pound stroller. So this would i love the fact that its really lightweight.
It has that automatic lock.

eddie bauer car seat stroller-3
eddie bauer car seat stroller-3

All you do is open the automatic lock pull up on the handle bar until it locks in a place that easy to unfold. As well. It also can be a travel system.
Because i recommend the seat for six months and up that doesnt mean you cant use it with born there are little places right here that a costco safety first and eddie bauer infant. Carseat clips right in sets on the tray. You do have to use the tray with it.
But it does turn into a travel system. If you did want to use it with a smaller baby. But again you would never jog with a car seat on here.
Jogging is only for babies that are six to nine months or older so. But just again. If you wanted to take a chopping you could so thats it i mean i just wanted to give you a budget friendly option for when youre looking for jogging strollers.
Because then everybody wants to plunk down 500 bucks right so this one retails for 189 still has these great features such as you know snack trays and two snack trays and the cup holders. Things that the more expensive jogging strollers. Dont have honestly um.
It still has a decent canopy. I would love to see it bigger. But i like the fact that its floating.
I like it they gave you a basket and a reclining seat. Im the only thing that two things i would like to see changed a bigger canopy and an adjustable handlebar thats a little bit higher for our taller. Friends um.
Thats it i think its pretty awesome. Though for 189 bucks. So thats it um thats it for me dont forget to like us on facebook.
Please subscribe to our youtube channel and i will talk to you next time hey what do you like about this drawler really leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite feature is and ill talk to you next time im holly schultz from baby gizmo hi music you .

eddie bauer car seat stroller-4
eddie bauer car seat stroller-4

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