Cap’n Crunch Varieties

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Real time see real time see real time. Whats up sarah heads today we were going to talk about all the varieties of captain crunch. I believe captain has had more varieties of any cereal ever released.
So we dont have time to go through each and every one. But lets speed through as many as fast as we can try to keep up the first one came four years after the original cereal and captain crunch with crunch berries hit shelves in 1967. Now originally they were just red berries that the crew came upon when they hit crunch.
Berry island and then they had the crunch. Berry beast as a mascot to go along with captain. They added colors.
Throughout the years and now the berries come in red green blue and purple and eventually years later they were released in ups. All berries box with just crunch berries. I love this cereal and they make great treats when you mix with marshmallows next came peanut butter crunch.
Self explanatory peanut butter capn crunch. The mascot was smedley the elephant in 1972. Added cinnamon crunch was john the foot as the mascot they would rebrand rerelease this years later in 1972 they released vanilla crunch.
Which tasted like birthday cake because sea dog supposedly dropped some batter in a bowl captain crunch. When he was making a cake later.

what flavor is captain crunch-0
what flavor is captain crunch-0

They added wilma the whale as the mascot for this version in 1975. They released punch crunch. Which was fruit punch flavor.
Little rings. Harry as hippo was the mascot. I love this boxes.
It has this cool pop top. Okay from here. Its hard to keep up because the varieties were just non stop.
There was choco crunch. Which was captain crunch with little chocolate balls. There was deep sea crunch.
Which was a fruity flavor at ocean themed version homerun crunch with balls and bat shaped pieces. And fun shaped marshmallows cosmic crunch with orange space dust inside. Which turned her milk green mystery volcano crunch.
Which was fruit flavored with pop rocks to pour over your cereal airhead berries. Which were just crunch berries flavored like airheads candy choco doughnuts just chocolate flavored rings with sprinkles polar crunch with crunch berries that change color and milk love this one chocolatey crunch just chocolate captain crunch.

what flavor is captain crunch-1
what flavor is captain crunch-1

Cinnamon roll crunch. Which was like the old cinnamon crunch with john the foot and then this superman crunch in 2006. With superman heels that turn your milk blue lets try it lets add some milk.
See if it still works there you go look still turns your milk blue and the nineties. The head triple crunch with three separate bags inside each with a popular flavor. Crunch.
Berries. Regular. And peanut butter.
Lets take a look. There. You go you can see three separate bags.
And here you can see original crunch berry cereal with just red berries and this is just scratching. The surface. Some claim there are over 100 different varieties of captain crunch and while.
I think that number may be a bit exaggerated. Its not far off the list.

what flavor is captain crunch-2
what flavor is captain crunch-2

Just goes on and on and on and why not as long as i keep cranking out the varieties. Ill keep on buying them thatll do it thanks for watching until next time stay crunchy so what about you whats your favorite version of capn crunch cereal time cereal time see real time you ugh to go all the way around your bum. So that when youre pulling it on and off it doesnt rip and then were going to sew it in just a little stitch in three places.
The end the very middle and the other end so you can see its starting to come together like that so youre going to fold your skirt that you already sewed in half and find the middle and in the front. Youre going to do that gather a stitch that we did before just by doing in and out and pulling it and do that about two inches down depending on how far down you want it to go on your front. And once you look at that so when your skirt is flip the right side out youre going to start sewing.
The edge of your tool roll to the middle of the gather and we tuck the raw edges under just so you can see them and you do this for both edges. And the very back you can see all lines up perfectly. And it is going to be a little bit baggy.
But when you wear it it looks good and like fluffy. Just like hers our and thats how its going to look when its done so to make the bottom of the skirt of the mermaid fin. We just took the all the pieces of tulle.
I put the thicker one on the inside and then the nice loose stuff on the outside. And youre going to make a really long rectangle so i just did a loose pin stitch first just to make sure it all stayed in place when i actually sewed it to the skirt and youre going to flip your skirt inside out and pull it while you sew that big rectangle tool to it so to make sure youre stretching it so that when youre walking it doesnt rip the stitch. So instead and you can see its going to look like that youre going to have this edge.
Thats an open slit so i just pin that and did a quick stitch down and to keep it all together and once done. Its going to look like that to finish ariel. We just gave her a bright red wig and some red lipstick.
And thats pretty much the entire look thanks guys for watching and make sure you check out all of our other disney princess costume tutorials right here or you can click our halloween playlist and see other costume tutorials. We do music .

what flavor is captain crunch-3
what flavor is captain crunch-3

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