Cradlepoint Use Cases for 4G-LTE in M2M and Transportation

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m gonna go through this quickly. I think the kiosk use case is pretty easy easy to get the. But the idea is its bring your own networking.
Yount want to have to rely on your hosts to bring up a network connection or have some sort of wire can actually you have to change if they want to move your kiosk to the other side of the store digital signage. Theres a customer of ours that wanted to put digital signage in every single one of their banking branch offices. But they did not want the person doing the digital the content he or she to have access to their secure financial network.
So they created they used credit points separate create a separate network for that digital signage. Were seeing that for video surveillance this gets into your question of data usage. But there are there ways you can optimize around resolution and frame rate that can fit even a five gigabyte data plan that works internet of things sensors.
I mean. This is something that you see probably more talked about in the press. Then companies are actually deploying it but were making sure that everything were doing in the platform scales.
Were bringing all of the security that we have on the enterprise side to keep retail stores banks financial branches. Applying that in our lower powered device to be able to provide that same level of security. We call it enterprise iot and and because of our strengths on the enterprise side.
Were able to bring that to bear on the end on that side on the on the transportation side. We power every bus in new york city. So all four thousand bucks.
The buses and manhattan brooklyn and queens. Theyre using it to connect the fare box just to get that real time connectivity so a fare card gets matched up with their account school buses. We have a growing number of school buses that are putting this on especially for rural schools.

phone case for 4g lte-0
phone case for 4g lte-0

They want to have a traveling study hall and and this is where the the security of the content. Filtering is very important because its a mobile connection thats not going through a data center. So you need the ability to protect that again on the risk of just beating the data.
No akin to death here. This might be a good point about the data pulling notion because i dont think a lot of people understand theyre like on the fleet operations. How does the data pooling work to the customers advantage.
Youve got four thousand buses in new york city. Yeah. Four thousand data plan sounds ridiculous.
But whats the story behind that yeah. The idea and this this the concept exists in like family plans are a lot of the other. Ones but for.
Failover it makes perfect sense you have. 10000 locations and if your downtime is. 1 you have 10000.
Locations. Then youre looking at maybe a hundred stores or hundred locations that are out and maybe each one is using an average of five gigabytes a month data but you dont know which of the hundred stores out of your 10000. Are going to be there so you work with the carrier to get an average data pool based on an average of five gig.
Gigabytes per month per store. With an average downtime of one to two percent and now you can start negotiating that rate. I can personally with my verizon accounts go online right now or even t mobile and i can pull data across you know if i have ten sims i can pull data if i want to have 800 gigabytes a month.

phone case for 4g lte-1
phone case for 4g lte-1

I can go spend a thousand dollars and get that so theyre starting to customize the plans just around how you want to use it. But very popular if you dont know which sim or. Which device is actually going to be using all the data a lot of enterprises.
I think our employee phone plan has that as well its all pooled so that if i go over because im watching san francisco giants baseball game in my hotel at night im basically not getting creamed on data overage charges. Thank you okay the last thing. Ill show you is on public safety.
We did a case study with boise police department more and more if you if you start looking at the police car youre starting to see a lot of other applications and body worn cameras is a big one cameras are big one there all wi fi. It used to be that theyd have the ruggedized panasonic tablets. And theyd have that before g and then they realize there are other devices in the vehicle.
Need access so they used to use these usb modem sticks. And they finally realized that dogs bite. These i mean.
The the police dogs would grab these out of the laptop and start chewing them they would just disappear. They just werent reliable. So what theyre trying to do is separate the network from the devices.
And have a separate networking solution and that and this is something i think were deployed in over 200 police and fire local and state public safety including every police car in san jose s. Which might be from the this soda that theyre using that potassium bicarbonate. It has kind of a sour metallic lustiness to it which i would assume is from the added minerals now on to taste in terms of mouthfeel.
It has that traditional smartwater really crisp fresh mouthfeel nuts. Its not a soft mouth. Feel like some of the other waters like a fiji water or something like that.

phone case for 4g lte-2
phone case for 4g lte-2

But it has a really nice crisp fresh mouthfeel which im personally a fan of it does dry out your mouth a lot. Though. Which is kind of weird it might be from those added minerals or something else im not sure.
But it does really dry out my mouth in terms of taste. It has a little bit of a metallic enos. Which is characteristic of smart water.
And im a big fan of that metallic ness and that must enos again from the bicarbonate that theyve added into it does come off on the taste. As well so kind of a dusty savoriness and then that metallic taste as well. But overall.
Im really a big fan of the taste of smart water this ones not as good as the traditional smart water in my opinion. But its getting pretty close to that and i think maybe the added minerals. They had to add to get the alkalinity up might have changed the flavor and smell a bit to make it a little bit worse than traditional smart water but still quite good so now.
Ive gone through bottle design materials tasting. Knows we will get onto final score for company history. And interestingness.
Coca cola and glass. Oh really ive talked about them a lot not really much else to say. But coca cola always does a great job with their website.
Their company history and interesting. This is quite interesting and they have a lot of good csr initiatives as well so im giving them two out of two and a half points for company history and interestingness in terms of bottle design and materials. This as i mentioned is my favorite smart water bottle.

phone case for 4g lte-3
phone case for 4g lte-3

And thats already above and beyond. How great all the other smart water bottles are out. There plastics are excellent all throughout materials just really top notch.
And then that excellent really modern chic black and white design that theyve gone with really is my favorite design of all the smart waters out there really nice looking bottle so in terms of bottle design of materials. They get two and a half out of two and a half points in terms of taste and nose. Its pretty good it has all those characteristic smart water flavors that i do like.
But it has kind of a weird dustiness and the weird dryness to it that im not a huge fan of otherwise it is a quite delicious tasting water and it has that mouthfeel that i like as well so im giving them two point seven five out of four points for taste and nose in terms of value. Smart. Water typically was around three dollars a bottle for this one liter bottle.
However exceeded as low as a dollar eighty nine at some grocery stores. So they really started to drop the price on it. Which is great this however was 279 at a local walmart.
So still not a great value. Im giving them half a point out of one point for value of. Tallying it all up smart water alkaline gets a score of 775.
Out of ten not as good as the traditional smart water. But still quite an interesting product that they have im really glad to see that they started including a mineral table on the bottle. I really liked this design.
I wish they had gone with this design for the traditional smart water because its just such a nice modern design that theyve gone with really quite interesting. But i hope you all enjoyed. My review of smart water alkaline please like and subscribe comment down below.
Which waters or foods. Youd like me to review in the future and i will see you all next week for another review thank you .

phone case for 4g lte-4
phone case for 4g lte-4

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