Clear baby cradle cap \u0026 eczema in 5 days!

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Guys so today im gonna show you how i cleared my infants well well shes two months now her cradle cap and eczema up in five days. This is what her skin looked like before it sort of looks like afterwards see how shes very happy here. She was not well shes right here well anyway her skin looks really good right here.
But she was just miserable with that cradle cap all over her head her scalp. You see her scalp is very dry her face is just scaly irritated. Looking.
And she looks irritated. Yeah. So cradle cap is just another name for suri.
Beck dermatitis. So and adults you would call that dandruff so its just a buildup of the sebaceous gland. Which is the oil gland and it causes your scalp to flake in scale.
So thats what credit hip is on the scalp and it can also be on the face too. Atopic dermatitis is another name for excellence. So thats the little small red bumps that could be all over face dry patches is irritating.
Its hot it turns red. I actually took off a layer of her skin. Thats why it looked all like it looked like she got burnt in the beginning.

best baby shampoo for eczema-0
best baby shampoo for eczema-0

Because it literally was like a chemical. Peel literally like peeled off a layer on her skin. And it was hot.
It was burning and just irritated so i found this natural product. Because i dont like to use chemicals and the doctors. She gave me a chemical to use it.
But i didnt like that and it only worked for a few days. So i felt something i can use every day. So its from aero organics.
It is their super bomb so i had some really good stuff. Some with some natural oils some good combination of oils all naturals you could read what it says. I also found this shampoo.
Called bella b. Is for cradle cap. So.
Its really really good. So. I used both of them together to get rid of her cradle cap on her face and on her hair.

best baby shampoo for eczema-1
best baby shampoo for eczema-1

So. I was so excited the first night today. I just went ahead and used it i didnt even wait a full day.
So i like scratched up her scrub scratched up her scalp with like a little baby brush just to get the flakes up. And i greased it and then i washed it with the shampoo one time. I also ordered her face and i also put the super bomb in there after i watched it and i also put it on the back of her neck cuz.
I saw that it was some bumps on the back of her neck. And i put it back in her scalp. Like i said so this was the next morning.
And it did really good on the back of her neck. This was the next day and it was like 12 hours her scalp was still dry so i was like im gonna continue to just use the product. So it was really working really good on her face.
Though so yeah so this was one full day. So you can see her skin started to peel and flake up it started to come off. Shes not as irritated so i was using this stuff like all the time like i was rubbing it on it every time she was getting irritated.
I was just rubbing it on there because its just not a good feeling having that cradle cat and you could use it as much as you want because his natural oils. So its not you know like a chemical or anything so theres no problem with using it so it really started to come off like on the sides of her face and everything so i really like the product. So this was day two it cleared that really good she still had some patches on her eyebrows and stuff.

best baby shampoo for eczema-2
best baby shampoo for eczema-2

But it cleared up really good. Its starting to clear really good so i noticed the eczema on her skin. It was just dry and patchy so initially i changed her milk because i was thinking.
It is something and shes allergic to in the milk. She had so i ended up getting this aveeno therapy for babies. Its just a body.
Its just a soap that you put in their tub water to help with the irritation cuz. I dont use soap on our skin. You aint want to irritate the babys skin so i dont use soap.
So basically this is the process. I did i just greased her scalp with this stuff put a cradle cap. And i used a little brush to just brush up the flakes before i washed it this is easier to do that so once i brushed up the flakes.
I just took her to the sink and i washed her hair. I shampooed it either once or twice after i shampoo it i put the super bomb back in our scalp and brush it through just so i can stay moisturized because you needed to see moisturize. Because the cradle cant be its very very dry and like i said i put the stuff back on her skin.
I put that one there like i said a few times a day like i would grease to grease her up. So she looked like a big chicken like thats how much i will put one there. But it was really soothing to her like a big chicken and i started rubbing it all over her body to help with the eczema.

best baby shampoo for eczema-3
best baby shampoo for eczema-3

So this is day four. So our skin was really really clear by this day. Its just still some patches between her eyes.
And her eyebrows like i said it took off a layer of her skin. So she has like some skin discoloration. So we had to wait for her skin color to come back in.
But thatll be in you know shortly so by day five like her skin was like totally cleared up see its just a little bit of like dryness. But yeah thats her but it pretty much cleared up so she was back to her happy little movie yourself im so clear that really good you can see right here like it looks really smooth. Theres no issues.
It was really good so this is not a sponsored video. I just really like the product. I got it with the amazon so ill leave the links in there so if anybody want to purchase the product.
Im like i said. Its not sponsored or paid or nothing i just really like the product. And i want to help yall.
New moms out cuz. I needed some help so here you go. .

best baby shampoo for eczema-4
best baby shampoo for eczema-4

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