5 Health Consequences of Poor Sleep

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1964. The guinness world record for longest time awake was broken by a 17 year year old high school student. My name is randy gardner randy broke a previous record staying awake for 11 days 25 minutes under the watch of stanford sleep scientists during his attempt randy experienced serious cognitive and behavioral changes.
Including mood swings concentration and short term memory problems paranoia and hallucinations leading the guinness world records to ban future attempts. Current recommendations from multiple organizations recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults. And more for kids and teens less than 1 of individuals can function on six hours of sleep.
Because they have a specific and rare gene for everyone else six hours of sleep or less is associated with many health conditions long term exposure to insufficient sleep increases pain sensitivity in one study 14 healthy adults completed a three week period of five nights of five hours of sleep and two nights of eight hours of sleep followed by a control protocol of eight hours of sleep per night for three weeks participants in the sleep. Deprivation phase. Had reduced cold pain tolerance and increased spontaneous pain.
Theyve received cold sensations. As more painful than the control group. Their findings concluded that chronically insufficient.
Sleep alters. The brains ability to inhibit pain. A recent critical review shows how neurobiological factors are involved in the interaction between chronic pain depression and sleep disruption music a 2014.

objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-0
objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-0

Study of 160 student athletes showed that those sleeping less than eight hours per night. Where one point seven times more likely to be injured compared to those sleeping eight hours or more. Even athletic performance.
Suffers with reduced sleep as seen. When tracking sleep and performance data of an nba player over the course of a season. Players.
Such as steph curry are now prioritizing sleep and recovery to gain an edge over the competition in one experiment. Both groups of mice were injected with tumor cells. After one week of either controlled sleep are partially disrupted.
Sleep tumor. Growth was recorded four weeks after injection. And compared.
Showing. A 200 increase in tumor growth in mice with partially disrupted sleep in fact the world health organization. Now lists sleep disruption from shift work as a probable carcinogen sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-1
objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-1

Even one to two hours of sleep. Loss causes. An increase in heart rate and blood pressure putting more stress on blood vessels during daylight saving time theres an increase in the number of heart attacks.
When the clocks are moved forward and a decrease when they are moved back. There are metabolic changes with reduced sleep. Two hormones ghrelin and leptin control.
Our appetite and are both impacted from sleep loss signaling you to simultaneously eat more and feel less full. A 50 year. Population based study outlines the alarming trend between the prevalence of obesity and self reported.
Sleep. Sleep patterns also show a strong relationship with the incidence and risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Even randy gardner.
Now in his senior years has a new perspective on sleep you have to have sleep. Its its as important as its the big three. I call it the big three water food sleep.
You got to have them all of them music. .

objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-2
objective deprivation is a term that applies to those who are-2

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