12 Days of Deals – Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera (Black Friday 2015)

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And welcome back to cameta cameras. Twelve days of deals. Im shelly here with with nick and today.
We have the nikon coolpix s. 7000. Thats right the s.
7000 is a nice compact very slim. Very sleek camera in this case it comes in black and it has a ton of features that arent really usually available on cameras the size and at this price point heyo so you get a nice 20 times optical zoom lens. And its also a wide angle lens.
So you can fit everyone in the shot when youre taking your christmas. Photos get the whole family in there and it also zooms in real far so. If you need to zoom in on something far away.
You can do that too now does. It also have wi fi yes.

camera black friday deals 2015-0
camera black friday deals 2015-0

It has wi fi and nfc so you can transfer stuff to your smartphone and tablet. And with nfc you can do it with just a tap. I think thats how it works not exactly sure.
And there any other features about this little guy well sure the lens has vibration reduction. So if your hand is a little shaky. It can you can still keep your you know your shots.
Nice and clear. And it also has 16 megapixels resolution and takes full hd video. So you get a lot of power built into this tiny little camera.
And whats all bundled up here with this camera a whole lot of stuff. Which makes this a really good value weve got the kit thats specifically for our holiday season. Not only does it come with the s7000.
But you get a selfie stick. Okay.

camera black friday deals 2015-1
camera black friday deals 2015-1

And this actually comes with a little adapter here. So you can put a gopro on it if you happen to have one of those mm hmm when youre taking pictures youll of course need a memory card yeah. Thats useful yeah so you got a 32 gig card here its a fast one its a uhs 1.
So that will definitely take all your hd videos and you wont have any sort of stuttering or anything like that in the videos. Unless you yourself happen to stutter. What else we get yeah well that was sure no problem and as we have an extra battery.
And we also have the charger. Yes. Those are essentials.
Yes. Never want to be stuck without power. And we have some cleaning supplies also i love the staff.
We have a lens pen a six piece cleaning kit and a couple of cleaning cloths. Which come in handy for everything not just your cameras yeah.

camera black friday deals 2015-2
camera black friday deals 2015-2

Those are great for your smartphone or even your glasses. Things like that absolutely and over here on this side. Weve got a card reader.
Which is of course for the car that comes with kit and some screen protectors so you can put that here on the back of this 3 inch screen or you can use it for your smartphone or you can use your other camera. What have you so you get a lot of stuff and a bag. I see you all there thats right i almost forgot about that this is a nice nylon bag has plenty of room in fact more than enough room for this camera.
And all these everything in here with the cabin. Yeah you probably could everything except the selfie stick. But you know well you dont always have to take that with the fact i think some places are banning it these days so wont even be allowed anyway so with this kit you get the camera you get the bag you get all these cleaning supplies extra batteries the selfie stick and a memory card.
And what is that going for now that will be 199 95. Okay. So this is a really small camera.
Its i mean this will fit in almost any pocket. And you know you get a lot of technology packed into this and you get a really great lens and a whole bunch of features including the built in wireless. Start your holiday shopping today at cameta calm love it soon .

camera black friday deals 2015-3
camera black friday deals 2015-3

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