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Morning. You say happy first thanksgiving. Oh.
You suck you you needed to keep ej ejs hello guys and welcome to todays vlog welcome. It is officially our vlog is always like this im like are you serve wog are always my favorite to film every year. So we just got to my grandparents house coco is in the back some bleep in i actually need to feed her were like this morning.
Shes wearing a top shorts and tights. But guess what forgot to put her shorts back dad didnt put her shorts back. I thought her pants look good.
No tights look at that theyre like little tights. Ill show you guys for little tv guys i went and played football this morning look got some battle wounds yeah scratches before we get into the vlog we have our black friday collection that launched on lucca and gray. This is our biggest collection we have ever done and its over a hundred pieces our warehouse is so so full we have so many things we stopped even more like actual like number of pieces.
Then we usually do and try and make sure that we dont sell out too fast. So. What the collection actually launched early yesterday at for app.
Users and email subscribers. But today. Its up for everybody so if you guys want to shop.
I dont remember the code. Im just gonna have parker put it on almost you dont remember it were doing like black friday. Which is 30 off and then were doing grey saturday 25 for sign off so shipping and then monday.

baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-0
baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-0

Cyber monday and we have another collection launching so another yes. Theres like a lot of stuff happening. So ill have all the info in the description box for you guys and you can shop because theres tons stuff so anyways lets go inside.
Im starving me too meeting those hard drive guys. Its also raining this year. So i dont know how were gonna take our annual pictures front of the garage hi grandma look at this thanksgiving thoma last years when you had your really long hair.
Yes. What do you want to say to the fans. Were going to be disappointed that you cut it if any exists.
Which probably they dont yeah. Im 23 hours getting old. I mean im working on the beard.
That was more than the fans wanted on here. Yeah. I bought a friend sophie well.
I should add you want to get my video in parker. Im not sitting by each other okay hes upset we got sand we got a tree you got some yummy food okay especially the time in the vlog where we watch our vlog from last year. And we react to it and then we say well we think were it one this year.
We all oh now i hope im pregnant. Yours is always like a one big different thing and then youre so just different yeah yours like you moved. I was you team.

baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-1
baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-1

I think we skipped over mine. I skipped to where we like are commenting about for this year was good. Its getting kind of long and we havent said me got any good footage.
I said we could have a dog. This is right before we got liu mai. Oh.
Yeah. Oh yeah. You knew you were getting luma.
Yeah. Were like deciding on a baby. Were gonna get music music music 23 22.
2013. Im thankful for my two friends jenny first before you think of being in a year for now. I will be the laughter applause two years from now is a whole different story.
Ill be graduating college. I will probably be working as like an emt or something and then i probably wont be in grad school. Yet i need to take a year off in party anyway.
I probably was okay to go. Oh yeah. I think every single.

baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-2
baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-2

Do you think youll do cheer. Yeah. I have one year left.
So ill be single no because im gonna be on the bachelor 2025 watch what do you think youll be in here i might be in school or well. I want to go to the salt lake community college. Is the only school and you tell that has a yeah.
So i might be there i would think of itself. I dont know i dont know i just give me at home yeah. Theres no like racing job.
I move out i think that oh do you think youll be dating. Yeah. Thats my little baby ones walking around do you think every pregnant.
I dont think so yeah wouldnt that be weird if in two years you had another baby here i think in two years. I could be yeah. I can two years will be our peak thanksgivings along 2021.
Yeah. Okay. Where do you think youll be tough a great baby would you have an announcement everyone tree is officially tick tock applause there are two tick tock will be around in a year yeah i know it is all the rage jumps.
Im gonna fly hey i made it all by myself okay i got a mint oh ma are married. Im waiting or dont worry hold on sophie. Where are you gonna be near probably still in america.

baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-3
baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-3

We have to go around and ask everyone what theyll start what do you think fallar thankful for my baby. What are you doing for my whole. Im thanks for for easy you what are you thankful for im thankful for misty.
Oh. Oh. What are you thinking im thankful for my home you forgot you thankful for um.
I think thats what grandpa says every year. So i forget if i found this every year. But wait this start of our one of the ugliest pictures of me ever yeah look at tree.
I thought lets see this is us before tab. This is a good old days. What are you grateful for my grandma clothes great great grandma were gonna get a picture.
So we have five generation youre grateful for your grandma and tom and buck for fixing this bridge. Say did they fix the back dinner. What are you grateful for granddaughters granddaughters first thanksgiving her coconut so nice what are you grateful for i am grateful for all the families thats my best and favorite thing about being champ mind tail.
What about you aaron retire. Where are you grateful for grandma everything everythings your the water level for your potatoes. Itll be like six months away and im like whats the thanksgiving plans.
Im not seven even though you may have heard the vicious rumors of course. I started most of them myself both grandmas get a lot of comments on me that they look very young. What are you thankful for tell mine.
Don for everything i was gonna say everything wear white shoes just like me dirty laundry for his dad never stop bringing it so why would i not stop he also parked in the photo. Taking area music applause music music. .

baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-4
baby girl first thanksgiving outfits-4

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