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Guys im meaning and welcome to my newest video. If you guys are new new to my channel. Why are you not subscribed yet.
This is gonna be a decision for you guys okay so this video is basically about four attractive halloween costumes that guys can easily put together some of these costumes warning will get you a lot of female attention. I dont know if youre ready for that. But its probably gonna happen so if you guys are interested in finding out those for halloween costumes that guys can easily put together stay tuned alright gentlemen.
The first attractive costume that you guys can wear. Its something iconic. Its hugh hefner so easy honestly red rope pajamas slippers.
A playboy bunny like this chick not only will girls want to take pictures. With you hello dont wanna be with hugh hefner. Hes a boss.
Hes like a mogul for guys guys want to be hugh hefner.

best halloween costumes 2016 mens-0
best halloween costumes 2016 mens-0

He has like four girlfriends at the same time. I dont recommend that and then you can go up to girls and be like are you my playboy bunny and theyll be like f off. And its when went seriously.
Though thats a pretty good outfit. There is a warning. Though these are the side effects to wearing a hugh hefner costume and thats all it takes.
So thank you lets get to the next one okay guys so the second costume that you can wear is a cop costume. Something like this or if you want to step it up a notch. You can be a swat team member like this whoa.
Please do not dress up like this i dont want to see that i dont think anyone else wants to see that but youve gotta be on top of your game. If youre gonna be a cop. You gotta have that attitude.

best halloween costumes 2016 mens-1
best halloween costumes 2016 mens-1

am are you doing anything wrong. Today. And shes gonna be like officer arrest.
Me if there are other guys dressed up as a cop you guys are all in the same squad and basically helping you guys get friends and a lady pal at the same time and its really cool because you can do really fun cop terminology and being like mayor this is an ache a 95 for sippy int call. I dont know bye and weird terms like that dont carry it around to a real gun. I feel like i have to say that since its 2016.
Just keep it a simple cop attire pop in a lady officer. Its a couples costume. You guys two and one i love it okay so the third costume that you can dress up as that would be attractive is someone from a tv show one example is jon snow from game of thrones.
Its so beautiful this costume is simple just get some dark scraggly hair a very concerned look and some fur and leather youre done youre gonna look high everyones gonna know the reference everyones gonna know your name jon snow now your real name youre not about jon snow. Tv characters are typically a really good decision. So number four will have a few different suggestions so like the first one could be you could be a pilot from like top gun get some aviators.
A bombers john kids and people will be like.

best halloween costumes 2016 mens-2
best halloween costumes 2016 mens-2

Oh. My god are you from selling so we like yes. Thank you im gonna go home kind of something like that or you can have a black shirt that says uber on it and youre an uber driver.
You guys this number four is a lot of one next. One could be aladdin. Youre jasmine and you can go around asking women are you my jasmine you may get a slap in the face you may get a positive yes.
If its really what you make of it so you guys those are just some basic basic halloween ideas that you guys can literally just whip up in like 10 minutes 10 at most. But okay guys thank you so much for watching this video before we go make sure that you guys subscribe and follow my social media links. I love hearing from you guys.
Thanks you guys for watching this video. And i hope you liked it and stay tuned for my video. Next week love yall hi.

best halloween costumes 2016 mens-3
best halloween costumes 2016 mens-3

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