Cocoa Puffs Ice Cream Scoops (2017)

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Time they real time me when youre gone. Whats up stereo heads today. Today.
Were going to talk about new cocoa puffs ice cream scoops. This is new cereal from general mills. And also a new limited edition cereal this one kind of came out of nowhere.
But im glad general mills is trying new things so you can see from the box that this is just cocoa puffs with vanilla and strawberry puffs. Added. As well they already released the cocoa puffs combos a few years ago.
Which was just chocolate vanilla puffs. But i welcome the strawberry addition in this one you can see sunny here on the box. With his ice cream hat putting a big scoop of neapolitan ice cream on a cone.
Their cones are not included in this area lets begin neapolitan ice cream. I guess i just always thought it referred to the strawberry and vanilla and chocolate flavors. We have here in the us.
But it turns out back in the late 1800s neapolitan ice cream makers neapolitan means from naples italy.

cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-0
cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-0

They would combine different flavors but americans love their trio of chocolate vanilla and strawberry. So that kind of became the default flavor for neapolitan ice cream here in the us. And while were discussing ice cream history.
Lets take a look at the back of this box. You can see here they have some of the coolest moments in ice cream history in the 5th century bc. The ancient greeks mix honey with snow and chill out with the worlds first frozen dessert in the 13th century marco polo returns to italy with an exotic nutri flavored water ice in 1790 george washington spends 200 on americas newest decadent dessert ice cream and he didnt lie about it in 1843.
The ice cream churn is invented making ice cream available for everyone not just kings queens and presidents in the 1880s ice cream sundae makes its debut and is served every day of the week. Not just sunday in 1904 ice cream fans go crazy for the hottest new way to enjoy a cool treat the ice cream cone and then in 2017 sonny goes cuckoo for new cocoa puffs scoops with three great tasting ice cream flavors. Its like an ice cream sundae for breakfast.
Now. Obviously. General mills is taking a little creative licensing here.
Theres a lot of ice cream history between 1904 and 2017 and also ice cream scoops here wasnt the first ice cream cereal. I think one of the most recent examples was ice cream pebbles here released a few years ago in this rainbow sherbert flavor. But if youre my age.
The one that everybody remembers is ice cream cone cereal released by general mills in the late 80s.

cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-1
cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-1

Now. I did a whole video on this ariel. So not going to rehash.
It here. But i didnt love the mascot ice cream jones and also a few years ago this new zealand company called hubbards released neapolitan super pops baby cocoa puffs the strawberry chocolate and vanilla combo by a few years i tried to stuff in a previous video and it was pretty good however none of these cereals hold the distinction of the most creative and unique ice cream themed cereal today that award goes to cream crunch released by kelloggs back in 1965. This stuff came out 15 years before i was born and it only lasted about a year.
But it sounds amazing. It was little crunchy os mixed with wait for it actual pieces of freeze. Dried ice cream.
You know that astronaut space ice cream. You can get will they put it in a cereal now. Ive never managed to find a box of this stuff.
What i really wanted for my collection. But my friend dan over at seriously annette visited to kelloggs archives. And he wrote a whole blog about it so checking out the links in the description alright.
Lets get back to the star of this video.

cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-2
cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-2

The new cocoa puffs cereal lets open it up and give it a try mmm smells pretty good. I think strawberries. The strongest scent in there.
But you kind of get all three. So heres what a bold this new cocoa puffs ice cream scoops are it looks like you can see the pieces are kind of muted in color thats because general mills uses natural flavors and coloring now if this stuff was released in the 80s or 90s when they use artificial coloring. The pieces would be much brighter and more vivid.
Lets add some milk to this ice cream its good. But you dont really get a diversity of flavor there it doesnt really taste like neapolitan ice cream. I feel like strawberries and strongest flavor in there it definitely doesnt have that chocolaty cocoa puffs flavor to it im not a cocoa puffs guy to begin with i dont love chocolaty cereal.
So this was a good change of pace for me. But i wouldnt rank it up there its one of the best ice cream themed cereals of all time and its not even the best strawberry chocolate vanilla flavored survey of all time that award goes to those neapolitan super pops from harvards that i showed you earlier its definitely tasty and i think deserves to be on shelves longer than a limited edition. So well see how long it lasts now if i had to make an ice cream themed cereal.
Id go with my favorite ice cream flavor of all time superman ice cream. If youre not from michigan or the midwest. You might not even heard of this flavor before but its delicious.
Im sad that i cant get it out here in california. So what about you whats your favorite ice cream flavor what are think well make a good ice cream cereal mint chip cherry garcia astacio any thoughts or ideas let me know in the comment all right thats going to do for new cocoa puffs ice cream scoop cereal grab a box of this stuff. While still on shelves before it disappears like cream crunch thanks for watching until next time stay crunchy cuckoo for cocoa puffs music .

cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-3
cocoa puffs ice cream scoops-3

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