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Guys. Its chad with g. Reviews doing a quick review on something that i i just feel like i needed to get i live in central north carolina.
Ands just say this particular summer. Its been extra hot and extra dry and it doesnt matter what i do outside you just come outside in the middle of the day or evening. And you pretty much just get swarms not so much mosquitos.
But just field gnats. I mean as you can see i kind of live out here kind of a good amount of trees and things and just a bunch of bunch of flies a bunch of gnats a bunch of mosquitoes so i decided to try to pick this up and do a review on it this is the smaller of the two versions you can get at lowes this is the half acre 15. Watt version.
They make one thats supposed to do up to a full acre and a half and thats more as a forty watt version.

black flag bug zapper reviews-0
black flag bug zapper reviews-0

So i got the smaller version. Im gonna test out to see if it actually kills the nets. I know its really main for mosquitoes but it says kills insects so im gonna test it out alright heres the unit unboxed obviously it came out of the box here on there.
It says keep 20 feet away from your house. The reason for that is the in the ultraviolet light is supposed to attract mosquitoes. Obviously you dont want to put it right up next your house or you like to attract them to the house and also it has a fire hazard warning.
I guess apparently if a big enough bug gets in there and gets zapped. He might try to fly away as hes getting zapped and might land in i dont know pine needles pine straw whatever you want to call it this particular one is the bz 15. So its the second size.
And im going to show you for size comparison.

black flag bug zapper reviews-1
black flag bug zapper reviews-1

And this is just an iphone 6s so as you can see its about id say about a foot tall all right this is how im gonna install it i pretty much just set it up on a shepherds hook or wherever you guys want to call this so i got that its about 20 feet away from the house and they give you this attractant to put on there and this one this is a cheaper model and the more expensive one is about twice the price of this and it does have a ambient light sensor to turn on and off with this one. All you have to do is just unplug. It and plug it in when you want to use it i havent seen anything yet obviously.
Its made for nighttime. So i will see how it works all right this is after the very first night of putting the black flag bug zapper out as you can see here i have a luna moth that decided to hang out here overnight. Obviously.
Hes not able to get in there so. But hes okay because you never get to see one of those i mean for comparison. I mean thats a big moth.
But uh what i wanted to show you guys was actually all the way into the unit itself.

black flag bug zapper reviews-2
black flag bug zapper reviews-2

I dont know if you can see on the actual zapped great in there close more towards the bottom. But its all sorts of carnage in there from maz two mosquitoes so that like i said thats after only one night. So imagine what you know a week or a months worth is good to do all right well.
Im gonna you know do another update and show you guys after a few more nights. All right its been a total of seven nights. Ive had this and last night.
I look down. I noticed that i could not see the actual light coming out of the the unit anymore and if you take a look. I dont know if you can see this or not i hope you can see this on the camera is literally chock full of mosquitoes like you cant even see the light bulb through them.
Anymore so obviously as you guys can see this thing works really well all right heres another angle.

black flag bug zapper reviews-3
black flag bug zapper reviews-3

Im taking it down im going to clean it see how easy it is but obviously as you guys can see like there is just hundreds of mosquitoes stuck in the grate. This is how the unit is supposed to look when its clean. Im hope you guys can see that but you can see right through right through the screens.
And you should be able to see the actual bulb sitting in the middle. There all i did was i unplugged it put it on a table. And i grabbed my eco leaf blower and literally just blew the air through this and it all came out i blew out onto the grass.
But the id say theres probably good in the thousands worth of mosquitoes that were stuck in this grating. And that was only after seven days. So obviously guys this thing works really well i give this thing.
Two thumbs up for the cost. And i did notice a little bit change in the amount of mosquitoes that were out here just in a 7 day so im gonna keep using this pretty much until i feel maybe. Theres no mosquitoes left in the air back here in the backyard.
But uh alright guys if you like this i like them subscribe to the channel and you get to see some more .

black flag bug zapper reviews-4
black flag bug zapper reviews-4

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