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s up you guys that he had flipped ronix. So anybody looking for the best best credit card case to throw on the back of their iphone 8 plus. I gonna be showing you guys the silk vault wallet case once again so i have links in the description for this one.
But im really digging this case now. Ive you know had it for like a week. And you know the thing is pretty awesome so its got a really you know original unique design on it so like its super fashionable you know currently this thing has i mean wow.
Its got like 1500 reviews on it which is pretty crazy it comes in a few different colors. But i chose to go with the blue. So theyve got the black blue jade gunmetal grey and purple orchid.
But you know for whatever reason. I just really like this blue color. I mean it looks really cool theyre calling it blue jade.
I like the name of it so its got a cool name on it so anyways. Lets uh take it out of this little box that it came in so i actually put it back in here. But lets get it out alright so honestly ive used a lot of different credit card type of cases but theyre mainly like the wallet ones where you open them up this ones cool.

iphone 8 plus credit card case-0
iphone 8 plus credit card case-0

Because its got the feature built in on the back of the the case. So i mean. This is where you put it right here and then you know its got a really nice design like you know tpu you know air cushion on the inside.
Just just a really like slick looking design. So i mean this case is its awesome so it actually goes out a little bit. If you like look at it from the sides it pushes out a little bit.
And theres a little kind of like room right here. Its because this is where you put your credit card and another cool thing about this is just like how the back of the case is shaped. So i mean as far as like the build and design of it its a really slick looking case.
So i mean i havent really seen anything online similar to this i mean. Its its a custom designed case for sure so i mean not a lot of not a lot of other options that look like this one. So anyways lets just check out how it works.
So basically you know you got your silk case. You know youve got it on the back youre a plus and then you could throw credit cards in it right here. Now you can have i think they said up to two in here.

iphone 8 plus credit card case-1
iphone 8 plus credit card case-1

But i managed to get three credit cards in here at once. So you can actually fit three in here. If you want to you could also fit a little bit of cash in here.
If you want. But its going to be pretty tight nothing over like a hundred bucks anyways when you need to you know get a credit card out of here you just push it with your face. And its really that simple now.
I did a shake test with this to show you to just kind of show you that you know when you have your credit cards in here they stay in they dont like pop out or anything. And it was lets throw it on the back of this eight plus all right so its got a nice fit definitely like good protection on this case lips around the front. So its got good front facing protection when you put it down.
But at the same. Time its also a pretty. Lightweight case i think it weighs like.
13. 14. Ounces.

iphone 8 plus credit card case-2
iphone 8 plus credit card case-2

So not very heavy. But you know lets just say that you want to throw some credit cards in here. You know whatever you know when youre out during the day you could throw like an id in here with a credit card.
If youre going out like on the weekend. Which would be you know ideal that way you dont have to actually bring a wallet with you and then you know if you need to take them out. Its as simple as pushing it out like that this is just kind of like an all in one really really cool case.
You know i havent like i said i havent seen a lot of designs like this for like credit card or wallet type of cases which makes it in my opinion like a really really cool pick plus. I think its like a really nice look to throw on the back of your iphone for sure so like i said this comes in a few different colors. Lets just go over them one more time you know nothing wrong with getting the black color.
You know lets just take a look at black. So i mean i almost went with black. I just chose to go with the blue.
But youve got the black looks really slick you know youve got the blue like i said. Which is what were showing you right now. I just really like the blue on this case.

iphone 8 plus credit card case-3
iphone 8 plus credit card case-3

It just looks awesome youve got gunmetal gray. Wasnt really interested in getting that when it kind of looks a little plain. If you ask me and then you had the purple orchid.
The purple orchid actually looks pretty cool so i like that purple look on this definitely like a nice look on a tpu type of case. But anyways like i said we went with the blue. This things got a nice price point on it its like 15.
Which is super cheap. I think for what youre getting on this one. Its just a really nice looking case so anyways.
Were gonna wrap it up there. Im just having a lot of fun with this silk vault. You know wallet case credit card style.
But you know if you guys are looking for like the best credit card case maybe for the eight plus if you guys are rocking the new 8 plus. Then you know i think this is a really nice look. Plus.
The credit card feature on it works really really well. And its also easy to use so ill have links in the description for this one. If you guys could hit the like and share.
But on this i definite appreciate it if youre watching this and havent subscribed to us yet hit that subscribe button and well see you guys later .

iphone 8 plus credit card case-4
iphone 8 plus credit card case-4

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