Dr Song Teeth Whitening Review (Before and After 1 use)

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Guys i just got to in the mail. My doctor song of its 44 44 percent carbon dioxide its a tooth whitening system from amazon it was 29 shipping fee of over 35 you get eight syringes and you actually only use one of these little lines. So this is good for up to 50 uses you get three mouth guards.
Which ive already and mold it to my teeth. You just put these in really hot water and you put them in your mouth bottoms and it forms to your teeth. And then you can see that its formed there you get a light.
There you also get a really cool thing that is a special instant ten dog gift card. If you see results if you like what you see if you go to their website and take a survey. Theyll send you a ten dollar gift card for anything on amazon that is doctor song and then you get this little application brush.
So ive been wanting to lighten my teeth up a little bit theyre really not bad i got my bad teeth. But i just want to you know get them super white for summer and this had great reviews way cheaper than like me like crest whitestrips. And its the same active ingredient.
But crest whitestrips have like 17 or 19 percent. I think and this is 44.

dr song home professional teeth whitening-0
dr song home professional teeth whitening-0

I also ordered the red mineralization gel. Which is blue. It also comes in sauron just like this and that was like 695.
I think. But that hasnt arrived yet so i guess well see if my teeth are sensitive. Im this very first time when i do this if the arse instead.
Ill probably wait to do it again until i get that gel this does have a little cap on it that you unscrew and put back on and it came with a little piece of paper. That said that there was instructions on dr. Song medical calm.
So i went on there and looked it says in the thing not to be like your back teeth. Because no one can see it. But when i smile you can see it a lot of my teeth.
So i might end up using more than what they say just because you can see almost all my teeth when i smile. Im not sure what that is so im gonna go ahead and put this on and east sense.

dr song home professional teeth whitening-1
dr song home professional teeth whitening-1

I think to leave the light on for 15 minutes. And then you continue you can continue to leave the gel on for up to four hours. I believe im gonna double check as soon as i get it on my teeth and everything but heres the first look at what my teeth look like right now for a good before and after hopefully this lighting is good so oh like gums early inflamed huh.
My gums in the plane right there anyway theyre not bad theyre not great they just are kind of stained. I like to drink tea its the kind of stained. Theyre not terrible.
And so im going to take a picture actually real quick and then i will put it on and see you wherever the light. I think so i did 15 minutes with the little led light and then i did 15 minutes without the led light so i did 30 minutes. I think i would keep it on pull sorry i thought i had some on my teeth.
I think i would keep it on longer next time its weird i actually usually have decently sensitive teeth. The only tooth that felt sensitive was this one. I do think my around my gums is red that might also be from brushing custom house.
My teeth get bright for brushing as well or my gums get red from pressing so it could be from brushing. I cant tell yet if i think it was like a huge drastic change.

dr song home professional teeth whitening-2
dr song home professional teeth whitening-2

I think that there was a change. I just dont know if i would say its like one shade or like a lot of shades. I think its the rightness of my gums around it that are affecting what i think what do you guys think anything so im going to continue to use this i think i might do every other day for a month and then ill come back with a video after that but this was again the doctor songs from amazon.
And i also will say i scored it out too much its really hard you know i said you know you dont have to use all of it its really hard not to squirt more than you need. But even then its its like i didnt even start to use this but overall. My only tips would be is i didnt know they said to you know put on with the brush and then i read youre supposed to like clean off your gums because i can bleach your gums.
I didnt do that and so i got mouse went dogs got leached or not i dont know they definitely read. Though they dont hurt um. Another.
Tip again like i said to put it in here first dont put it into the trays because then its gonna like get into your mouth. When the tray suctions on to your teeth more and it doesnt taste terrible. But it doesnt taste good also um.
Whenever you have this on i would keep a washcloth or something next to you because youre definitely gonna drool so so far i really like it and im excited to see what the results are after a month. But i do think i see results after just one use so that makes me really excited all right guys. Ill see you later .

dr song home professional teeth whitening-3
dr song home professional teeth whitening-3

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