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Name is josh and im zack we met when we were kids. I wanted wanted nothing to do with her back 25 years later we bumped in and it love at first sight. Were starting a life together and this is our story sup guys so anybody that knows me knows how much i love to crack my back and i like can crack it at the gym or on a chair.
I beg guys to crack my back every chance i get because it just always feels good well. I married a young lady here thats so small that she is not strong enough heavy enough whatever to compress my back on the ground enough to make a crack. So shes bright.
Shes collaborated with this idea. And she figured out an awesome way that you little ladies can crack your big husbands back. And its a game changer so 200 pounds hundred pounds and then she whats up think how youre gonna cut.
I got a way to crack her that she showed me again this chick has some amazing skills. So im gonna lay down over doin face first artworks.

how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-0
how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-0

Yeah and i just get as comfortable as i can arms my side. She lays on me or sits on me excuse me. She start just first you just rub the back get it loose warm.
It up as long as you want. But im so bad right now like its gonna be easy so ill explain it babe youre the one getting your back pot. So what you girls are going to do is you put your knees.
The center of his back. And then put your legs parallel like this and then you can just chill here for a minute until hes ready. And hes going to take a deep breath in and out not yet and then what youre going to do is youre going to reach around and grab his shoulder blades and when youre pushing down with your knees youre gonna pull up with your hands grab my shoulder is not my shoulder blades.
Oh yeah. Youre sure theyre sorry and guys breathe out all of your air.

how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-1
how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-1

So that youre no air in your lungs. And that will flatten your spine out and help it crack more so take a big breath in breathe. It all the way out in a suit.
Its completely deflated. Then she does her things so hopefully you can hear it because its gonna its going to be epic and loud go ahead. Really close okay oh.
One more chef is any more down low. No thatll work did it. So you can see like she moved the the position of her knees to try to get lower part of the back way cuz.
If i was trying to do this where you just push she cant do it she got everything off it will crack my night it just doesnt give enough so okay somebody has that crack my back. But its a completely different way than what youre used to if you have stretchy skin.

how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-2
how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-2

It will work if you have really tight skin. This will not work so for zach. It will not work on his skin.
But it will work on mine. And this is a shout out to my cousin holly. Because shes the one that showed me this lady that im all ears okay so again flat to the floor.
So i got to expose some skin here. Keep it pg for the youth. So you have these little vertebra.
Theres a little bunch of them each vertebrae. If you grab the skin.

how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-3
how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-3

With your thumbs forward just above it and pull straight up youll crack each one individually. Its unbelievable see if you can hear it theres one two if you cant hear that it is okay. It is just cracking that was a loud one unbelievably awesome okay so thats it its absolutely coolest thing.
Ive ever seen especially pulling it because its a whole different way of doing it and it works with littler people obviously i think bigger guys bigger people. I probably sound higher fat or something. Because my skin is just its not as thin and easy to pull.
But now you guys have no excuse not to crack each others back on the daily and you know review the techniques. Were not chiropractors. Were not recommending anything like you know dont go two years.
This is what we do this is not a recommendation to you at all this is just thats our disclaimer. So hopefully we could say a jill or at least the courtroom. Thank you .

how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-4
how to pop someones back who is bigger than you-4

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