Counseling Diagnostic Assessment Vignette #34 Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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Jason hi. You dont tell no here. Youre good.
Im. Here. That thats thats all i can say im just here youre here.
Whats been going on so ive been made to come in and talk to you because something happened on the bus. And i might have said something to somebody and theyre just like oh you cant say that so they actually said. Were gonna take you to jail from jail.
They just bought me here do you know what youre charged with they didnt explain anything the government never explains anything they just dont want me to understand whats going on because it is what a guinea. How the captivity. The government do you have do you have a specific no its the entire government the entire common tired of it.
How long have they been wanting to just him all my life done this all my life they theyre always listening theyre always around theyre always theyre always theyre always there like for example there in the lights right now theyre listening to everything that were talking about so thats the reason. Why everybody cant talk about what happened thats because theyre just going to use that against and and its locking up again at me more deaths. Even taking medications yes.
I take the medication. Because if i dont take the medication government comes and takes me away and puts me into a hospital. Where they force feed me the medication and then the lights are always on and they can always hear everything that im saying and what im thinking.
And what im going to do do you know what they want to do with that information take over the world they take over the world take over the world of course. They want to use everything and use everything that everybody knows to use it against them. So that they can actually have the world that they want and that they need and make everybody pretend that they dont know whats going on so therefore theyre using everybodys thoughts against themselves.
So that the government can use it to their benefit. So what can you do in the situation. Well you say the governments monitoring everything and that they want but youre in jail.
If you dont take your medication. Do you have any options are you stuck no so when im home. I think im perfectly fine.
Because i set up my house in my room to actually make it government proof. So that nobody can actually hear or see whats going on in there so when im home. Im perfectly fine all right so one option is that being home being home.
Youre safe being coleman safe being home. Ive saved. My mom saved.
My brother.

a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-0
a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-0

Safe. Everybody says and being out in the world in the world that saved. Nobodys safe are you safe here no.
I told you they are in ruins. And they can hear everything that were saying right now so no were not safe here. Its just not safe here.
Its not safe out in the world at home youre safe at home. Im safe in my room that i mean government prove so if you could have your way you just stay home most of the time all the time. I would stay home all the time.
But i cant stay home because i mean to go and see doctors and talk to people and do the things that the government needs me or wants me to do. But i dont want to do those things because its using my thoughts and theyre trying to use everybody gets me so how how do you know that theyre in the lights. How did you discover that everybody knew without their its common now shes common knowledge.
Everybody knows that do you ever hear things that other people cant hear or see things that people cant see no of course. Everybody hears the lights talking to you i dont know what youre talking about like everybody hears it sometimes. Its a whisper for some people sometimes.
Its a yell and if you want to not pay attention to what the lights are saying to you then i dont know everybody everybody can hear it everybody whats the sound like to you it just sounds like a robot talking it sounds like we need to know this information. We need to well just making some notes just making some weird progress notes. Does it worry you yes.
Where your notes going to go now they get well this chart will get locked in the chart room down the hall. Who has access to the chart room mostly everybody works here and i get a copy of your notes after youre done does it worry into thirst nose. Yes because i might trust you and i dont know if i do yet.
But i dont trust the other people who work here because i dont know if theyre working for the government which they probably are working for the government. So they can actually have access to all of my notes and the things that youre writing down. Which i dont know what they are because youre not going to give me a copy of it yet.
And i just dont trust that they get to get that information. Yeah because theyre going to use it to their advantage. And theyre going to give it to the government which i cant have that happen so could you please not take notes.
I can not take notes what what kind of information and notes are you worried that the governments gonna get well because i mean my room at home government proved. I think theyre going to try to steal that technology. But i actually created so that they can then disrupt my room and that everybody elses rooms.
Who are just like mine. So that they can then use their mind control to that control me to do the things that they want me to do so. Without the protection that your house offers they could control your mind correct.
Without my room.

a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-1
a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-1

And without the technology and the systems and the things that i created then the government will be able to control everything that i do all right so can you tell me about your mood through all this. So this sounds really stressful youre describing environment. Where the governments frequently looking at what youre doing where the feelings.
There do you feel sad or angry you could find they dont really have yeah. I just i feel fine. I dont feel happy i dont feel sad.
I just im just here kind of resigned. The governments gonna do this the governments gonna do what theyre gonna do anyway. So it doesnt matter if im happy sad pissed off angry any of that recover thats going to make me do what they want me to do anyway.
So it doesnt matter how i feel are you worried that something just gonna happen a similar happen on the bus no because ive learned my lesson to not say those things out loud and to talk about what the governments doing because i cant actually inform anybody else because nobodys listening to me because theyre already controlled by the government because they dont have a room like i do at home. Shell avoid that in the future. Because it didnt really it didnt really work.
Yes you werent able to to help them understand whats going on well people dont understand whats going on than that thats their problems. They should have listened to me and connection gave them the technology. That they needed to actually create the room.
So that the government cant hear that but they werent open to that idea no quite the opposite. Its completely the opposite. How are your family relationships.
Hows that going there okay yeah. My mom she does what shes supposed to she doesnt go out my room. Because she knows that she goes into the room.
Its got a mess up to technology. So she stays out so you get along her okay anybody else you have contact with friends family. Dont just i talk to people all the time.
But there it is in my head. We have conversations all the time about how we can actually make the world plays and that how we can actually go through and then destroy the government. But the other things oh jason well im sorry to hear that youre under stress.
Im glad to hear your feel like your moods. Okay. If youre not down.
Or anxious. Or anything this answer. These questions for me this has been helpful and im gonna recommend you continue to see a counselor here if thats okay i realize youre court ordered did this counsellor be you it could be me would that make you feel more comfortable that would be philip well then ill put on the schedule.
And well set a time upfront or ill see you lets say in three days. That works three days works and well go from there okay thanks jason .

a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-2
a client who has paranoid schizophrenia is attending-2

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