Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips Review

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Guys. Its chasey long time no see um. But im back at least least for now.
And i wanted to talk to you guys about these fun things are the basha clear poor strips. It says on the front. It says poor purifying black strips for all skin types.
And i will show you what one of them looks like right now um. Now i normally get the a or a clear poor strips. It comes in a little you know.
Plus. Herb whatever. This is same thing as b.
Or a and then you just open it up. And its actually a black poor strip. Just like it says on the box.
As opposed to the view. Re ones. Which are white um okay so these retail for 15 at sephora and ulta and anywhere that basha is sold as well as online.
I think you can get them from the basha website. Which i will link down below. Ill also link the sephora website down below.
And the ulta website down below. Excuse me okay.

boscia pore purifying black strips-0
boscia pore purifying black strips-0

So the great thing about basha is a company in general is that theyre always preservative free their dermatologist tested ph balance. They are a hundred percent artificial fragrance and color free and they are cruelty free. As well.
And they have no animal ingredients and theyve never been tested on animals. So thats why i love this brand and ive actually used the black mask that they have and i really really enjoyed it and so i thought that i would also try these as well because i thought it was kind of a nifty idea the the poor strips lets see they contain charcoal powder. Which supposedly draw out impurities and detoxifies silica.
Which helps to control excess oil witch. Hazel extract. Which is a natural astringent and it tightens the look of pores.
So i thought thats awesome like im gonna try these out you get six in a box again. I told you it retails for 15. And okay so ive only used it one time and so this is kind of just like my initial my initial thoughts on the product.
So first and foremost. I think theres a little bit more surface area space in the basha strips. As compared to the biore strips um.
It was a lot easier this looks really funny. It was easy for me to kind of get it on to my nose and for it to stick. And i found that okay with the biewer ones sometimes they just i dont know like its i dont know if theres the weird shape or theyre small or im not sure.
But sometimes i cut them like ill cut little strips and put them on my nose. Where i feel like i need the most poor stripping. But this one i didnt have to cut it at all because i felt like it really did do great at covering my nose.
And i dont really consider myself having you know a particularly large nose maybe. Its just the shape of it its weird to kind of get pork strips on i dont know not sure.

boscia pore purifying black strips-1
boscia pore purifying black strips-1

But if you have that kind of nose. Then perhaps this is for you okay also with these pork strips. It doesnt have the little slits like on the biore ones.
They have the little slit so that you can kind of like i dont know i guess. Its easier to put on your nose that way. But i didnt find that i needed those strips to get on my nose.
I found that this stuck to my nose really really well what you do is you wet your nose. And then well you clean your face and then you keep your nose area wet. And then you peel this plastic backing off of the strip and then you put the sticky side down on your nose.
And then you leave it on for lets see it says it says to leave it on for 15 minutes or until the strip has hardened and i left it on for quite a while like certainly more than 15 minutes. And i didnt feel like it hardened quick enough so. But i do that with the bri strips so no harm.
No foul there oh right what else can i say um. So it has great ingredients. Weve already talked about that.
And its you know cruelty free and dermatology dermatologists. Its cruelty free and dermatologist tested and we like that but unfortunately. I wasnt really that impressed with the strip itself.
I really really really really really wanted to like this like i really wanted to come on cameron be like you guys i found the best clear poor strip ever and you need to get this lalala. But i didnt feel like it was i dont know so much better you know youre paying you know. 15 for six and for the viewer ones.
I think you pay like 8 dollars for six. So i mean you can save a few bucks in my opinion and just go the route.

boscia pore purifying black strips-2
boscia pore purifying black strips-2

Unless you have some sort of allergic reaction to those or your sensitive skin. And youve react and your skin. Doesnt do well with those then i would say try this but other than that i would say just save you know your five or six or seven bucks and just go with the bri one and im gonna tell you why because this is black.
You cant really see all of the gunk that comes off of your nose and onto the strip. The buery ones are white. So if you hold it you know like near the light you can kind of look at it like certain angles.
And you see like all the nasty stuff that comes you know off of your nose. Because these are black. You cant really do that um.
Its fine. I dont really care so much about that i just wish it had actually removed a lot more of the stuff that was in my pores and i found that after i peeled this off. I was you know kind of checking my pores and kind of picking at it to see what came out and there was still a ton of stuff in my pores.
I gotta tell you i know that sounds really girls and i found myself squeezing out all the excess stuff and i was like this is gross. This is not what i want a strip to do so. I was a little disappointed in that regard.
I really wish that it was better at stripping the pores of all the gunk that was inside and for me. It just really didnt work that well i wish that it did i wish that i could tell you that this is the best pork strips ever and everybody needs to run to support to get them. But i just find that theyre kind of just average.
Ill probably not buy this box again you know and ill probably just stick to the viewer. Ones because theyre a little bit cheaper and they kind of get the job done and you know in some circumstances. Even better than these ones.
What i have not tried yet. And what i normally do with the be alright strips.

boscia pore purifying black strips-3
boscia pore purifying black strips-3

Sometimes i use them on its own. But on its own. I can say that again like sometimes the viewership works better than these okay what i do is i put my indian healing clay mask on my face and then i let it you know do its thing.
And then sorry. Theres something in my throat and then after ive washed off the indian healing clay mask the indian healing clay will draw all of the impurities to the surface. But it doesnt always get everything out and so i go with a clear pore strip after ive done the mask and that like cleans.
My pores like you would believe i mean. Its like completely empty. Theres nothing in there.
And thats what i usually do with the bureau re pour strips. But i havent tried the bosch of pork strips and that with that same method. So im gonna do that and ill let you know how it goes im actually going to refill my indian healing clay mask tutorial and include these in there so that we can kind of see how well these work and because the lighting and my other one was really bad and people have been having questions and so i think im just refilm.
It now that i have an hd camera. And now that i have some better lighting at least whenever i can find better if lighting like right now. Im sitting on the floor in front of a window.
So yeah so im gonna do that probably soon maybe this week. Im not sure if i can find a place to do it then ill do it um. The gap for the most part.
I wouldnt suggest spending 15 on this box. Because i just dont think its worth it and yeah i could take it back. But one i dont have my receipt anymore and two im gonna try it with the indian healing clay mask first to see if maybe the indian healing clay will draw out the impurities and then i can use a strip the reason why i didnt do it the first time with this we could one i wanted to test it out just solely on its own to see you know to give it a fair shot of how well it did and secondly because it says.
It has charcoal powder which draws out impurities and detoxifies which is exactly what the indian healing clay masks didnt does so thats why i didnt do with that but anyway. So i just wanted to briefly come on camera and talk to you guys about this i have some other videos that i know i need to do and im so very very sorry. But i will get to that very soon and ill talk to you guys later bye.

boscia pore purifying black strips-4
boscia pore purifying black strips-4

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